Monday, January 4, 2016

Kinda surprised to see this on DailyKos

While reading one story today, I saw this link on the side of the page. It nails pretty clearly the way I feel. I never liked Rahm and I feel like a lot of Democrats embraced him because he acts like an abrasive asshole toward Republicans. In Wasserman-Shultz, I have a similar but slightly different feeling. The writer takes some shots even at Bill Clinton though and I think this is appropriate, particularly if the party wants to regain values that it allegedly stood for in the past.

On the Republican side, there has been a fight between the Tea Party types, and those deemed RINO's. While I find several things refreshing in what Rand Paul has had to say, as well as his dad when he was raking Greenspan over the coals, I nonetheless feel that there is a very large group of people in that Tea Party sphere of the right who have concretized a view of Reagan that at best is a caricature. At the very least, it is a view that does not contain a degree of objectivity or even a remote willingness to question anything about him. Many Democrats, I believe, have done the same with Bill Clinton and potentially stand ready to further solidify the Democrat version of trickle down economics wherein tacit approval is given to remove any protection for American workers, and similar tacit approval is given to allow a very small segment of America, such as Wall Street banks, to amass enormous wealth (with much help from the FED) while doing nothing with that wealth that helps the country in any way shape or form. Under Bill and now Obama, and likely Hillary as well, it is also okay to just intervene militarily without any real debate and to use drones to just kill anyone we view as an enemy.

Bernie, perhaps, is not the best candidate. He is extremely honest, and he has run a campaign that has been free of attacks and deceit. That is extremely admirable and clearly, his votes, his philosophy and his passion lies with what have been former Democratic values. But, he acknowledges being a Democratic socialist, and a majority of America, unfortunately, is too stupid to understand what this really means. For as long as Republicans elevate Reagan in false deification, there will be support for an asshat like Trump. For the Democrats though, a similar danger awaits in continuing to believe that open trade borders will benefit American workers, or in believing that just killing everyone we view as threat without any sort of oversight will keep us safe.

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