Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ut Oh the results are in. We are last.

Overall health care ranking


  1. This study by the Commonwealth Fund

    which is based in Texas shows that American is dead last in overall healthcare of the 11 wealthy countries.


    And ya can't blame it on Obama as we were also dead last in the evaluation of the G7 in 2010. The figures for that study were collected in 2007,08,and 09.
    What do these countries that are besting us have in common?
    National Health care systems.

  3. We spend twice per capita then the French yet they are healthier.
    We spend almost 3 times per capita as Sweden and Australia, (shout out for King! Hey Buddy how are you) and they are healthier.
    We spend 33% more per capita then Switzerland but yep, they are healthier.

    Added note for lou, None of these four are in the top ten polluters of the world. Is this coincidence or correlation?

    1. Yes, countries that do not have a population of 60% overweight or obese people tend to be healthier and it has nothing to do with healthcare. Amazing only 30% of Americans have high blood pressure with the weight problems.

      Filling your FAT face with as much food as you can eat and the added grease factor, has it's price.

  4. My sister in law lives in London, #1 ranked UK. Recently had a thumb injury. After being told she would have to wait months for an appointment she went to the private market for treatment.

    Anything deemed serious, she fly's to New York.

    Move to the UK Rick.

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  6. maybe that's why it works William. Although it's bullshit. If your hypothetical sister in law, was hurt that bad they would see her immediately same as here. Probably not serious enough to warrant treatment. I know you guys like to run to the doc for every little scratch.

    1. Morning all
      Only two weeks ago I described our health care system. Not surprised that Australia rates well in the survey and I cannot understand why Williams relative would fly to New York for treatment of any ailment considered serious. I know the UK system quite well, more red tape than ours but the public hospital emergency system does see any and all patients 24 hours a day. Perhaps William refers to the need for specialist treatment following initial assessment. There can be delays in arranging appointments if the condition is considered non urgent.
      Now I omitted to mention in previous correspondence that we here in Aussie also have waiting lists for elective or non urgent surgery. A knee reconstruction, hip replacement or such like can involve a wait for several months once the decision to operate has been taken. All urgent cases are automatically placed on the top of the list as they arise. The foregoing explains the waiting period for non urgent cases. Remember, treatment is free other than the Medicare levy payable by everyone.

      Cheers from Aussie

    2. It would be nice if my sister in law didn't have to wait four months for an appointment for thumb surgery. It would be nice if she could use her hand to perform her occupation.

      She got the care in the private market. Paying her NSA fees didn't help.

    3. As King says you get your appointment based on seriousness and need. Obviously the thumb injury wasn't that urgent. Or maybe Brits get priority over expats, maybe King can enlighten us if that might be the case. King?..............

    4. Morning all
      Sorry to say I cannot help with the UK situation, perhaps the Scott would help us there as I believe he resides in UK.
      Here in Australia an American would I believe have no access (unless he had been accepted as a permanent resident). However, no one of whatever nationality would be refused treatment in an ER of a public hospital. At the ER you would receive pharmaceuticals for free. Private treatment would be available for a visitor here at reasonable rates and I understand (from enquiries I made yesterday that we have a reciprocal arrangement with your government). Australian medical authorities in addition to the treatment listed above, accept Medical insurance policies when presented by travelers.
      Whilst I am on the subject, I would advise that the immigration conditions have been tightened and an American is warmly welcomed as a visitor but permanent resident status is now becoming quite difficult. There is a quota of what we call business migrants so if you bring in a million dollars or so to start your own business a residence permit is often granted.

      When I came to Australia over 60 years ago, the country was taking as many migrants as she could get. My father bought my one way ticket for 10 pounds (20USdollars) and I was required to stay in the country for two years. Mental arithmetic indicates it has cost me about twenty cents a year to live in the best country in the world.

      Cheers from Aust

  7. My sister in law is a duel citizen.