Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Republicans Fire NBC Over Tough Questions

Poor babies, mean old NBC was picking on those sweet little innocent debaters.



  1. Seems NBC has now been put on notice that there is a price to be paid for bias.

    And The company that employs Candy Crowley should also be punished for her blatant over reach.

    But following the government model, no one is terminated for any reason.

  2. If they can't stand biased questions, what will they do when the real election debates start?

  3. It's interesting to me that it came from the CNBC crowd, rather than true communists like Maddow, Mathews or Hays.

  4. Awwwwww poor babies................

  5. You can't handle meaningless show debate questions from some network hack, yet you want my vote to put you at the negotiating table with Jinping & Putin?


  6. Pfunky, you nailed it. What a bunch of wooses. If you pick on us, were going to take our toys and go home. Candy Crowley should be fired for asking questions of political candidates? Really? What a farce.

  7. When are the demo's debating on Fox? I seem to have missed the date.

    1. They should. More NRC censorship: A Republican National Committee official disinvited National Review from partnering with CNN and other media organizations to host Feb. 25 presidential debate, magazine publisher Jack Fowler says.

      Reason was magazine’s editorial and opinion pieces opposing Donald Trump as GOP presidential nominee, publisher says
      RNC spokesman Sean Spicer confirms story to BuzzFeed, saying, “A debate moderator can’t have a predisposition”

    2. I imagine they would if invited - idk how that works. It'd be a great idea.

      They certainly wouldn't cancel a scheduled debate because the moderators are a bunch of "big meanies" ...

      In concurrence with Mick, my husband said it best with regards to the Pubs: "What a bunch of pussies ..."

      Pardon the indelicate word choice. I was quoting ...