Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pretty neat website

Take the quiz and study the answers. Some will be very surprised where America stands especially  our conservative friends.
I took the quiz,

I side with Bernie Sanders on most 2016 Presidential Election issues


  1. Bernie 93% at the top, and Jill Stein 89% next. Hillary was next at 79% and the numbers started dropping quick from there. Interesting that I also wound up agree with Christie on crime. Rubio, Kasich and Christie were at the 25% or less cut off line for me. It is a pretty interesting site. Thanks Rick.

  2. John Kaisich was my guy. Oh well....being in Florida and being a registered independent, I can't vote in the primaries.

    1. I've kinda liked Kasich. Not so much because I agree with what he states are his positions, but more because I think he gets that there is a bigger picture and he would probably govern centrist. Any Republican to me that pulls that party toward center is good by me.

      Was talking to my Republican colleague at work today, he's strong Mormon and conservative and we both agreed there should be at least 3 if not 4 parties for how fractured this system is. Both parties, to me, have found a way to wed different voting demo's together who really are not true partners. The intraparty bitterness isn't really helping anyone and is kind of forcing one or more factions to eat the cheese while some other group rams it down their throat.