Monday, November 2, 2015

Mass killings

Some quick statistics: The U.S., has 90 guns per 100 people, the highest rate in the world. World murder statistics (218 countries) showing the murder rate per 100,000 persons: No. 1, Honduras, No. 2, Venezuela, the U.S. is No. 111 with 4.7 murders. About half of the countries with the highest murder rates are countries with strict gun laws.

The most dangerous cities in the U.S. with the highest murder rates per 100,000: Detroit (54.6), New Orleans (53.2), Saint Louis (35.5), Baltimore (34.9), Newark (34.4), Oakland (31.8), Stockton (23.7), Kansas City (22.6), Cleveland (21.3), Memphis (20.2), Atlanta (19.0), Chicago (18.5). Most of these cities are run by “progressive” Democratic administrations. The lowest murder rates: Plano, Texas, “gun nut central” 0.4, Switzerland 0.6, Denmark, Spain and Germany 0.8, Australia 1.1. Statistics seem to show that Democrats shouldn’t own guns.

Richard LaMotte

Valencia, Calif.


  1. Ah, you gotta love these kinda posts that string together multiple unrelated facts to try and make some grand statement. This kind of shit sells like hot cakes to people who are never willing to question what they are being told. The US may have 90 guns per 100 people, but I'd like to see a source that shows that 90 in 100 PEOPLE own a gun. It seems to me that a relatively smaller group of people owns multiple guns. This statement, by itself, means nothing. But, then we have the classic trick of then coupling it with other facts that by themselves, also say next to nothing. Honduras and Venezuela have high murder rates and allegedly strict gun laws. Put these in a blender and hit start and allegedly, we have a conclusion that because the US has a lot of guns and loose gun laws, we have lower murder rates than countries with stricter gun laws.

    Second para is an interesting abstract of shit thrown against the wall to see what sticks. Cities with Democratic mayors have high murder rates, ergo, Democratic leadership causes high death rates. In contrast, Plano, Texas, with an entire population of less than 300k, has murder rate of 0.4. I looked at Plano on wiki and noted that their high school graduation rate was 94%, their student to teacher ratio is 14 to1, and in 08, they were ranked the wealthiest city in the US for populations greater than 250k. But, I'm sure those demographics have nothing to do with low violence and indeed, it is all because of guns. Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and Germany? No progressive politics in those places? You might wanna double check that one William.

  2. You will note that the city of Newark listed above as one of the murder capitals is located in New Jersey which promotes some of the strictest gun laws on the planet.

  3. Detroit ' s population has diminished from around 3 million people when it was known as America's Paris down to 700,000 today. Nice job democrats and unions and your strict gun laws.

    1. By that logic, the attacks of 9/11 highlight clearly that Republicans are idiots. Solid work William, solid work. Millions of jobs have been created since Obama became president, by your logic, this proves massive government spending actually does work. The reality of course, is nowhere near that clear. This is why bullshit partisanship is ruining the country

    2. "Millions of jobs have been created since Obama became president,,,,"

      Obama didn't build that.

    3. Alright then, we'll put this down as another post where you completely missed the point.

    4. Numbers can prove anythimg. The fact remains that every major city that is in trouble in this country is run by a progressive administration.

      The 2nd as king always rails against provides many levels of protection to law abiding citizens while protecting against tyranny on the most basic level.

      Please don't call me a republican.


    5. "Numbers can prove anything."

      Which is why I tend to get wary when they are selectively plucked from the gestalt. In the past year in medicine, I have learned a lot about numbers that show X treatment lowers X variable. What they don't tell you is lowering the X variable doesn't improve any meaningful outcome. They aren't lying, but they aren't telling you something important.

      So let's go with your logic again, what about that genius in Kansas, Sam Brownback, who cut taxes, promised a down pour of milk and honey, and promptly threw the state in a financial poop storm I'd say Brownback is hardly a progressive. His decisions on taxes caused an immediate and sharply negative impact on the state. Kinda disputes what you are saying here

    6. Don't worry Max. You are a young man. You will be paying the piper for the DC spendthrifts for a long long long long time my Vegas friend.

      Just keep voting left. Your payments will never cease.

    7. And my payments will cease if I just vote tea bag the rest of my life? The debt was rung up by multiple presidents from both parties and will not be paid in my life time, it honestly does not matter one bit who I vote for. In honesty, given how Republicans run things and their complete lack of any desire to actually pay down the debt, it will probably only be during Democrat administrations when I will actually pay money that goes toward reducing the debt.

  4. The 2nd as king always rails against provides many levels of protection to law abiding citizens while protecting against tyranny on the most basic level.

    There we have that word again. TYRANNY. William, it was good for the times even though the Federalists were opposed to the Bill of rights. The general distrust of the creation of a central government was a cause of concern for so many. I can understand that concern. Why have another government to replace the iniquities of the British lot by a home grown version. The Constitution to the Federalists was strong enough and the Bill of rights was opposed as much on philosophical as political grounds.

    The Federalists have long passed on William. The second, to my way of thinking has never been more than a stick with which to threaten the Government and has now become a cowards castle. From the battlements the residents chant the old battle cry "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" They do this to justify their indefensible position and the carnage continues.

    I do mot believe Gun Laws can change effectively without changing the second, therefore Americans must decide, which is the more important Gun Laws or Constitutional reform.

    Cheers from Aussie

    1. I wish you well king in your upcoming procedure, I really do. But, you are entirely wrong about the 2nd. It is fine to hear barkers from a small South Pacific outpost but your experience is based on your perspective formed on a much smaller demographic scale. We are a big wide open country with many vying factions. Your small town parochial views shouldn't be promoted to fix something that's not broken.

      We have a healthy distrust of charlatans. We grant them not one inch as they would grab a yard if they could disarm us.

      Cheers, and feel better my Aussie friend.