Saturday, February 27, 2016

Warren Buffett On America's Future


  1. I can conceptually agree that kids being born right now might indeed be a lucky bunch. Twenty odd years from now, we will have likely collapsed our working class standard of living to that of the third world crap holes that make what we consume now, and as such, we should be ready for an upward climb. Yeah, we have been extremely profitable, for a small slice of America. Someday, maybe when we guarantee to cover their loses with tax payer money, these allegedly elite money makers will invest in America. They sure ain't doing it now. yeah, I know, it's our regulations, yada yada yada

    In twenty years time, there is also likely going to be enough anger to finally bring some social changes like providing an affordable path to education, or universal health care. For those here right now, it's going to be at least another ten tough year until boomers start to retire and shrink the available labor pool.

  2. Our society is not perfect because no society is perfect, being the product of humans, who are inherently flawed. Having said that, I believe we are lucky to be Americans.