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The Camelot Hotel

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Rape Accuser Blasts ‘Evil’ Hillary: ‘Shame on you!’

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by BREITBART NEWS22 Nov 20153,209

In one of her first media appearances in nearly a decade, Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who famously accused Bill Clinton of rape, is now speaking out against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president.

“Shame on you, Hillary, that’s disgusting,” Broaddrick said of Clinton’s attempt to run for high office in part on women’s issues. “Shame on you, Hillary. It’s time to be truthful,” she added.

Broaddrick was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” the popular weekend talk radio program. An advanced copy of the audio interview was obtained exclusively by Breitbart.

During the exchange with Klein, the notoriously media-shy Broaddrick accused Clinton of complacency in covering up her husband’s alleged sexual crimes and indiscretions.

“I think she has always known everything about him. I think they have this evil compact between the two of them that they each know what the other does and overlook it. And go right on. And cover one for the other,” she said.

She recalled a personal meeting with Hillary in 1978, in which, Broaddrick believes, the future First Lady strongly implied the alleged rape victim must stay silent about her traumatic experience.

Broaddrick said she “almost died” two months ago when she saw a Clinton campaign ad in which Hillary insisted all women must be sided with if they accuse men of sexual assault.

“You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. We’re with you,” Clinton said in the video, which she addressed to “every survivor of sexual assault.”

Broaddrick responded: “Aaron, the only thing that I would like to say is I hope that someday these two people, these people that I feel like are so evil, will be brought to justice.”

“You know, if I can help in that, I will. But these are not good people for America,” she said of Bill and Hillary.

Broaddrick said she was prompted to speak on Klein’s show after she saw Clinton’s Benghazi testimony last month.  The show airs on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.

“The only thing that made me consider coming forward again at this time at my age is when I saw her on that Benghazi hearing. Which was really hard to look at. I always turn the channel when either one of them are on TV. But when I saw that look on her face. It was the very same look back in 1978. That lying look.”

Broaddrick said she fears for a Hillary presidency because “she lies. Just like she did in the Bengahzi hearing. She lies. She covers up. Just to imagine her in that position would not be good for America.”

Rape allegations. Bloody lip.

Broaddrick’s story begins when she was a nursing home administrator volunteering for then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton’s 1978 gubernatorial bid.

She said Clinton singled her out during a campaign stop at her nursing home. “He would just sort of insinuate, you know when you are in Little Rock let’s get together. Let’s talk about the industry. Let’s talk about the needs of the nursing homes and I was very excited about that.”

Broaddrick said she finally took Clinton up on that offer in the spring of 1978 when she traveled to Little Rock for an industry convention along with her friend and nursing employee Norma Rogers. The two shared a room at the city’s Camelot Hotel.

Broaddrick phoned Clinton’s campaign headquarters to inform her of her arrival and was told by a receptionist that Clinton had left instructions for her to reach him at his private apartment.

“I called his apartment and he answered,” she recounted. “And he said ‘Well, why don’t we meet in the Camelot Hotel coffee room and we can get together there and talk. And I said ‘That would be fine.’”

Clinton then changed the meeting location from the hotel coffee shop to Broaddrick’s room.

“A time later and I’m not sure how long it was, he called my room, which he said he would do when he got to the coffee shop. And he said ‘There are too many people down here. It’s too crowded. There’s reporters and can we just meet in your room?’”

“And it sort of took me back a little bit, Aaron,” she said of Clinton’s request.

“But I did say okay, I’ll order coffee to the room, which I did and that’s when things sort of got out of hand. And it was very unexpected. It was, you might even say, brutal. With the biting of my lip.”

Broaddrick said she did not want to rehash the alleged rape scene, explaining those painful details are fully available in previous news reports.

She told NBC’s Dateline in 1999 that she resisted when Clinton suddenly kissed her:

Then he tries to kiss me again. And the second time he tries to kiss me he starts biting my lip … He starts to, um, bite on my top lip and I tried to pull away from him. And then he forces me down on the bed. And I just was very frightened, and I tried to get away from him and I told him ‘No,’ that I didn’t want this to happen but he wouldn’t listen to me. … It was a real panicky, panicky situation. I was even to the point where I was getting very noisy, you know, yelling to ‘Please stop.’ And that’s when he pressed down on my right shoulder and he would bite my lip. … When everything was over with, he got up and straightened himself, and I was crying at the moment and he walks to the door, and calmly puts on his sunglasses. And before he goes out the door he says ‘You better get some ice on that.’ And he turned and went out the door.”

In the interview with Klein, Broaddrick recounted the aftermath of the incident, when her friend Rogers came back to the room after Broaddrick failed to show up to the convention.

“I was in a state of shock afterwards,” an emotional Broaddrick said, clearly still impacted by the event.  “And I know my nurse came back to the room to check on me because she hadn’t heard from me …She came up and it was devastating to her and to me to find me in the condition that I was in.”

“We really did not know what to do. We sat and talked and she got ice for my mouth. …It was four times the size that it should be. And she got ice for me and we decided then I just wanted to go home. I just wanted to get out of there, which we did.”

The detail about Clinton allegedly biting her lip is instructive. One woman who would later say she had a consensual affair with Clinton, former Miss America pageant winner Elizabeth Ward Gracen, would also reveal Clinton bit her lip when a tryst became rough.

Hillary encounter: ‘She knew!’

Broaddrick initially said that she shouldered the blame since she allowed Clinton up to her room.

Three weeks after the incident, Broaddrick says she was still in a state of shock and denial about what she said had transpired. She said she attended a private Clinton fundraiser at the home of a local dentist, where she had an encounter with the Clintons and was directly approached by Hillary.

Broaddrick said a friend of hers who had driven the Clintons to the fundraiser from a local airport informed her that “the whole conversation was about you coming from the airport. Mostly from Mrs. Clinton.”

She recalled: “And so then about that time, I see them coming through the kitchen area. And some people there are pointing to me. He goes one direction and she comes directly to me. Then panic sort of starting to set in with me. And I thought, ‘Oh my God, what do I do now?’”

Broaddrick told Klein that Hillary approached her “and said ‘It’s so nice to meet you’ and all of the niceties she was trying to say at the time.”

“And said, ‘I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate the things you do for him.’ And I just stood there, Aaron. I was sort of you might say shell-shocked.”

“And she said, ‘Do you understand. Everything you do.’’’

“She tried to take a hold of my hand and I left. I told the girls I can’t take this. I’m leaving. So I immediately left.”

Broaddrick said that “what really went through my mind at that time is ‘She knows. She knew. She’s covering it up and she expects me to do the very same thing.’”

‘I felt responsible until Bill came back’

Broaddrick said the climate of women’s issues in 1978 was such that “I felt responsible. I don’t know if you know the mentality of women and men at that time. But me letting him come to my room? I accepted full blame.”

“And I thought ‘This is your fault and you have to bear this. There’s nothing you can do. He’s the attorney general. And this is your fault.’””

She said all that changed in 1991, when she said she was at a meeting at the Riverfront Hotel in Little Rock and Clinton approached her there.

Clinton found out she was at the hotel “and they called me out of the meeting and pointed to an area to go down around the corner by an elevator area. And I walked around the corner and there he stands.”

“And he immediately comes over to me with this gushing apology. Like, ‘I’m so sorry for what happened. I hope you can forgive me. I’m a family man now. I have a daughter. I’m a changed man. I would never do anything like that again.’”

Broaddrick said she thought Clinton was sincere until he announced his run for president the following week.

“But still I have to thank him for that day because the blame then went off of me and on to him. And I knew that it wasn’t my fault. I knew that I didn’t use good judgement but I knew that the incident was no longer my fault.”


  1. Propaganda is a form of communication, often biased or misleading in nature, aimed towards influencing the attitude of a population toward some cause, position or political agenda. (wiki)

    This is truly masterful propaganda. A woman is raped, on average, just about every two minutes in this country. Many never make a claim about it because of what they will have to go through at a trial. Who needs to put women in a Burqa when our culture allows us to abuse them openly.

    That someone like you posts this William is par for the course.

    1. Another form of propaganda was when the pigs started to twist the seven commandments, a list of seven rules the animals in animal farm must follow, to their own needs. At the start of the revolution, the sixth of the seven commandments read “No animal shall be killed by any other animal”. However, in order to reason with the animals after killing those who opposed Napoleon, the rule has been changed to “No animal shall be killed by any other animal without cause” (p 61). As a result, Napoleon’s actions for eliminating those animals were justified because the animals thought a few words from the commandment was slipped from memory. Since the other animals were not as clever compared to the pigs and were not as capable of thinking for themselves, the animals used the seven commandments as an agreement to what was right and what was wrong. Therefore, when the pigs changed the seven commandments, the animals did not think badly of Napoleon’s use of cruelty and violence.

      I guess interns and employeess of the family do not count...

    2. I'm a vegetarian, no animal dies for my meal.

      So, help me out TS, a vote for a Republican is a vote to help end sexual assault against women?

    3. Yes, I did. I had sexual intercourse with President Clinton. ... "He's a very charming, handsome man."
      Elizabeth Ward Gracen

    4. ""This is according to Ronald Kessler in “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents,” due Aug. 5 from Crown Forum.

      Kessler is no stranger to the controversies surrounding the Secret Service.

      He broke the story that Secret Service agents protecting President Obama in Cartagena, Colombia, hired prostitutes, and put the president in jeopardy.

      The book, portions of which I’ve obtained, says none of the normal protocols is followed when Energizer arrives in her SUV, sometimes just minutes after Hillary has left the Westchester house.

      Kessler quotes a supervisor informing a new agent: “You don’t stop her, you don’t approach her, you just let her go in.”""

      ""Kessler also reports that Hillary’s Secret Service detail informs Bill’s Secret Service detail when the former first lady is coming home, so Bill has time to get Energizer off the property and clean up any evidence.

      But once, the warning came late. “The agents had to scramble to get Energizer out of there so there wasn’t some kind of big confrontation.”

      Kessler also reveals that Hillary is routinely rude to the agents who are sworn to take a bullet for her.

      “Because she is so nasty to agents and hostile to law enforcement officers and military officers in general, agents consider being assigned to her detail a form of punishment,” Kessler wrote.""

  2. And of course the supporter of a serial abuser is? Of course democrats are no saints.. then again, they would never hitch their wagon to that horse would they?

    1. What bothers me about threads like this is explained partly by King below. In a bigger picture, TS, you comment skirts right along the edge of what I feel is the foundation of mistreatment of women. Far as we know, Bill Clinton had sex with almost any woman he could. There has not, however, been any story that I have seen that suggests he physically abused Hillary. Whether he forcibly raped anyone or questionably forced himself onto some woman who didn't want to have sex is an open question. However, Bill Clinton is not running for office. You seem to consider no one left of center worthy of any respect, and that's fair enough. But here you kind of drift into something different.

      As I read the news that a penultimate asshole named David Vitter has bitten the political dust, finally, I consider your question about supporting a serial abuser. So what do we say about Vitter's wife for not divorcing him? How many woman across time have stood by some dirtbag husband to ensure the kids stayed fed or because they didn't want their husband's career ended despite the fact they were humiliated? In your world of rigid logic, perhaps it is the fault of the woman when a man cheats for a second time because the wife did not throw him out the first time. Maybe it's her fault he cheated the first time because she didn't make it clear such behavior would not be tolerated.

      There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton is very ambitious and she has shrewdly played many things to her advantage. This is what people of ambition do. When guys backstab and take advantage of their connections to get ahead, it's applauded. When women do it, men get irrationally pissed off and lose their flipping minds. Regardless of how morally flawed Republican's find Hillary to be, the bottom line is that she has more than just far left wing appeal and that is what we have shit like this being thrown against the wall. Still, while you are just kinda jumping in, your comment here says something to me that runs a lot deeper than just disliking Hillary.

    2. "HRC, the serial enabler."

      Says the king of cut and paste.

    3. Are you calling these dozen ' s of women liars Max?

    4. Are you calling the scores of State troopers liars Max?

    5. Awe, did I rain on your little cut and paste parade? If, William, you remotely gave a shit about these women personally, perhaps we could have a different discussion. You don't, and we won't. These alleged victims of Clinton are nothing more to you than a prop for your agenda to be an echo beacon for trash peddlers.

    6. Yeah, that message really shines in your posts. Not.

    7. Even rape victims lives matter max.

    8. What I find interesting in this discussion is that we somehow want to separate information however salacious and unproven that we would consider relevant in the election of our representative government and that which would affect our relationship with people we would befriend or do business with on a day to day basis.

      With respect to Bill, this is but one of dozens of articles printed reflecting the stories of a whole lot of women that have persisted over the years from his time as Arkansas states’ attorney general. As to his documented forays; he broke a rule that has been in the military for eons, is a message delivered in every ‘sexual awareness’ class and is generally common sense. Superiors DO NOT have relationships with subordinates... Period. If it shouldn’t happen in business or in schools or in doctors’ offices, it damn well shouldn’t happen in the Oval office and regardless the extent it was a witch hunt, whatever caused him to lie under oath makes him a perjured liar... simple.

      The flack that Hillary caught when she decided to ‘stand by her man’ was from women not from me and I would suspect not from men generally. As you rightly say, people will make personal decisions based on their own circumstances but, highly ambitions or not, I find it pretty repugnant that Hillary should get a pass for suppressing, by way of veiled threat or open intimidation, women who have been abused by her or her husband and then get cheered for having the ‘interest of women’ at heart during an election cycle.... BS. I don’t know if you know of the Jimmy Savale case here in Britain. A popular entertainer who dedicated a tremendous about of time and personal wealth getting hospitals built and other big civic projects approved... he was also abusing some of the children in those hospitals and schools along the way. If we say that Bill and Hillary get a pass for the distress caused to a few for the great work of the many... why shouldn’t he (He died before he would have most assuredly been convicted and spent the rest of his life in prison) and why should those children now adult be believed anymore than the women who outted Bill?

      As far as David Vitter goes, I must admit that I don’t pay a lot of attention to who the people Louisiana elect to represent them and because I don’t frequent Huffpo it was no doubt not high on my radar. Was he a scumbag for his tryst... yep, at least in my books... was he a double scumbag for even suggesting that his wife stand by him in public.. YES! Whatever her reasons for standing by him were, they are hers but the difference between her and Hillary is, she is not running to be president standing on a ‘Respect For Women’ platform while intimidating the very people she lauds to do it.

      You can’t stand and debase greed and ambition on one hand and defend it on the other. Not all ambitious or even greedy people are have to lie, cheat and steal their way to prosperity ... even if you think that it is the only possible way to do it.

    9. I don't know why, when I call bullshit on a method, I am perpetually framed to be an apologist for Hillary Clinton. Again TS, my main point is this, when a person who henceforth shows little proclivity to post about mistreatment of women suddenly shows their indignation that a person like Hillary, is running on a platform supporting women when her husband was such a turd, it smells like bullshit.

      If you are trying to tell me here that your interest in this is that you really want to see women take a leap forward and that this dream will be destroyed because Hillary is not a good example, then God bless. I don't believe it, however. Your words, to me, sound like just another example of a complete inability to empathize with someone else. From your safe little tower, you claim that since Hillary did not angrily divorce Bill and just walk away, she now can't be an advocate for women. Had she walked away, we likely never would have heard from her again, and that was exactly what many on the right wanted. Instead, she endured the humiliation of her husbands sexcapades, and now she again gets to listen to a bunch of white dudes explain why, based on her husband's behavior, she has no right advocating for women. If you don't like her, don't vote for her. This is not good enough for conservatives though, who must go scorched earth on everything they don't like lest it come back and harm them later.

      As for my views on greed and ambition, I think my view is a bit more balanced. It is what it is. No one succeeds without some level of greed and ambition, and there is nothing wrong with that. That said, greed and ambition also are frequently at the center of motivation to occasionally side step biblical morality. I don't denounce it or put it on a pedestal. Many people throughout history have been driven by greed and personal ambition to do things that benefited many people. Others have been driven by their greed and ambition to cause immense harm. My intention is not to defend Hillary as a candidate, she's not my choice. But I will continue to call bullshit on smear campaigns. Stuff like what was posted here is not meant to support women, but instead is just political destruction. You don't make shit smell sweater by calling it dung.

    10. This is a sordid tale of a serial abuser and his power hungry enabler. Progressives have a habit of elevating and excusing these types. Compromising with this kind of mindset becomes counterproductive.

      A year from now Hillary will reside in the wastebasket of multiple losers. Her rapist husband will remain on his pedestal as did adulterer in chief JFK.

  3. Are US Presidential campaigns run on the rumor mill or on the policies of the candidates?. This allegation is 16 years old. The accuser was having an extra marital affair at the time according to the Wikipedia entry and subsequently both denied the so called rape and refused to talk to the media. This thread is building up a head of steam to pillory HRC for the alleged transgressions of her husband. The allegations are simply that, ness there are records of indictment and guilt I have not seen.

    What does this thread say about the intellectual capabilities of the Pubs? are there none in the organization with the brains to formulate policy which could excite the imagination of the electorate? Perhaps the populace have become so infatuated by third rate TV sit coms and empty heads spouting inane commentaries that America deserves the President you eventually elect. Perhaps it is too much to hope that salacious and unproven allegations as raised here will have little or no influence. By the way I would be equally scathing if the allegations were raised against the spouse of a Pub candidate.

    1. Sounds like Bill and Hillary have had a decades long war on women.

    2. Bill’s  series of sexual assaults on Eileen Wellstone, Juanita Broaddrick , Carolyn Moffet, Liz Ward Gracen, Becky Brown , Helen Dowdy, Paula Jones, Kathy Fergusen, Christy Zercher and Kathleen Willey among dozens of others.The details of Bill’s rape of 19-year-old Emily Wellstone, for which he was thrown out of Oxford.Hillary’s use of heavy-handed private detectives to collect information on Bill’s victims and then silence them.Hillary’s strange relationship with top aide Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife.The Clinton’s association with convicted pedophile and ‘Friend of Bill’ Jeffrey Epstein.The identities of wealthy donors to the Clinton Presidential Library, including the Sultan of Brunei, who maintains a harem of under-age girls in the country he rules.Who is Chelsea Clinton’s real father? A DNA test proves it’s not Bill Clinton.The adult Chelsea’s “Reign of Terror” at the Clinton Foundation, and why co-workers call her greedy, entitled, and abusive.Even more dark family secrets are divulged, such as Bill Clinton’s ties to murder, his time in drug rehab, and his illegitimate African American son whom he refuses to acknowledge, support, or nurture.

    3. What does that 16 year old allegation have in common with this relatively new one?

      Virginia Roberts, who’s accused Epstein of turning her into a “sex slave” at age 17 and forcing her to sleep with his powerful friends, claimed Clinton stayed in one of the many villas on Epstein’s US Virgin Islands estate — where group sex was a “regular occurrence.”

      The answer: consistency... and that it matches the behaviour sighted by so many other women.

      What I find interesting is that while these types of stories occur with politicians all the time... why are so many gunning for Bill Clinton... Why not George Bush... hell, that could easily really ruin a family name... Why not Ronald Reagan? or if it is haters who really wanna hate... why not this President... why not stories about when he was a ‘community organizer’ or state representative or Senator?... Why Bill?

  4. Bobbie Ann Williams was a prostitute in Little Rock who claims she became pregnant by Bill Clinton. Unlike Suzanne Coleman, whose 7 month pregnancy ended wth a gunshot to the back of her head, Bobbie finished her pregnancy, certain that it was Bill's child since he had been her only white customer that month!

    Both Bobbie and her sister passed polygraph tests regarding Bobbie' relationship to Clinton and their belief that Danny is his child. The British press, amazingly enough, got Buddy Young, then a trooper, now #2 at FEMA, to admit he had driven Bill Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams to one of their "sex orgies".

  5. "The other encounters were confirmed with more than 30 interviews with retired Arkansas state employees, former state troopers and former Yale and University of Arkansas students. Like others, they refused to go public because of fears of retaliation from the Clinton White House."