Friday, January 22, 2016

Obama's To Blame (Well Not Really)


  1. Man. After reading that Happy New Year thing and now this, I'm going to have to spend the entire day staring at that universe picture to try and unwind. All politicians say things that are not true and spin things to their favor, I get that. But the outright lies are really starting to grow. To me, it's a sign of disrespect, it's a statement that you think the people you telling it to (or emailing it to) are mindless idiots who deserve to be duped. Liberals can run around all we like and wave our fact checks, and I certainly will, and it won't matter. The people who hear Cruz will ingest what people like him say as unquestionable truth. This is getting scary that someone can lie so blatantly and never have to answer for it. No, actually, whats scary is that so many people will hear it and say, "So what, this doesn't matter".

  2. That’s the state of Obamacare criticism on the GOP side of the aisle. They insist they want to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. Because they can’t offer any legitimate reasons to do so, they’re stuck with making them up.

    When the amount spent exceeds the taxes who will then be blamed?

    When the cost of premiums rise above what people can afford, who will be then blamed?

    As insurers drop out of the ACA, who will then be blamed.

    Will the obviously flawed law is really not fixable, will the party that pushed this through and the president that signed it be blamed for the failure of our healthcare system yet again since fixing it?

    Face reality.

    The number of people on medicaid costs us a great deal of money. The subsidies cost us a great deal of money. The FREEE on the ACA, physicals and such are not free but packed into the premiums.

    Cruz's issue with a cancelled policy is what many Americans face or faced. I certainly did.
    Without the ACA would my policy have been cancelled? No as it was a standard insurance policy, not a junk policy as claimed by the left. Was Cruz's policy cancelled as a direct effect of the ACA? Only BCBS can answer that question.

    1. The physicals of patients I saw last year were not free. They were subsidized, but the patients all still had co pays. I've never disagree with you Lou that healthcare is expensive and that the cost goes up every year no matter what. I've also never disagreed with you that we incur a lot of cost because people make bad choices. However, I feel like a lot of what you are mad about is that the ACA now shifts costs onto all of us that we previously believed, somehow, didn't exist. We disagree on whether people should have a yearly checkup that you call free and that I call subsidized. But, there are other things we do agree on, and I believe this is no different at the level of elected officials. Seemingly, we are not allowed to have a plan that reflects that reality.

      To Cruz though, we are discussing different things. Cruz is outright lying. I read the link embedded in the story that lead to an update from BCBS. For people that had PPO's before the ACA went into effect, it appears BSBS is still keeping the PPO plan for those people. Cruz had plenty of time to change his plan and actually still does. He is lying.

      A fair criticism is that everyone was told, "You will not lose your doctor, and you will not lose your current insurance plan." This obviously was not true for everyone.