Thursday, February 11, 2016

Are You Short or Are You Taking It In The Shorts?

What do you think of this market?  How low will it go?  How come the press isn't blaming this on the president?


  1. Didn't you hear? Obama is a fucking economic genious.

  2. Global instability is shaking the market, together with the collapse of the oil futures. As of today, the markets are up. This volatility will likely continue until the Fed settles on interest rate hikes, and China settles it's currency crisis. It has nothing to do with Obama, who, despite what some think, has no control over world markets.

  3. The problem is we didn't go deep enough in debt to give more stimulus to democrat led cities to update water plants.

    Newark NJ has exactly 9 snow plows. Let's pony up and help these democrats.

    The debt limit was increased last December. We are now headed to 21 Trillion in debt. Where has all the fucking money gone?

    Zero sum economics has given us repeated lies about the unemployment rate (Both Trump AND Sanders are pointing this out). Repeated lies about our growth rate which trails Communist China by light years (Even thought their reports are also bogus).

    But we are opening up Cuba (While Porto Rico withers in massive debt), we make deals with Iran (Who does skits humiliating our service people), and are feckless dealing with ISIS and North Korea.

    Data Point: Sister in law who has lived in London for years and recently returned from Europe says Obama and his administration are a laughing stock.

    Seven plus years of wasted opportunity for the greatest country in the world. What a fucking shame it is for our young people to have to see their country in such a state.

    1. This is your problem in most arguments William yu believe some fucking bullshit that some radical right person has told you. Newark actually has 55 trucks and plows to service the city streets. see I knew your statement was false we have 9 snowplows here in Raleigh and it doesn't even snow. AND it is also a democratic run city.

  4. What do you think of this market? How low will it go?

    The aftermath of the Federal Reserve stimulus is upon us. QE1-3, Operation Spin 1/2, ZIRP forever.

    Can't provide so much stimulus without experience the aftermath as the market seeks to normalize itself via earnings reports. Not to mention the near recession status of the world.

    As to blame, I always find it interesting how the left claimed Obama was the hero for saving the market yet it's so quiet not the market is now a bit unstable. The reality is Obama had nothing to do with the market recovery nor anything to do with the instability.

    p.s. No one can determine how low it will go or for that matter how high as there are o many internal/external factors.

    Always remember, don't fight the Fed, you will never win at that game.

    1. "Always remember, don't fight the Fed, you will never win at that game."

      That is 100% accurate. To me, Obama did not save the markets, because not a single thing was done to address their utter lack of integrity. They let Lehman fail, and then realized that a lot of rich people got hurt by that. The FED, the Treasury and Obama did a lot of manipulation to keep the whole system from collapsing, and that's good as far as it goes. However, no one was held accountable and no mechanisms were left in place to address future risk and leverage.