Monday, January 11, 2016

Democrats Reach A New Low

The share of Americans identifying as Democrats dropped to a record low in 2015, according to the latest Gallup results published Monday, in the latest indication that Americans’ attachment to either political party is at or nearing historical lows.
Overall, 42 percent over the course of the past year identified as independents, a slight drop from the 43 percent who identified as such in 2014. While Democrats maintained a small advantage over Republicans — 29 percent to 26 percent — the Democratic share is at its lowest in Gallup history.

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  1. I'm curious Mick to hear your thoughts on this. I'm honestly not sure what it means. Both parties seem to have reached a point where only the most ardent want to claim membership. I had hoped by now that there could actually be a third party, but I'm starting to think there really isn't quite as much willingness for that. I think a lot of people that are middle leaning still WANT to be part of one party or the other, perhaps because they believe that if they support an opposing candidate, they will be tacitly agreeing to everything that party stands for. IDK.

  2. It appears that more voters, from both parties, are declaring themselves independents. I think this is the consequence of our Washington do nothing congress. We see this reflected in the congress' dismal approval rating, hovering around 15%. And voter bias leads people to support which ever party seems to agree more closely with their own preconceived notions. If neither party does so, then we have more independents.

    1. Well, that's kinda my point, I think people are "declaring" themselves independent mostly as a statement of protest. I don't think their views have really changed all that much.

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