Thursday, June 26, 2014

Easy Money

Christopher Keating is offering a $10,000 prize to anyone over 18 years of age who can prove that global warming is not occurring.  Here is your chance!


  1. People consider 10K chump change.

    If he were serious he would offer 1 million, 10 million.

    This is nothing but a headline.

  2. win the chump change prize and give it to charity Lou. You guys are so sure there is no global warning go for it.

    1. And you are so sure there is. They were also sure about the world being flat. Not to mention Earth being the center of the universe. That we were faced with global cooling in the 70's.

      Put your money where your mouth is and contribute a million to the cause of proving a theory.

      a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.

    2. Actually, a theory is a proposed explanation of a physical observation, and as such can never be proved. A theory can, however be disproved, as all physicists know.

  3. As per our previous topic is seems no one really knows. How can something be proved one way or the other when no one can define the basic data? And once "proved" how can the "proof" be checked?

    The problem at the end of the day becomes one of credibility. After decades of being lied to about everything from running out of oil to the meaning of what "is" is it is hard to believe anything coming from government.

    All sides are compliant in this universal deception. Basic facts like temperature data should not turn into "adjusted" mush simply at the whim of some agency agenda.

    Houston, we have a problem.

    1. You are being asked to disprove a theory, which is possible if said theory is demonstrated to be false in one or more cases to which it is supposed to apply. Like the aether theory of electromagnet wave propagation. You cannot prove a theory.

    2. "And once "proved" how can the "proof" be checked?"

      And yet, the entire Christian theocracy of the right has no qualms whatsoever preaching to all of us that we need to orient the laws of our nation according to the bible. No gay marriage, no birth control, no abortion and on and on. The only thing separating our SCOTUS from the Taliban or Government of Iran are long beards.

    3. God it really bothers you Max that property can be used to promote free speech.

      In the end the best ideas win out regardless of the money behind them. What are you so afraid of Max?

  4. Prove it lou an since 10 grand is chump change you can give it to charity. Problem is that as no one can definitively prove manmade global warming is occurring no one can definitively prove it isn't. The earth is warming. Is it natural or is man causing it? There is no definitive answer either way. We do not know very long term historical trends. We only speculate what they are.

    1. Unlike you Rick, I donate to charity every year. I unlike you believe charity should come from the individual not the government.

      Last year, I donated more than 10K. You?

    2. Hey angry old man how ya doing?
      @ William the problem at the end of the day is we don't know in the past, I mean really past like 50,000 years exactly what the temperature was. Are we undergoing a normal "warming" cycle of the earth because that is what the climate does? We have no data to know credible or not, only speculation. So is it normal or man made?

    3. Guess the answer is the same as Biden.

      What you and every other person ignores is people. The earth today has 7 billion people. Every year that increases. More people creates more pollution. Wouldn't it be wiser to address the population issue instead of a pollution issue? Most of the population increase and pollution increase comes from the 3rd world. Lowering emissions in the US, Europe is a plan with diminishing returns where your just delaying the inevitable.

      Can the earth support 10 billion people, 15 billion? Can you lower emissions enough to maintain status quo without cooperation from the 3rd world? I think not.

    4. Lou I give to charity and donate my time monthly to the food bank. But unlike people like you I don't have to brag about it. Difference of doing it from the heart compared to your doing it as a tax write off as you wind your way below 5%. Don't even claim it. And yes I can claim the mileage to and from the food bank but I choose not to. I do it to help those less fortunate then me not for monetary gain. Lou I used to be one of those less fortunate so I know how it feels to be on both ends of that spectrum. DO YOU?


      1. China
      2. USA
      3. India
      5. Japan
      6. Germany
      8. United Kingdom
      9. South Korea

      Which of that list is a third world country lou? The reason that third world countries could even be considered the highest polluters in aggregate is because there are more of them.
      1. Pulp and Paper Mills
      2. Logging industry
      3. Agriculture
      4. Mining industry
      5. Oil Industry.

      For shits and giggles America's top polluters
      1.American Electric Power
      2. Duke Energy
      3. The Southern Company
      4. US Government-- Tennessee Valley Authority
      Not surprising coal is really dirty.
      5. Berkshire Hathaway --- MidAmerican Energy
      6. Ameren Corp
      7. Luminant Generation
      8.First Energy Generation
      9. AES Corp
      10. Xcel Energy
      11. Dominion Resources
      12. NRG Corp
      13. Edison International
      14. ExxonMobil
      15. Calpine
      16.DTE Energy
      17.LG&E--KU Energy LLC
      18. Entergy
      19 BP America
      20. ConocoPhillips

    6. Not only the burning of coal but the waste Byproduct. Coal Ash. Big problem here in NC as Duke Power who has been in bed with NCDENR for years. Now they are having fits containing the shit and DENR has actually caught them pumping it into the Cape Fear River.

      Do you know what is in coal ash and for that matter the waste byproducts of Fracking? Hexavalent chromium. If you don't know what that can do to the human body in a pretty short term watch the movie Erin Brockovich. Not only will you learn something but you will get to see a very sexy Julia Roberts at her finest. And this stuff is leaking into the aquifers all across America.

  5. Why worry they will find a way to discredit you and not pay.
    I have found a few stories of Peer pressure to conform.The Following link is one.

    There are both sides to this issue in this article.

    After joining a controversial lobby group critical of climate change, meteorologist Lennart Bengtsson claims he was shunned by colleagues, leading him to quit. Some scientists complain pressure to conform to consensus opinion has become a serious hindrance in the field.
    Smearing researchers appears to becoming a tactic.

    More good stuff here,that is the above link.

    These are just two examples of many such stories which are out there if you look.