Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Anti Cruz ad

Well, here is an ad against Cruz it's kinda funny to me. I think a small change is going to happen in this upcoming primary season, and possibly the presidential next year. That change is that people are going to stop freaking out about socialism. Younger people today, who truly have had much handed to them from indulgent parents and who have also had instant access to everything thanks to technology gains, are not going to buy that what is best is for everybody is no holds barred, only the strong survive, capitalism. While they run ads like this, and come at Bernie for socialism as well, there are probably going to be side discussions about what modern socialism means versus Soviet, soul crushing enslavement.

It is possible to have freedom, and limited socialist policies that provide some stability for everyone. And of course there is a dead opposite view of this. The more socialism is attacked and subsequently defended, the less younger people are going to keep freaking out about it.


  1. Yer' to funny max. When Bernie becomes president he'll hire you to run his commune's. Maybe all those young people will be put to work in motor factories repairing K cars and Yugo's. Just think, you could be in charge of his energy department and get busy shutting down all the fracking operations. Better yet you could round up all those hedge fund criminals and put them to work building wind mills.

    Dream on comrade, dream on.

    1. Meh, Bernie won't win and fracking won't be shut down until there is a bad disaster. And there will be one. You got in the predictable jabs about Yugo's. A shit ton of money has been made in the private sector off of ideas developed on the public dime. Reagan the candidate didn't like the idea of the Chrysler bailout that was signed by Carter, but Reagan the president was VERY willing to protect American businesses from competition, and if you are protecting someone who can't compete, that's really not any different functionally from giving them a loan. Here is a link from the Mises institute

      Bernie, so far, like Trump, has hit on things that resonate with people. He hasn't shied away from the label of Democratic socialist, but he hasn't been good at all at explaining what that is about. We have had socialist programs for decades and have also engaged in socialist practices like your boy Reagan did, not to implement a full socialist agenda, but to try and preserve the strength of the country. You will never agree that government has any role in humanity other than being a whipping boy for you to piss on. Fair enough. That concept, however, is losing steam among young people who are seeing massive inequality rise. Even I believe it is not the role of government to correct that. The problem though is that when people work hard and have nothing to show for it, they demand action. You can be pissed about that all you want, but it's reality.

    2. Fracking is on the decline as the worldwide glut of cheap oil has rendered it unprofitable. Also, what ever happened to the concept of commonwealth? Is the new definition of governance "do all you can to destroy the other party, screw the people"?

    3. Mick would rather us maintain our fleets of ships in the Persian Gulf than horizontally drill for oil here. Fracking has caused OPEC to unravel.

      Mick would rather put $4 gas in his Yugo than $2 fas.

    4. " Fracking has caused OPEC to unravel. "

      Seems to me the exact opposite is true. I think you should also question your statement about who wants to maintain a fleet of ships in the Gulf. Look at Rand Paul's place in the polls before suggesting it is liberals who want our presence in the Gulf maintained.

    5. Come on William, I never said fracking was bad. I said it is unprofitable. No doubt if the price of oil goes up then the fracking will resume, it's called supply and demand, part of the American free enterprise system.

    6. Without fracking oil would still be north of $100 a barrel. It may be temporarily unprofitable but traditional wells in many locals are also unprofitable at current levels, see Russia.

      Natural gas is cleaner than coal and oil heating options. And natural gas gives us a simple exit from the dreaded nuclear option.

      You need to do some more homework on the latest technologies mick.