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Rick and Max won't care about this



Hillary’s team copied intel off top-secret server to email

By Paul Sperry

January 24, 2016 | 5:09am

Photo: Zuma Press

The FBI is investigating whether members of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle “cut and pasted” material from the government’s classified network so that it could be sent to her private e-mail address, former State Department security officials say.

Clinton and her top aides had access to a Pentagon-run classified network that goes up to the Secret level, as well as a separate system used for Top Secret communications.

The two systems — the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) and Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) — are not connected to the unclassified system, known as the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet). You cannot e-mail from one system to the other, though you can use NIPRNet to send ­e-mails outside the government.

Somehow, highly classified information from SIPRNet, as well as even the super-secure JWICS, jumped from those closed systems to the open system and turned up in at least 1,340 of Clinton’s home e-mails — including several the CIA earlier this month flagged as containing ultra-secret Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Programs, a subset of SCI.

SAP includes “dark projects,” such as drone operations, while SCI protects intelligence sources and methods.

Top aide Huma Abedin sent emails containing classified materials to Hillary, according to intelligence agency reviewers.Photo: Reuters

Fox News reported Friday that at least one of Clinton’s e-mails included sensitive information on spies.

“It takes a very conscious effort to move a classified e-mail or cable from the classified systems over to the unsecured open system and then send it to Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail account,” said Raymond Fournier, a veteran Diplomatic Security Service special agent. “That’s no less than a two-conscious-step process.”

He says it’s clear from some of the classified e-mails made public that someone on Clinton’s staff essentially “cut and pasted” content from classified cables into the messages sent to her. The classified markings are gone, but the content is classified at the highest levels — and so sensitive in nature that “it would have been obvious to Clinton.” Most likely the information was, in turn, e-mailed to her via NIPRNet.

To work around the closed, classified systems, which are accessible only by secure desktop workstations whose hard drives must be removed and stored overnight in a safe, Clinton’s staff would have simply retyped classified information from the systems into the non-classified system or taken a screen shot of the classified document, Fournier said. “Either way, it’s totally illegal.”

FBI agents are zeroing in on three of Clinton’s top department aides. Most of the Clinton e-mails deemed classified by intelligence agency reviewers were sent to her by her chief of staff Cheryl Mills or deputy chiefs Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan.

‘It takes a very conscious effort to move a classified e-mail or cable from the classified systems over to the unsecured open system and then send it to Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail account.’

 - Raymond Fournier, veteran Diplomatic Security Service special agent

In one e-mail, Clinton pressured Sullivan to declassify cabled remarks by a foreign leader.

“Just e-mail it,” Clinton snapped, to which Sullivan replied: “Trust me, I share your exasperation. But until ops converts it to the unclassified e-mail system, there is no physical way for me to e-mail it.”

In another recently released e-mail, Clinton instructed Sullivan to convert a classified document into an unclassified e-mail attachment by scanning it into an unsecured computer and sending it to her without any classified markings. “Turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” she ordered.

Top Secret/SCI e-mails received by Clinton include a 2012 staff ­e-mail sent to the then-secretary containing investigative data about Benghazi terrorist suspects wanted by the FBI and sourcing a regional security officer. They also include a 2011 message from Clinton’s top aides that contains military intelligence from United States Africa Command gleaned from satellite images of troop movements in Libya, along with the travel and protection plans for Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was later killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi.

“Receiving Top Secret SAP intelligence outside secure channels is a mortal sin,” said Chris Farrell, director of investigations for Judicial Watch, the Washington-based public law firm that has successfully sued State for Clinton’s e-mails.

“A regular government employee would be crucified, and they are, routinely,” added Farrell, who as a former Army counterintelligence agent investigated such violations.

The prosecution of former CIA Director David Petraeus for mishandling secret intelligence centered on a classified-information nondisclosure form he signed swearing to protect such information. Clinton signed the same agreement on Jan. 22, 2009.

As a result of Clinton’s negligence, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in a recent interview he thinks “the odds are pretty high” that hostile foreign powers like Iran, China and Russia hacked Clinton’s homebrew e-mail server and stole US secrets.

Paul Sperry, a visiting media fellow at the Hoover Institution, is the author of “Infiltration.”


  1. In a year when the election is shaping up to be about outsiders versus establishment, it is interesting that the right remains as obsessed as captain Ahab after his white while over this stuff. With every post William, this stuff becomes geekier and geekier in computer speak. Reading this article, it seems to echo what I said before in a response to you where I speculated that eventually, you are going to have people who won't send information for fear it isn't secured and bingo, this article highlights a staffer saying exactly that.

    You're right, I don't care about this. If this is the least of what's wrong with Hillary, I might actually support her. I see far more concerning reasons why she isn't a good candidate. But, I reject your koolaide and this annoys you. LOL

    1. Even if she didn't commit criminal acts, which remains to be seen. She should be laughed off the planet for her pure stupididy.

    2. Yep, even if we can't find some infraction to hang her for, she should still be sent away. Sorry William, that's punk behavior. Like I said in my first para, this plenty to go after her on, but seemingly the right doesn't want to do this because they A) don't want to let go of their power abusive witch hunt and B) they don't even want to treat her as a serious candidate requiring effort to beat and finally C) they can't even dent the armor of Donald Trump right now who is probably pretty close to Hillary ideologically.

    3. Cut and paste sensitive emails. A perfect analogy for Obama's cut and paste Justice Department.

    4. "I will continue to continue what I have been doing, to tell the truth, which I will continue to do until the day I am elected President"
      - Hillary Clinton Jan 25, 2016

  2. "So Obama is hedging his bets. He is letting the FBI investigate, but on its own, without Justice Department prosecutors and the grand jury. This frees the administration and the Clinton campaign to be, by turns, ambiguous and disingenuous about whether there really is a formal investigation going on. As long as it is only the FBI doing the digging, everyone can play along with the farce: The investigation is very “preliminary,” it doesn’t even have “subjects,” and it may even be a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy sabotage (in which, somehow, the saboteurs are Obama appointees and non-political law-enforcement agents). I don’t think it’s going to work. More Clinton E-mail Scandal State Department Seeks to Delay Release of Final Clinton E-mails until After Iowa & New Hampshire Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Scandal: Far Graver than First Thought Hillary Clinton Is Trying to Pull a Fast One The FBI may not have a Justice Department prosecutor convening a grand jury, but it so happens that Director James Comey (whom I have known since we were pup prosecutors under Rudy Giuliani nearly 30 years ago) is a more accomplished government lawyer than anyone at the Justice Department. In fact, his own decorated DOJ career includes a term as deputy attorney general of the United States under President George W. Bush. Besides working under administrations of both parties, he has overseen prosecutions of both Republicans and Democrats. I’ve known no one in law enforcement more capable of navigating through a political maelstrom. Jim is tough, he is smart, and if there is a case to be made here, he will make it. And if he makes it, it will be bulletproof. Of course, making the case would not mean the FBI could force attorney general Loretta Lynch — and the president to whom she answers — to pursue the case. The FBI cannot convene a grand jury and present an indictment. But you’d best believe the FBI can make the Obama administration look very bad if it shrinks from doing so. Then it will be a matter of how far Barack Obama is willing to stick his neck out for Hillary Clinton."

    Read more at:

  3. yer right I don't care about this.

    1. You don't care about your country or the people that sacrifice so much for it either.

    2. yer an idiot you don't know what I care about. I certainly don't care about Trey Gowdy's tax wasting witch hunt.

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    4. That's the Bengazi scandle. This is the email scandle. You're getting your Hillary scandles mixed up.