Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump Wins Again

By being absent from the Fox debate trump won. As it turned out, without Trump, the debaters turned their knives on Cruz, Trump's only real rival.


  1. it was pretty shrewd but I don't think he really planned it that way. I truly think he doesn't want to confront Megyn Kelly but he did get that added benefit of Cruz bashing for the evening

    1. I think he likes to confront her only in a medium where she can't directly respond. I gotta admit though, it's hysterical to me that He, rather than Fox, is controlling the message right now. Anecdotally, I heard the debate was very boring, which I think is something the Republicans need to think about, their front runner is a guy who has no problem whatsoever to verbally attack the party, and their main mouthpiece, which is Fox news.

      On the Democrat side, I think the party should think about the fact that their party also has an interest deficit. Hillary is a brand at this point, she has been around a long time, she's done a lot of things, and to some degree, it's her turn. The excitement, however, seems to be behind Bernie who thus far is running an amazing campaign free of super packs and mega donors. Hillary is kinda rejecting and borderline dismissing that real excitement, which she has to do, I guess, but nonetheless causes an unfortunate irony wherein it seems like there isn't much room for optimism in a party that has allowed a lot of monied interests to become entrenched in it's ranks.

    2. I don't even think he wants to be president. I think he is playing the American public for the uninformed fools that many are. I think he is just trying to see how outlandish he can be before his support erodes. Obviously he's not there yet.