Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Obama and our 2nd, listen up!



  1. Switzerland does not require "citizens to own guns."

    The government issues a gun to men for their mandatory military service, but the gun is taken home under "carefully controlled conditions without ammunition," said Mikton, the WHO officer who is also Swiss.

    "As soon as they have finished their military service — typically around 30 years of age — they have to return the gun," he said.

    Swiss gun laws are more strict than the post implies, though less tough than some other European Union countries. Swiss law requires mandatory background checks on civilian handgun purchases and licenses for the concealed carry of weapons, and it bans automatic weapons.

    Both homicide rates are also wrong.

    1. He posted something similar last year. Anytime I see a bold statement like that from left or right, the fine print usually tells a different story.

    2. ""You can walk into a cafe in a town where there is a shooting festival and you'll see rifles hanging on the hat rack. It's just incredible. It's just proliferation all over the place, but it's all for a peaceful purpose," says Stephen Halbrook, a Virginia-based lawyer who has argued cases for the National Rifle Association.""


    3. I'm not sure you really read that article William. First of all, you should know better than to post from a left leaning propaganda organization like NPR. The link you posted shows two sides to that story, one side from an American who makes a living defending the NRA, and the other side from citizens who actually live there who are trying, like citizens here, to get gun laws tightened up.

      BTW, the story does not defend your claim at the top here.

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