Monday, November 9, 2015

I mean Really?.................................We have hit a new low.

It's a Starbucks coffee cup, America, not the Holy Grail

Some Christians are upset at Starbucks' new holiday drinks, because of the lack of "Merry Christmas" on the cups. This has sparked #MerryChristmasStarbucks to share their frustration.Keep clicking through the gallery to discover the Starbucks hacks that everyone should know.

There’s trouble brewing at Starbucks and if you believe what you read on social media – their 2015 Red Holiday Cups are the greatest threat to Christianity since the Islamic State started beheading the faithful.
A very vocal group of Christian coffee lovers is a bit perturbed at the lack of yuletide flavor in their 2015 Red Holiday Cups.

Previous designs have included all sorts of Yuletide accessories from scarves to ornaments to snowflakes.

But this year Starbucks decided to go minimalistic. It’s just a plain red cup – no holiday messages, no holiday images.
And that has folks accusing the coffee giant of being anti-Christmas.
“It’s not just about a cup,” said Arizona-based evangelist Joshua Feuerstein in a message to The Washington Post. “The cup is symbolic of a larger war against Christianity in this country.”
Feuerstein let loose on Starbucks in a now-viral Facebook posting.
“Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus,” he said.
To be honest with you, I’d be willing to wager a fruit cake that Starbucks doesn’t have any idea who the reason for the season is in the first place.
“Do you realize that Starbucks wanted to take Christ and Christmas off their brand new cups?” he said. “That’s why they’re just plain red.”
Not true, says Starbucks.
They said they just wanted to create a culture of inclusion and diversity.
“This year’s design is another way Starbucks is inviting customers to create their own stories with a red cup that mimics a blank canvas,” the company said in a statement.
I mean – really. All of this outrage over a coffee cup?
It’s not the Holy Grail, folks. It’s a cranberry-colored, environmentally-friendly coffee cup.

I stopped drinking Starbucks coffee years ago – back when their chief executive officer said he did not want to do business with people like me – a gun-toting, Bible-believing offspring of white privilege.
So I figured – why spend my hard-earned money on a company that actively opposes my values?
I’ll probably be fielding some angry emails about my take on the Starbucks controversy -- but should we really expect a secular company to embrace Christianity?
It wasn’t too long ago that many of the same folks complaining about Starbucks were defending Christian-owned bakeries and flower shops.
The way I see it, we ought not to be telling bakeries and florists how to run their business and we ought not to be telling Starbucks how to run theirs.
It’s really disappointing that folks don’t get their lattes frothed over more pressing matters – like the mass extermination of Christians in the Middle East or the raging war on religious liberty here in this country.

If Given a Sharpie, Here’s What the Guy Behind the Now-Viral Starbucks Christmas Cup Outrage Would Do

Nov. 9, 2015 3:07pm

Joshua Feuerstein, the Internet evangelist whose now-viral video has ignited intense debate over Starbucks’ plain, red Christmas cups told The Church Boys podcast on Monday that he believes that there’s a grander narrative at play that goes far beyond his qualms over the cup design.
At the center of Feuerstein’s concern is his belief that there is a War on Christmas underway, with the secular agenda chipping away bit by bit at the traditions surrounding the Christian holiday and, more broadly, the Christian faith.
“It’s much larger than just a red cup. It’s more than just a Starbucks cup,” he said. “It’s ultimately about the much larger War on Christmas and the fact that people are essentially trying to cleanse Christmas out of the holidays, because they don’t want the story of Christ being forefront and center.”
While Feuerstein knows not everyone will agree with him, he believes that it’s time for Christians to stand up and make their voices heard, also issuing a call to rid church pulpits of the “pansy” preachers who he believes are not speaking up with biblical authority.
“For me, it’s mostly about getting Christians to come out from the closet and begin to identify themselves and begin to speak and vote their values,” he said. There’s too much at stake, and I think it’s time that the church get rid of the pansy preachers that grace our pulpits and preach sugar instead of salt and light.
Feuerstein argued that it is essential to “start taking stands here in America if we want to see our country turn back to the moral values it was founded on.”
If given a chance to redesign the next Starbucks holiday cup, the evangelist said that he’d include a Christian cross to represent the “first Christmas tree when a light hung on the tree and died for all of our sins,” though he knows the chances of that happening are slim to none.
As TheBlaze previously reported, Feuerstein’s Nov. 5 Facebook video lambasting the red cups has since gone viral.
“I think in the age of political correctness we’ve become so open minded our brains have literally fallen out of our head,” Feuerstein said in the clip. “Do you realize that Starbucks wanted to take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups? That’s why they’re just plain red.”
The evangelist explained in the video that he recently went into Starbucks, ordered a drink and told the barista that his name was “Merry Christmas” — an act that led to the popular holiday greeting being placed on the cup with a marker, despite the decision to leave it out of the official design.
Critics have lambasted Feuerstein’s objection to the plain, red cups, claiming that the argument is silly and that Starbucks is not a Christian company and should, thus, not be held to faith-based standards.
The company also responded to the controversy by affirming its commitment to “welcome customers from all backgrounds.”
“Starbucks will continue to embrace and welcome customers from all backgrounds and religions in our stores around the world,” a statement from Starbucks read.
It should be noted that Starbucks — cup design aside — sells an advent calendar as well as Christmas blend coffee.


  1. Yeah, I thought that too when Larry Summers was forced to resign because he suggested their may be some innate differences between men and women.... but of course we know that he was dead wrong, cause their is no such thing as men and women...

    While it won't happen because children have become so commercially indoctrinated to what secular Christmas means... It would be fabulous that from Christmas cards to perfume bottles... Christians just stayed home..

    When I was young living in Rome NY (Griffiss Air Force Base), locals were all in an uproar wanting the base to close. The base commander ordered all the people (long before direct deposit) be paid by the base quartermaster in 2 dollar bills... The town was flooded with them and learned just who buttered there bread.... When base consolidation plans started some years later Griffiss was on the list... The locals all of a sudden became its biggest supporters. They managed to keep it completely active until 1996 and even no though much of it is a business and science park, the air force still maintains research facilities their...

  2. “Maybe we should boycott Starbucks, I don’t know,” GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday at rally in Springfield, Illinois, noting the company leases space in his Trump Tower building in New York City.

    “No more ‘Merry Christmas’ on Starbucks, no more”
    “By the way, that’s the end of that lease, but who cares?”
    “If I become president, we’re all going to be saying Merry Christmas again, that I can tell you”
    NOTE: Coffee company’s holiday-themed red cups have drawn criticism for lack of Christmas imagery
    “Taking a cue from customers who have been doodling designs on cups for years (Starbucks held a contest to support this creativity), this year’s design is another way Starbucks is inviting customers to create their own stories with a red cup that mimics a blank canvas,” company said in statement on website Sunday

    1. Starbucks did this last year as well... I have yet to find the winner of the contest or any examples that were posted on Instagram. It smacks of a good way to be politically correct... call me cynical...

      Hey... the way things are going, next year at 4th of July, flag makers can just sell blank flags... that way you could draw in the stars and strips (if your one of those kind of people)... or a hammer and sickle or maybe a red crescent... everyone could post them to Instagram where no one would see them and the flag companies would proclaim the contest such a success that they will start doing it every year..... except for stars and bars... they are excluded... read the terms and conditions..

  3. I gotta admit, liberals have gone way overboard on protesting municipal displays of respect for religious holidays. I see the slippery slope and nonetheless believe that allowing such displays will probably not lead us to Christian Sharia. To the commercialization point TS made, here again I see the market place at work. There is money to be made on the commercialization of Christmas, just as there is money to be made on Halloween, and all kind of "made up" holidays.

    I buy a lot of Starbucks coffee and I think that each store tends to reflect the tastes of
    "Regulars", who are numbered in many at each store. I have a feeling I will see many Starbucks that have Christmas tress, lights, and so on. Like every other vendor, there will be an attachment to a secular theme, which is to make money. If popping up a Christmas tree and stringing up some lights makes people more cheerful and in the mood to spend money, you will see trees and lights.

  4. Personally I could give 2 shits what a starbucks coffee cup looks like. Why? I finds the best cup of coffee is the one I carry out the door with me every morning. And it isn't starbucks homebrew but freshly ground eight o'clock coffee made in a superb bunn coffee maker. Nothing fancy no k cups just great old fashioned coffee. You know I went to visit my brother not long ago and he offered a cup of coffee. Made it in a damn coffee maker that he gave 2000 dollars for. Nice but not one bit better then what I brew here. I wasn't impressed except by the stupidity of spending 2 grand on a coffee pot. If I have to get a cup while travelling or when I am out I vastly prefer dunkin donuts coffee over starbucks any day.

  5. "I am out I vastly prefer dunkin donuts coffee over starbucks any day."

    Throw back to those policing days Aye?..... :)

    1. ha ha ha ha you are fucking hilarious. TS I was a cop in such a small town and county that they never heard of dunkin donuts. maybe that's why I like homebrewed coffee the best. That's where we got most of our Cop coffee from home.

    2. Yeah, stereotypes are a beach... I saw where a judge ordered a cop to remove his personalized 'Oink' plate.. too inflammatory or some such reason. Their was a cop I knew in the small town where my parents retired... he had a ringtone on his phone of 'Sooey, Sooey. I fell out the first time I heard it. I learned all I know about cop habits from TV... mostly that discussion about Twinkies in Die Hard....

  6. Candace Bure made posted this comment on Instagram that I think is relevant. She got a lot of positive feedback from people who share this view but don't necessary share her religious beliefs....

    "Starbucks War on Christmas? It's a red cup, folks. Until Starbucks puts a baby Jesus or nativity scene on the cup while saying Merry Christmas, then pulls it because they say it’s offensive, let’s talk. I don't remember Starbucks ever being a Christian company, do you? A Santa, a snowflake, some holly, a polar bear, some jingle bells or plain red cup don’t define Christmas for me as a Christian. My relationship with Jesus does. So, I will joyfully sip on my Starbucks coffee, in a plain red cup, and instead of complaining about the lack of decorations, I will lovingly share the good news of Jesus Christ with friends and co-workers or anyone who's willing to engage in conversation. Merry Christmas to all! "

    ... of course many of the people who posted support for this point of view slammed her for her comments on 'The View' about christian owned bakery shops having to make cakes for gay weddings....

    1. Stewball never drunk coffee, he always drunk wine.,

    2. Stewball never drunk coffee, he always drunk wine.,

    3. I bet on that drunken nag......