Saturday, January 23, 2016

And Rev. Wright was a radical whack job?

I have to admit, I do not know a lot about these end of times type preachers. Every now and again I see something about one of them on a show like Rachel Maddow's, but I generally don't give them much consideration. Left and right both have their radicals who rant and rave about a ton of crazy shit, but they are usually outside of the mainstream. Recently, William did a post about Obama, Malcolm X and Rev. Wright and put this quote in near the end "My point is that Obama received a strong influence from acknowledged hard left ideologues."   So if we are to be fearing for the preservation of the country due to Obama being influenced by these ideologues, then how bout explaining Mike Bickle.

Maddow's premise was that McCain had relished in the support of a particular minister that eventually turned into kind of a poop storm for him. I'm not even gonna bother mentioning his name. Now, Cruz has gotten the support of this scary whack job named Mike Bickle, and he is proud of it. The link on this page is bizarre enough claiming that Oprah is paving the way for the anti Christ, but this whack job has far scarier shit in his bag of tricks.

This link is more disturbing. Now I'm gonna be honest here, I just googled Bickle's name coupled with Hitler and got to this second one, I have no idea what the organizations who posted these links are about. I especially grabbed the second one because it has a video of this guy selling his vision. Basically, he's saying that Jews need to move to Israel and convert to Christianity, or face the wrath of God. At first, they will be given subtle nudges from "fisherman". If that fails, God will then send the "hunters" after them and he then claims that Hitler was one such hunter. In other words, Hitler was doing God's work.

While Maddow and me have both undoubtedly cherry picked some inflammatory shit, the truth is that the same was done to Rev. Wright. It's easy to find offensive stuff he has said, and it's certainly very easy to find stuff he said that is racist. I don't think what he said, however, is equal to claiming that Hitler was doing God's work. Obama at first defended his connection to Rev. Wright in what I felt was a thoughtful speech. And then Rev. Wright had to double down and Obama cut that tie. If I am to believe, as William postulated, that the seed had already taken hold, then I think we have to accept the Ted Cruz believe the extermination of Jews was something they had coming for not heeding the message to move to Israel and convert to Christianity.

I no longer claim Christian affiliation, but after spending the entirety of my formative schooling in a private Lutheran School, I don't think it can be said I am ignorant of what is in the bible. I don't have a problem with Christians, even the pretty conservative one's who I find little to agree with on regarding social norms. That said, I believe people like this guy, and politicians who court or celebrate their endorsement, are scary. These people seem to be praying for the end of the world to start. Judging from recent comments of Rev. Wright, Obama is a failure. When I look at Cruz and what he is saying, I don't believe he will be viewed as a failure by guys like Bickle if he gets into office.


  1. 20 years max. Obama listened to him for 20 years.

    1. And like I said, Wright considers him a failure. But, your response is to be expected. Ignore the fact that this guy is claiming Hitler was doing God's work.

    2. Never heard of the guy. Nor has anyone else in America outside MSNBC.

    3. And the rest of America had heard of Rev. Wright before that campaign? Wright wasn't known to anyone in the mainstream and like you with this dude (allegedly) I hadn't heard anything about Rev. Wright. What this guy is selling is pure whackadoodle shit and Cruz is PROUD to have his endorsement. If we are going to play the childish game that people played with Obama and Rev. Wright, than we have to assume that Cruz believes every, last, freaking, word of this did like Obama allegedly did with Rev. Wright.

    4. Fair enough. But I knew who Billy Ayres was.

    5. And I know who Joann Chesimard is.

    6. Chesimard has lived comfortably in Cuba ever since her escape thanks to the generosity of Fidel Castro. The cop-killer diva has been hailed by rappers Jay-Z and Common — and now she’s a hoodie heroine.

      Assata is, plain and simple, a domestic terrorist who represents lawless hatred of the police. There has been no peace for the families of those whose loved ones sacrificed their lives on the front lines. Where is their justice?

      Despite impassioned pleas for Assata Shakur’s extradition by law-enforcement leaders in New York and New Jersey, the Obama White House has done nothing. Nada.

      The inaction speaks for itself. And his bland words of support for the police ring hollower than a hula hoop.

      Before chumming it up with David Letterman and raising cash for the DNC on Monday, the president took a few seconds to pay obligatory tribute to fallen Officer Brian Moore.

      He and his fellow cops, Obama mumbled, “deserve our gratitude and our prayers, not just today, but every day.”

      Stuff it. By his inaction on long-festering anti-police vigilantism, it’s clear which side the social-justice warrior-in-chief stands on: the side of Assata, Castro and the cop-hating mob.

    7. Yeah, that's also to be expected. Throw something in there that has nothing to do with what we are talking about. The Bill Ayres connection is very thin, and nothing at all like the Rev. Wright connection. As for this woman here, there is another NY newspaper that can actually string together some grammatically correct sentences that also had a blurb about it

      In that story, Obama said, “We believe that the strong U.S. interest in the return of these fugitives will be best served by entering into this dialogue with Cuba,” But again, this is beside the point. You just want to ignore my main point that Ted Cruz has welcomed the support of a whack job who believes Hitler was doing God's work.

      I'll concede William, that perhaps you don't live in the same rabbit hole that the rest of these Christian whacko's do who believe gay people should be killed, who believe like this dude does that Jews will be hunted by God for abandoning Christianity, and that the Catholic church is a harlot riding a demon tiger or some other such crazy shit.

    8. Whoops, hit send too soon. I'll concede William that despite the angry stuff you post here, you probably don't believe that stuff. Nonetheless, it seems like the people you tend to gravitate towards also attract these kinds of people. Unlike the Rev. Wright connection, which was a headline grabber for awhile and which STILL yanks the chain of people like you, Ted likely will not have to answer any questions about getting an endorsement from a man who believes Hitler was doing God's work.

    9. Obama is who he is. He'll be around for a long time. Thank God we have presidential term limits. His penchant for establishing cozy relations with communists is hardly surprising. His holding Israel at arms length is hardly surprising.

      Your obsession with Cruz isn't surprising considering your envy of producers in general. There are people who display excellence in many forms of endeavor that you would, like the Marxist you are at heart, like to see eroded to the mediocre norm.

    10. Actually, William, I'm hardly obsessed with Cruz, I certainly think far less about him then you do Obama and Hillary. Basically, I'm just returning the endless stupid shit you post about Obama and it's funny that it can rile you up.

      Your second para, however, is curious. What has Cruz ever produced? He's a lawyer who's spent the majority of his adult life working for the government. Trump comparatively is far more of a producer than Cruz will ever be. You won't believe this, but I have respect for competence wherever I see it, be it in the doctors office that I spent the last year learning in, or be it an outstanding meal at an off strip restaurant here in Vegas. You like to keep labeling me because that makes it simple. It says nothing really other than you are annoyed and the discussion has reached a point where you have run out of links or epithets to hurl.

      BTW, your post the other day on the universe was actually pretty thoughtful.