Friday, November 13, 2015


Multiple, apparently, coordinated attacks. Over 100 people killed. I just don't get it.

Also today, reports are out that we killed Jihadi John in a drone stroke.


  1. At the end of the day the vacuum that Obama - Clinton created may lead to more dead bodies than even Lincoln caused.

    Congratulations Barack on becoming our nation's leading promoter of death.

  2. "At the end of the day the vacuum that Obama - Clinton created may lead to more dead bodies than even Lincoln caused."

    Yeah, I think you already used that one on another thread. Here's a little Ronnie Reagan button. Now run along.

  3. The worst refugee crisis since WWII and you want to be cute. Leading from behind, perfected by Obama - Clinton, is leading to predictable results. Paris makes Benghazi look like a picnic.

    And our modern day Nero analyzes the NBA season while the JV kick ass and take names.

    And our own racial situation reverts back fifty years.

    And our own illegal immigration problem smolders.

    And our own agencies cover thousands of terrorist plots.

    And our democrat administrations lay to waste our largest cities.

    Fifty one weeks left.


    1. You throw this stupid talking point bullshit out there William as if it means something. It doesn't. At every juncture, you have the opinion that whatever Obama does is wrong, but never, and I mean literally never, have you ever even attempted to describe what the role of the US should be in the middle east. Obama did not create any vacuum. The vacuum was created when we invaded Iraq. If it were Rand Paul's choice, we would not be leading anything outside of our own borders. You dislike president Blackenstein and that's fair enough. But how bout you someday actually describe a solution instead of just throwing shit agains the wall? Is that too much to ask?

  4. Can we now spend another few million holding hearings on Paris so we can see if and how Hillary fucked that up. Maybe she said the word Paris in a couple of emails....I dunno

  5. I am hoping this tragic episode will solidify Europe's resolve to enter the war against ISIS seriously.

    1. I have to admit I would like to see the war against ISIS be from more than just the United States, that said, I can't help but wonder if the inclusion of more European nations becomes simply just another group of infidels attacking the Muslims. I'm not aiming this at you Mick, but your statement here makes me think about what I see as a bigger problem that there are no easy answers to.

      There is a large sentiment that says we should not use Muslim extremists to paint the entirety of Muslims, or even the religion of Islam. And I say that's fair enough. Still, while a group like ISIS might not physically be that big, and while ISIS may have a conflict with groups like AQ, the end result is the same in that the extremists believe they must kill every infidel around the globe. I believe there are indeed plenty of moderate Muslims who abhor the cult of death that radicals use to lead their children to a meaningless death. But I also believe there is resistance to take arms against someone they still consider closer to them than a non Muslim, especially when the non Muslim is bringing armed response to the doorstep of the extremists and inadvertently harming other Muslims along the way.

      There are many battles waging between sects in the middle east and ultimately, I don't believe any are particularly friendly to the United States, Israel, or any other none Muslim country. We will continue to attack them when we find them, and will likely continue to find and incinerate assholes like Jihadi John. But I"m not sure we are really changing anything. The extremists are preaching a lot of shit in the name in of their god, but ultimately, I still this as one giant power struggle. We can, have and will continue to keep inserting ourselves into the middle of conflicts between groups who all agree they don't like America or the Western World, but unless a moderate force within the Muslim world arises to combat extremism, I see no end to this no matter what non Muslim group or nation joins the battle.


    2. I agree that we must also have Muslim countries join the fight against the extremists just as the Saudis and and, to some extent, Iran have done. And this may never happen, as the Muslim sects have been fighting each other for a thousand years or so. Of course Donald Trump said the solution is easy and when he is elected President he will wipe out ISIS.

    3. Talk, talk, talk. You know the Europeans won't do anything. You know they won't set up concentration camps for the illegal arrivals. Now that the cat has been out of the bag for ages they will fawn discontent at the situation and next Friday night be back in their night clubs dancing their culture away.

      In the mean time Obama continues to isolate Isreal, negotiate with people who vow to wipe you from the face of earth, and pray the next 12 months go by quickly.

    4. Max
      I have to admit I would like to see the war against ISIS be from more than just the United States, unquote.

      Max Raise you eyes a little. Australian aircraft have been flying into Syria for some weeks delivering ordinance at pre selected ISIS targets. As always, if Uncle Sam is playing universal savior, Australia will be in there too. I believe France and UK are also flying strikes into Syria but not absolutely sure. The point I make Max,you are not alone and the occasional acknowledgement of the fact would do much for American Australian relations.

      Cheers from Aussie

    5. William why don't you quit looking up talking points and look up some real news. France has been flying sorties into the ISIL caliphate since early September. We announced last month that Coalition aircraft hit ISIL training camps and Raqqa the capital of the Caliphate. Guess if you can William which coalition country's aircraft did that. If you guessed France you are absolutely correct. Eye for an eye William. You attacked our capital we will attack yours. Do you know nothing about the Muslim mind.

      King I for one know that since WW2 wherever America goes, the UK, Canada and Australia are right there with us. I respect that and thank you.

      I told the guys at work last night that we are going to have to go all in with our allies and take the middle east eventually. We are going to have to take and hold and fuck the hearts and minds bullshit. I told them I can't go with you if they institute a draft because I am too old. (I would go Govt won't let me). I told them I would get a job somewhere helping to make the best equipment that America can make. Another great war is coming nearer. it's going to take that to end the bullshit. And no William it's not Obama's fault. You blame him for the pullout but what you obviously don't know is that time table had been agreed on by the Bush administration and al-Maliki's government in 2008. The only one who disagreed in Iraq's govt was the Kurdish president Jalal Talabani. I don't think anyone in our govt did.

    6. King,

      The US has had many allies since 9/11, and I personally am grateful for that. You are quite correct that in this country, there is not enough recognition for the other countries who have sacrificed on our behalf, we all owe your country and the other countries respect and acknowledgement. Portraying the US, however, as a unilateral agent was not and is not my intention. We are the great satan for many of these whack jobs, and while they make take out a grudge against our allies, the US remains their favorite whipping boy and purported monster that needs to be destroyed. Whatever we are doing from within this country is not working, and that is really my point.

      Rick, I hear what you are saying, but again, the thought comes to mind, suppose we take over the entire muslim lands of the middle east. Then what? This is sectarian violence within the muslim world. The countries that oppose ISIS, like Iran, hate us as much as ISIS does. No matter who we attack there, we are doing a favor to some other country that is not our friend. I'm not sure there is any solution that involves non muslims dictating terms to the rest.

    7. Max,
      Their is no solution to the strife in the middle east.

      The very best one could hope for is to contain the violence which is also impossible.

      Every country in the world that allows immigration from that area will have to deal with the potential extremists. What's the solution? Bar all people from the middle east from immigrating to countries that allow immigration? Not likely. So as they say, get use to it. Live with it.

      The terrorists have a completely different view of the value of life.
      The terrorists have a completely different view of innocent people.

  6. William
    Within 24 hours of the atrocity in Paris you have decided it was all Obamas fault with a little assistance from HRC.
    William, show just a little compassion to those people now unable to voice an opinion because they are dead. Not one word in your posts containing anything but bile directed at a Political party you dislike and probable do not even understand

    William, you need help; failing that, have someone fit you with a scolds bridle.(you may have to look this one up)

    Cheers from Aussie

    1. You will never admit that Obama is a weak coward. Obama-Clinton-Kerry have lost almost all of what Reagan-Thatcher-John Paul freed. Millions are or are in the verge of slavery and you speak of civil speech.

      To date we do not know where Obama was during Benghazi. Almost daily we see Christians beheaded, women raped as a rule, and our leaders conferencing about climate change.

      Yeah it's a f---ing vacuum. Obama ' s JV is calling the shots.

    2. What did Reagan accomplish over there other than getting a bunch of Marines killed? There is one sexual assault in this country just about every two minutes of every day, and we should be stopping it in the Muslim world?

    3. Reagan freed more people than any leader in the history of the world. Dispute that fact.

    4. King unfortunately as you spend countless hours droning on about taking guns away from honest citizens in a country you do not live in you neglect to see the hand in front of your own face. The one reason many good people of the middle east are dislocated is that they had no arms to defend themselves or their neighbors. Dictators do that, they disarm to control. Communists do that, they disarm to control. Utopians do that, they disarm to control.

      We have a first and a second for good reason king. The second protects us from having to spit the bit.

      Why don't you just follow. Living your whole life as a subject as made you used to it.

    5. Reagan didn't free anybody. The soviet Union actually finally disbanded completely and torn down the wall in 1991 while George Bush was president. Look William Reagan took a get tough stance against the Soviet Union. But he didn't do it himself. Every president from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan had to stand up to the Soviet Union and stay strong and stay the course or Reagan wouldn't have been able to do what he did. William do you even know why we went to Korea, Vietnam, supported Lech Walesa, did a massive airlift into Berlin, etc? or do you just collect talking points and expect that to win an argument.

    6. "Dictators do that, they disarm to control. Communists do that, they disarm to control. Utopians do that, they disarm to control."

      So when the Brits and French carved up the middle east for their liking, which one of these terms fit them? The Western world has ruled the middle east with an iron fist for a long, long time. If those people had weapons, which they do now in small part thanks to us, they would attack our interests, which is exactly what they are doing and which you, in contradictory fashion, seem to have a problem with.

    7. King unfortunately as you spend countless hours droning on about taking guns away from honest citizens …………………………Unquote. William, if this is your understanding of my posts then I am wasting my time. Your remarks are beyond my comprehension.

      Some time ago you described my nation as a small outpost. Perhaps you do not know that Australia is the thirteenth largest economy in the world and this with a population of just over thirty million. As for the Geographical description. Wrong again William. Australia is the sixth largest country in land mass and is similar in size to Continental United States.

      From the figures above, perhaps you can see where your writings and your opinions far outweigh the intellectual rigueur required for even elementary junior school debates. What worries me William is your constant exhortations for me to follow along, do you refer I wonder to the mythical Pied Piper of Hamlin?

      Cheers from Aussie

    8. Your views become tiresome. Your sound bite understanding of our culture reminds me of a comedy skit. Your insistence that sources such as the NY Times, and BBC are down the middle is a sad joke. Your repetitive insults are a waste of space.

      I could just care less that you think my disdain for your views on our leftest politicians are somehow sacrilegious.

      You just have no clue king. That's not an insult. It's just a fact.

    9. What's tiresome is your total lack of respect for the opinion of anyone that may disagree with you.

      A bit of a reminder:
      The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. See U.S. Const. amend. I. Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief. The Supreme Court interprets the extent of the protection afforded to these rights.

      You do believe in the constitution don't you?

      It not only applies to Americans but it applies to everyone who wishes to speak. The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without interference or constraint.

      Seems your interference is getting in the way of the 1st amendment.

    10. Lou you can write anything you want. King can write anything he wants. No one is preventing anyone from writing any f---ing thing they want as Max would write.

      But bull shit is at the end of the day bullshit and I don't need a subject from another country positing leftest idiology without challenge.

      You can consider his consistent leftest views all you want. I'll stand by our Bill of Rights.

    11. William it's the hate filled comments you spew. The gun laws work for Australia and I respect their laws and the success of their laws. Because it works there, it doesn't mean it would work here. A shame.

      King has a right to his views as you have a right to your view. The difference you try to drive people out of the conversation instead of respecting their opinion.

      I appreciate an opinion form another country it gives us a perspective on what the world thinks of the US. It doesn't mean we must change but it gives us an idea of how their laws work and how their government works.

      Stand by your constitution as you claim you do. The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without interference or constraint.

    12. Iou, I've heard his pap over and over again. I do not need to hear it one more time. I know his GD position. Nobody is shutting anyone down. No one is constraining anyone. If people in Australia want to live without the 2nd that's their business. Just stop trying to cram it down our GD throats ad nauseam.

      We heard you king..we know you consider us uncivilized yahoos.. we don't give a flying f---.


    14. Max Lou and William.

      This shall be my final Post which will be addressed to William. About two or three years ago I temporarily departed from the site because I could not stomach the continual bile from William. After some months I returned because I found the posts of the other members interesting and enlightening.

      I do not intend leaving on this occasion but I shall no longer recognise the contributions from William. I shall not respond after this post to anything William may say concerning myself or my country.

      I would like to thank Louman for his support and Max for his perspicacity with his post concerning Aripiprazole.For some time I had been wondering along these lines but I forbear for obvious reasons from commenting.

      So in conclusion, for one final time, the views I post here concerning US politics are mine alone. There is no Left or Right bias. I have no right to support or denigrate either party unless I do so equally. My personal view for domestic politics here is that I support the Right. I fully support the Alliances Australia has with the United States, always have always will. The Left here tend to pay lip service to the relationship and for that I feel nothing but contempt

      As for William. I have nothing further to say. I do however have some sympathy for a troubled soul.

      Cheers then from Aussie

    15. Make it easy on yourself. Arguments unanswered tend to weigh on the mind. These include nullification (no comments), succession (you don't think it's legal or allowed because it may in some way leave things at odds), sanctuary cities (foreign to your thoughts), debt ( oh well), or kicking the Queen in the ass ( go along and get along as a subject).

      We've had this conversation in the past. You have ridden your high horse off into the sunset while denigrating those with thoughts at odds with your thinking.

      Your brainwashing is complete. In your perspective you honestly believe you're not a leftest. Anything posited to dispute this perspective is called insane, immature, or argumentative. While in fact the views are held by a wide spectrum of our populous.

      Good night.


    17. And you believe your not an far right extremist.

      Even you have your delusions.

    18. I don't pretend that I'm a centrist.

    19. No your clearly an extremist.

    20. King,

      For what it's worth, if you walked down any street in America and asked them to name all the countries we are currently allied with in the war on terror, you would likely be met with a blank stare, and you would probably hear the sound of crickets as you waited to hear them explain the Bali bombing of 2002. The right in our country lacks nothing when it comes to not acknowledging allies, unless of course, we are talking about Israel.

      Australia IS a very solid ally of the US, regardless of whether at times the mission undertaken is of questionable intent, such as Iraq. If you feel the US left only pays lip service, that's fair enough I guess, but let's be honest that this is far from a left perspective in this country. Look at all the war mongers now on the Republican stage making stupid comments about "Leading from behind". They do not remotely see many of our allies as anything but non equal contributors, further, they want everyone in the world to know that it is the US who is the spear tip of everything. If you dissatisfied with lack of acknowledgment from the left for Australia's commitment, then I think you would be even more disappointed to see that this is quite an engrained phenomenon in American thinking at all political leanings.

    21. Lou you're clearly deranged. You've let the leftest propaganda seep into your brain.

      Standing up for our 2nd now indicates extremism to you. You justify the slaughter of hundreds of thousands to support a murderous unionist.

      If supporting our Bill of Rights makes me a radical in the face of sniping by foreigners then I'm a radical. A constitutional radical.


    22. Max
      Miscommunication I think. Please note I was referring to the AUSTRALIAN Left as paying lip service to our alliances. Mark Latham, a one time leader of the socialist opposition here once called the Government :"There they are, a conga line of suck holes on the conservative side of politics." when debating the Iraq search for WMD. Of course that was a fiasco and both US and Australia were misled by shonky intelligence. Hope this clears up the question.

  7. The purpose of the attacks was not to declare war on France, or even Europe. The extremists have already declared war on all Muslims who do not follow them. The purpose was to stir up anti-Muslim hatred on the continent, to stop the refugees whom ISIS wants to secure as their subjects. ISIS could care less about Europe, at least until the middle east in secured as the new Caliphate and all Muslims who disagree with them have been eliminated. Until Europe and her allies realize this, the new "war on terrorism" will fail just like the old one did.