Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Apparently there are limits

Chicago just might be the next city to erupt after the release of a video that shows a black teenager, with a knife, being shot 16 times by a Chicago Police Officer. http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Chicago-Officer-Charged-in-Teens-Fatal-Shooting-353037121.html  The officer has been charged with murder.


  1. Obama ' s butt boy Rahm has his hands full. 400 days to produce an indictment. Another failed big city democrat mayor.

    1. Your butt boy comment is kind of uncalled for. There is quite a bit in this case that people of all political leanings should truly be offended by. But as with most things, you respond in a manner that suggests you really don't care all that much about the particulars, certainly not nearly as much as you care about using it to make a cynical snark. I'm not a huge fan of Rahm, he's just another loud mouthed bully, of which there are already many in our political system. If it comes back that he had a hand in stalling or trying to make this go away, I hope he suffers a consequence for it.

  2. Good to hear you share the concern.

  3. After reading up on this for a couple of days, there are a few things that are disturbing about this. As the video shows, this kid was down after one shot. It is questionable he shot the kid at all. There were multiple officers present, he did not "lunge" at the officers as was reported, and that street was otherwise clear. However, the first shot is not what bothers me the most.

    After shooting him once, the officer paused and decided to then kill the kid. It is hard to not call that murder. Afterward, it seems like an enormous effort went in to just making this go away. Requests filed under freedom of information were blocked. Video at a local fast food restaurant mysteriously disappeared. The city paid 5 MILLION dollars to the family to avoid a lawsuit. The officer, however, was not fired. He was instead placed on desk duty.

    I don't know that the actual shooting was driven by race. What happened after the fact, however, does seem to me to fit a very well established pattern of institutionalized racism. To watch that video, and then read about the coverup that followed wherein the city paid 5 million dollars to literally get away with murder, and then troll with saying all lives matter, is at best poor taste, and at worst, something far worse. If all lives matter, then every gun toting, gubmint fearing freak in America should be marching in protest in Chicago right now.