Saturday, February 20, 2016

Caucusing Sucks

So, I did my duty today and went and caucused for Bernie Sanders. It was a really unpleasant experience. We got to the caucus site at about 10:30 AM.

We seemed to get their just in time because by the time we got past the first set of doors to line up for registration check, the line behind us had really grown. I'm not sure if this is the norm or not, but they condensed at least 5 precincts to this one site. There were signs pointing to registration, but there really wasn't anybody around saying what the different lines were for. Turns out they had TWO people to check in all existing voters. Then they had another table that was just for people registering that day, who were allowed to bypass the Charlie Foxtrot that everyone else stood in. Here is a shot of line after we got through registration, on the other side of that wall was a very, very long line and we were later told that people got turned away.

So we first got sent to a small room that ultimately was too small for our group. After getting there at 10:30, it took about 45 minutes to get through the registration and we sat in this room for probably half an hour before they decided to move us a bigger room. Here's the first room, that's me.

Finally, we got in our caucus room and waited for a long time. There weren't many undecideds, but the precinct captains did not really do a solid job and stamping out discussion prior to the vote. The snipping between both groups of supporters was pretty unpleasant, one woman for Hillary was particularly attacking. Ultimately, there were 102 people in the room, and the split went 54-48 in Hillary's favor. So, out of 15 Delegates, she gets 8 Bernie got 7. Good enough for me. I was glad I went I guess, but I think this process is bullshit. They were way understaffed, the back and forth was not helpful, and everybody was a little angry and hungry by the end of it cause it went until 1:30. Here is a shot from the final room with my wife hiding behind my shoulder.

Ironically, Hillary supporters to me sounded kinda like Republicans, IE don't want taxes going up, don't want to pay for alleged "free shit" and so on, but they damn sure want to make sure they get theirs. I hope Nevada becomes a primary state, I'm not sure I would do this again.


  1. To bad what potentially could be a very stimulating system turns into a bummer. Sorry your boy didn't win but if you told anyone six months ago that socialist Bernie would take 48% of the vote here, well,,, they would have asked you what you were smoking?

    It was also reported that the numbers we substantially down from the Obama years. A major problem for HRC. Some of Bernie ' s crowd were also quite boisterous when it came to watching HRC'S victory speech.

    Both parties are experiencing splits which will ultately lead to growth. With Jeb finally going down after spending 80M and pulling out GWB and mom Barb it doesn't bode well for the old guard.

    Sorry your experience wasn't better Mike. But I do like the Hawks jersey.

  2. thanks William, I wish I could have gotten a fuller picture, I was actually wearing a jersey of the now defunct Las Vegas Wranglers, and ECHL team that was still pro, but two levels down from NHL. Here is a link to the jersey I was wearing . I did have a red Blackhawks Stanley Cup T-Shirt underneath and someone noticed that, which was kinda funny.

    Bernie has hit on something, and after that experience, I feel like the Democrats are becoming just as divided. I think at one time, the idea probably was to have people gather like in a pep rally and rib each other with some good natured jabs. People were angry though. I believe Bernie is going to keep this close for a long time, and at this point, that's all I can hope for. If they have more people to manage this event next time around, it might go a little better.

    Bernie and Trump are exceeding all expectations.

  3. I would hope that no one was actually turned away regardless of turnout. I had read that were expecting a Charlie foxtrot in Nevada if the turnout was large because they are relatively new to the caucus system. I think they just started it in 2008 and didn't have to have a dem caucus last go 'round.

  4. ....But I thought you would be taller..........

    1. lol. Im actually 6 foot even. In the first picture I'm standing behind a riser and had to raise the camera up a bit to get the people in. But yeah, if that's true, I'm extremely disappointed that people got turned away. A friend of mine at work who is a Republican caucused last time around and said it was basically the same CF. I sent a tirade to Harry Reid and to the state Democratic party to let them know how jacked this process was. When the process was dragging on, one woman from the Hillary side of the room flippantly said, "This is how Harry Reid wanted it to go", and I included that in both letters. I feel like the Hillary people were a little dishonest as they were "working" the undecideds before the vote started. I'll admit, I think they were already leaning that way, but I don't think what the precinct captains were doing was fully above board. It's off the bucket list.