Saturday, January 9, 2016

Donald Trump's Broad Appeal

YUGE TENT: POLITICO’s Scott Bland reports DONALD TRUMP’s appeal is actually much broader than you think. “Republicans explain away their unwelcome poll-leader by dismissing his supporters as a loud but narrow network of angry white men and celebrity chasers.
It’s not true. A POLITICO review of private and public polling data and interviews with GOP pollsters shows a coalition that certainly begins with conservative, blue-collar men now extends to pro-choice Republicans, independents and even registered Democrats unnerved, primarily, by illegal immigration.”

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  1. even registered Democrats unnerved, primarily, by illegal immigration

    Who would have thought.


  3. Trump is a hot button pusher. When the adults come out to the polls I believe we will see different results.

    1. As was Obama, we all know how that turned out.

    2. An alternative view

    3. Perception is everything.

      You can put lipstick on a pig to make it prettier however it is still a pig.

      But then again, it is an opinion piece without the warts for the cheerleaders isn't it.

    4. The country and the world did not end under Obama's watch. What makes that author's perception any more or less valid than yours? Obama hasn't fixed what you think is important, therefore he is failure.

    5. Making, changing laws isn't a successful approach to governing. At one time president compromised to move forward. Your president prefers to do it all.

      Not enforcing laws which is one of his jibs is ignored when he doesn't like the law. Immigration comes to mind. Deporting illegals a ting of the past. DACA a joke on the American people as he subverts current immigration law as well as his illegal amnesty program.

      His ACA legacy is also a joke, the majority of Americans did not want it yet he pushed it through and healthcare is as crappy now as it was before his law and we all pay more for it excluding the new millions on medicaid. As to the ACA's success, according to the left-leaning Urban Institute, minimum loss ratios (the ratio of payouts to premiums) in eleven states exceed 100 percent. That is, insurers are paying more in benefits than they charge for policies. Losing money on every transaction is not a good business model, but insurers were hoping for a federal bailout to offset those losses. Taxpayers would have had to pony up nearly $2.5 billion to cover just last year’s losses. Believe the GOP congress stopped the free lunches for the ACA insurance companies.

      Not to mention his disastrous foreign policy.

      Your President claims guns are out of control, perhaps he is right however his lame attempt does nothing to prevent the bad guys from procuring guns.

      And his oh so disingenuous tears, please, where were the tears for Katie Stienle? The tears for the victims of Ft. Hood? San Bernardino? The recruiting office murders? Beyond pathetic.

      Like Bush, Obama suffers the unintended consequences of poor judgement.

    6. p.s. He is not a failure, he's exactly what the American people voted for. Elections have consequences as we all experience as well as the rest of the world.

    7. Bush was my president too, because I voted for him once. Does that mean, by your example above, that I have acknowledge agreeing to everything he did? I reject that thinking. I am not happy with Obama's executive actions and this is a very real problem. I think a lot of this stuff started back in the 90's and it's gotten worse year by year. Poppa Bush did the exact right thing in Iraq, he had broad support, he had a legit reason, he had a stated goal, and he stopped when he met those goals. We have subsequently gone into "drift" mode since then where we fuck with a lot of countries. We are not done getting bit in the ass for this by a long shot. It's all the rage these days to call Obama's foreign policy a failure. If we get a Republican again, I dont believe you will be any happier. These drone strikes under Obama are troubling to me. Whereas we may have gone to literal war before, we now use drones for political and military assassination. that's kinda scary unchecked power to be granting someone, and no matter who is POTUS next, they are likely to further up the ante Obama started.

      On th ACA, meh, we already have a thread going on that.

  4. On Trump, I think that by now, only the most strongly opposed to Trump can say he has not echoed their thoughts at least once. He certainly has for me. If I had the feeling that Trump actually cared about the country more than his giant ego, I would probably compare him to Nixon. He is a smart man, and he is also a very petty and very vindictive jagoff. Does he actually want the job? I have no idea. Does he want to win this contest? I am absolutely convinced he does and his demeanor shows it.

    Cruz, Rubio, Jeb! and the others come across as the ideologues they are. They seem to me to be selling their ideology as much as themselves, or perhaps more approriately, they are selling the ideology of their financial backers, as is Hillary IMO. Trump, like all good speakers, knows his audience and delivers the appropriate message; a message that is completely void of details but full of "I feel your pain", which of course reminds me of Bill Clinton.

    I will not vote for him, but I no longer consider it impossible that he could win the Republican nomination, and as a hockey fan, I have come to accept that the only that matters every year is just making it to the playoffs. Hillary and Bernie, no matter who gets the nod, are going to have problems grabbing a big chunk of people who basically now hate both parties. Voting for Trump might be just about the only way disaffected voters can tell both parties to shove it.