Sunday, June 30, 2013

The New World Order, or should I say the Democrats are getting their collective way

Well the MSM has finally broken my back.  They have made a complete shambles of every and all conservatism's, and it looks like the trend is going to continue.  The Supreme's have made sure that the prime time shows on all three major networks will now be flooded (even more so) by gay and anti christian agendas.  The Military is a joke now, the butt of every local tenderloin and how they don't just start blasting back is a nod to their collective training.

Obama is spending his way across Africa in another campaign style day after day speech tour all the while things are going to hell in Syria and Turkey.  This administration is the worst group of shoot from the hip crowd since, well since ever.  They suffered Brad Ass, Snowden and a litany of gaffs and its only going to get worse, he'll be the laughing stock of leaders by end of 16.

Then there's the attack on coal and he new global warming smoke screen, or should I say smog screen to distract us from the high gas prices and if he fucks with coal they'll really stir up the 2014 House races for sure.  I look for the Senate to fall into at least a tie and perhaps wind up in the hands of the Pubs.

However... some of the MSM is beginning to do the job they were hired to do.  They have to sell ads in order to make a profit and the O Admin is really going to be serving up some slop for the hogs in the next few months.  The "war" in Syria (read no fly zone, guns and ammo, but no humanitarian aid)  Turkey will fall out of the "moderate" pro category and into the "country in turmoil" category.  Gitmo is going to erupt when the hunger strikers begin to die off, don't fancy being Holder when that happens... and don't forget the war on coal and Global "W"

The fourth estate, for those of you here that don't know what that term means (like the current lap dogs for Obama now) is going to start to do their collective jobs again...("Fourth Estate" most commonly refers to the news media; especially print journalism or "The Press")  Where they fell off the bus I don't know, but a few of them are pulling their heads out of the sand...

The "press" merely Obama lap dogs for the last 5 years, are going to have to return to real journalists, or this country will just ignore them and just run with a blog of choice... (quickly becoming already evident).  Plus if they think they can single handily force Hilary into office, they have another thing coming.  But the Pubs are going to lose because they will have allowed tens of millions of Mexican Democrats onto the voting rolls, and won on gay issues, so what the hell, let's all just list our fave Mexican joint and go order some Dos "Egos" with our best lisp slang and some tacos and turn the flag red, white and green...

Canadian Mounted Police Confiscate Guns From Flooded Homes Without Search Warrants

"We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because of what they are," is the 'excuse' that the Canadian Mounties are using to seize a “substantial amount” of firearms from homes in the evacuated town of High River. That news didn't sit well with a crowd of frustrated residents, as The Calgary Herald reports, who found it "absolutely incredible that [the Mounties] have the right to go into a person’s belongings out of their home,” warning that "when people find out about this there’s going to be untold hell to pay." About 30 RCMP officers set up a blockade at the checkpoint, preventing 50 residents from walking into the town which sent the crowd of residents into a rage, "What’s next? Tear gas?” shouted one resident, "it’s just like Nazi Germany, just taking orders," shouted another, "this is the reason the U.S. has the right to bear arms."
RCMP revealed Thursday that officers have seized a “substantial amount” of firearms from homes in the evacuated town of High River.

“We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because of what they are,” said Sgt. Brian Topham.


That news didn’t sit well with a crowd of frustrated residents who had planned to breach a police checkpoint northwest of the town as an evacuation order stretched into its eighth day.

“I find that absolutely incredible that they have the right to go into a person’s belongings out of their home,” said resident Brenda Lackey, after learning Mounties have been taking residents’ guns. “When people find out about this there’s going to be untold hell to pay.”


About 30 RCMP officers set up a blockade at the checkpoint, preventing 50 residents from walking into the town. Dozens more police cars, lights on, could be seen lining streets in the town on standby.

Officers laid down a spike belt to stop anyone from attempting to drive past the blockade. That action sent the crowd of residents into a rage.

“What’s next? Tear gas?” shouted one resident.

“It’s just like Nazi Germany, just taking orders,” shouted another.

“This is the reason the U.S. has the right to bear arms,” said Charles Timpano, pointing to the group of Mounties.


“We don’t want our town to turn into another New Orleans,” said resident Jeff Langford. “The longer that the water stays in our houses the worse it’s going to be. We’ll either be bulldozing them or burning them down because we’ve got an incompetent government.”


“We have seized a large quantity of firearms simply because they were left by residents in their places,” said Topham.


Residents promised to returned to the checkpoint at noon every day until they are allowed to return to their homes.

Kerry Flops in Middle East AGAIN

Imagine that. Palestinians refused to meet after it was reported that the Israelis and Palestinians were close to meeting.

Why does the Obama administration even try? They look like a fool every time. Obama has sent Middle East relations back decades.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unintended and Unwelcomed consequences....... perhaps the 60's were a mistake too!

Eminem Terrified As Daughter Begins Dating Man Raised On His Music

News • Entertainment • celebrities • music • ISSUE 49•26 • Jun 27, 2013

Since learning that his daughter’s new boyfriend loved his music growing up, Eminem has been worried sick about her.

ROCHESTER, MI—Hip-hop artist Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. Eminem, said he was left wholly terrified today after meeting his daughter Hailie’s new boyfriend Justin Denham, an 18-year-old who was reportedly raised on the rapper’s music.

Saying he could barely fathom the thought of Hailie, 17, with a man who ever enjoyed listening to, or was inspired by, his often misogynistic and violent lyrics, Eminem, 40, claimed he was disturbed from the second Denham said he was “a huge fan” of all of the rapper’s seven albums.

“Justin said I was his favorite artist when he was growing up, and now he wants to go out with my little girl,” said Eminem, telling reporters he didn’t even want to imagine what Denham’s views on relationships could possibly entail given his self-professed love of albums that include songs about mutilating women. “Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do here. How am I supposed to let Hailie go out with a guy who says I was a huge influence on him and all of his friends?”

“I mean, this guy’s probably listened to my song ‘Kim,’” Eminem continued. “I rapped about cutting my wife’s throat and then driving around with her in my trunk in that song. Jesus.”

Citing lyrics where he discussed raping a woman with an umbrella to “make her pussy wider,” the visibly shaken multi-platinum artist said he can’t imagine sitting by while his oldest daughter spends time alone with a man whose worldview could have been even slightly influenced by any of his songs.

Eminem added that while Hailie has repeatedly claimed Justin is a “good guy who treats her well,” he seriously doubts anyone who likes the song “Kill You,” where he brutally describes killing a woman and hiding her in a closet, could ever be a decent person.

“His favorite song is ‘Superman’—a track where I said I was going to put anthrax on a girl’s tampon and slap her until she can’t stand,” said Eminem, adding he could only imagine the types of drugs and alcohol songs like “Purple Pills” and “Crack A Bottle” had led him to do. “He better not think he can get away with all this stuff with Hallie. Or maybe he does. I mean, this is a guy who was listening to me rap about beating women ever since he was just a kid.”

“And his parents let him listen to it?” Eminem continued. “What kind of house was that? I don’t even want to think about what kind of people they are.”

Eminem went on to say he was even further dismayed when Denham said he also grew up listening to artists such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Ludacris, and told reporters he could only imagine the sorts of relationship lessons he pulled out of music like “Bitches Ain’t Shit” and “Move Bitch.”

“At this point, I suppose it would be ideal for Hailie to date someone who never listened to any one of my songs, ever,” said Eminem. “Why can’t she find someone who listened to music that wasn’t about having sex with prostitutes and then painting a room red with their blood?”

“Jesus,” Eminem added, “I have to go find my daughter right now.”