Monday, February 1, 2016

Congrats William

Ted pulls it off after getting slapped around by Trump. He becomes the first one to still be standing after Trump turned his idiot beam on him. And it was kind of interesting to see Rubio leapfrog all the rest. As of this writing, Bernie is speaking truth to a rabid crowd of followers. 6% left to count and basically a statistical tie. I changed my registration last week from independent to Democrat so I can go caucus for Bernie. Looking forward to it.

Cruz is not remotely my choice, but congrats William, Trump competed for Iowa and lost.


  1. Congrats to Bernie also. Basically a statistical dead heat and I heard they had to flip a coin to decide some of the dem precincts. The image that struck me last evening was of Billy propped up as Hillary gave her speech. The boy is not well.

    When Hillary gets wound up she sort of reminds me of Mussilini giving his famous rants. She must have wet her pantsuit watching the results come in.

    Rubio almost surpassed Trump which would have really been surprising. Both Rubio and Cruz displayed a ton of energy. Why wouldn't they with the rush they both must have been feeling.

    I was happy with Carson ' s 9 or 10% and am proud of him. After Obama he is an important American historical figure. Previously I mentioned Gilder and The Israel Test. Carson is one of the few innovative minds that Gilder speaks of.

    All in all an interesting set of circumstances. Lot's of establishment head scratching going on on both sides of the isle.

    On to NH!

    1. Yeah, I kinda thought Bill was looking a bit run dow myself. From what they said last night, Hillary won something like three coin tosses, which kinda figures. I'm biased, but i really thought the most excited people were at Sander's rally. For while it lasts, the excitement is kinda cool.

    2. Bill needs to put on a few pounds. As a fellow heart patient I think he has lost too much. He needs to scarf up a few big macs.
      Just think 8 months ago most Americans didn't know who Bernie sanders was and now he almost defeated the machine in the democratic party. He will win New Hampshire. Being from Vermont he is nearly a favorite son there. it will be interesting to see how his message plays in the south. Have fun Mike at the caucuses. I wish NC was a caucas state. It seems like a very personal way to cast your opinion on the candidates instead of an anonymous lever pull.

    3. It was reported this morning that she won six coin tosses. I didn't hear how many there were in total.

    4. Thanks Rick, I'm really looking forward to it. I hadn't heard that William, but it wouldn't surprise me. The process there seems kinda sloppy and despite basically splitting, Hillary walks away with more than Bernie did. Kudos to Bernie for not contesting this, I doubt Hillary would have been so gracious.

  2. Your boy Cruz did well, William. Trump's "a loser", lol. The real story coming out of Iowa on the Pub side, however, seems to be Rubio - he only finished a point behind The Donald. He's the guy everyone's talking about. Winning Iowa hasn't meant much for the Pub candidates over the last couple of cycles. I imagine that momentum that Rubio built will serve him real well in NH, particularly with the establishment donor class.

    This could be fun ...

    1. Right now no candidate on either side wants to touch "the establishment" third rail. It will be interesting when the old guard begins to fade away and place their chips with the barbarians at the gate. We all know major deals will have to be cut in back rooms. March 1st and super Tuesday is right around the corner.

  3. We Americans have much to be proud of.

    One party giving us 2 old white people who try and out do each other in proposing more free stuff with no way to pay for it as we zoom by 19 trillion in debt without a thought.

    The other party who sports a big mouth, a few dissidents and a host of other wannabe players who will be sure to continue business as usual.

    Neither party offers the best and the brightest.

    Congratulations America as you stoop to a new low. There are hundreds of men and women out there that could run this country better than any of the laughable candidates. Yet we continue to allow wealth and politics to dominate. The it's my turn doctrine, the likability factor, the free factor, the outsider joke. Whichever one wins, we are get exactly what we deserve.

    1. I suggest that Dr. Carson is among the best and the brightest. To you point, we all see how he is making out with this poorly educated electorate.

      They were doing interviews of many young people at a Sanders rally Monday evening and asking them their definition of Socialism. I can't even repeat the responses without falling down laughing. It's a shame that our college educated class measures up to what we used to consider HS, and in some cases a Middle School knowledge base.

    2. He is incredibly bright but hardly equipped to government this country. Perhaps on equal with Obama when elected.

    3. I think many could perform in this role. Number one for me would be honesty. There are thousands who could do a fine job. I personally know many fine people who could face the challenges. None of which you have heard of. It doesn't take a superman or superwoman.

      Please name three people you would suggest would be highly qualified and bright not currently on anyone's radar screen.

  4. Bill Clinton did many things which are considered admirable, even presidential; but his behavior towards women, chronicled over and over for decades, shows he was and continues to be a a pig. yet people voted for him over overwhelmingly.

    Nixon may have improved the geopolitical landscape yet he was a petty, vindictive man. He won in a landslide.

    Kennedy, we now know, was, among other things, essentially a prep-school advantaged pimp (Marion “Mimi” Beardsley comes to mind). To this day, he is revered.

    What more can be said about Bush 2 who also won a second election?

    And here we are again with the zealots of both parties cheering for there flawed candidates. And so it goes, it all “goes to character” and, as we all know, when it comes to a presidential candidate, character is everything. Seemingly lacking in this wonderful cast from Saturday night live because they are certainly not the best and the brightest.

    1. About 25% of those who bothered to vote on Monday voted for a renowned Socialist. Another 25% voted for an admitted Progressive.

      Doesn't this validate Romney's 47% comment?

    2. p.s. It's not about Romney is it.

      And here we are again with the zealots of both parties cheering for there flawed candidates. And so it goes, it all “goes to character” and, as we all know, when it comes to a presidential candidate, character is everything or nothing. Seemingly lacking in this wonderful cast from Saturday night live because they are certainly not the best and the brightest.

    3. Just a gentle ball bust here William, the Iowa crowd also voted for Cruz, and regardless of how people want to label him, it's not like Iowa has been strong at picking winning Republican presidents.

      Ben Carson does appear to be a brilliant man and accomplished surgeon, but that is far from a guarantee he will be a good leader. I've said this before, but I feel the same, I don't think many people become good leaders unless they have some flaws that have taught them painful lessons. Some of the best leaders in history have been flawed individuals. If we are looking to simply find a person who looks good in the role or fits a checklist of boxes that may or may not be important, we are not going to get the best candidates.

      I disagree that in the entirety of the field of both parties, there are not candidates who could do the job. I believe Both Hillary and Bernie could do the job. I also believe Jeb! could, Kasich could, and shockingly, even Trump. We aren't really choosing though based on who we think will do the best job. Too many people seem to think, "He's a genius, he will totally be a great POTUS". "He's the most honest guy I ever met, we need someone like that to clean up Washington", or this one which is my favorite to cynically dismiss, "He's a business man, he'll be able to fix our fiscal problems"

      To the 47% William, the bigger point is this, Romney was basically saying, "These people won't benefit from what I think is important, so I"m not even going to bother considering what might be important to them because obviously they have no value to the country if they don't agree with me."

    4. "These people won't benefit from what I think is important, so I"m not even going to bother considering what might be important to them because obviously they have no value to the country if they don't agree with me."

      Obviously your interpretation.

      Yes Max they could all do the job. And so it goes, it all “goes to character” and, as we all know, when it comes to a presidential candidate, character is everything. Seemingly lacking in this wonderful cast from Saturday night live because they are certainly not the best and the brightest.

    5. In fairness Lou, here is Romney's full comment
      "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what… These are people who pay no income tax..."[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

      I made my own interpretation, and Romney made his own interpretation that 47% of the country who doesn't regularly vote Republican wants the government to take care of them so they don't have to take and responsibility. The reality Lou is that we all view the world through whatever lens we want to, and few are willing to change their mind even when presented with compelling evidence. I can admit that for me, but I can also be willing to admit, as I have a bunch of times, that I haven't fully supported some blustering assertion with solid evidence.

      From Romney's business point of view, he was just making a matter of fact statement. He assumed the other guy had X support, he had X support and that to win, what he needed to do was grab a piece of the middle. I think this is far from the worst thing anyone has ever said, but it's not leadership. A person in a leadership position who cannot show an ounce of empathy for people who disagree with him is not going to be a good leader. And I totally believe the Democrats are just as guilty of this. Romney said many things that can only be described as "afluenza" Hardly makes him a bad guy.

    6. When your 19 trillion in debt, is this leadership?

      Bernie Sanders is making major hay in the race to be the Democratic nominee for President, gaining ground on favorite Hillary Clinton and, at the very least, shifting the debate within the party towards the political left.

      He got some unwanted press this morning, though, in the form of an in-depth article in the Wall Street Journal estimating just how much some of his proposed social programs may cost. The article’s math says that Sanders’ new programs would cost $18 trillion in taxpayer money over ten years, which would increase federal spending by around a third. That includes an estimated $15 trillion in healthcare costs, $1.2 trillion in social security, and $319 billion in paid leave funds.

      Is this leadership?
      WINTERSET, Iowa — Hillary Clinton said she is confident none of the emails she sent or received using her private email server while secretary of state contained information that was classified when she sent them.

      Read more:

      Intelligence officials reviewing emails on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private computer server have found information they consider to be of a higher level of classification than “top secret,” according to a letter sent to lawmakers last week by the intelligence agencies’ inspector general.

      Of course they were not classified as it was her server with no software to classify emails.

      The letter, dated last Thursday, says that some of the information in Mrs. Clinton’s emails has been determined to be “top secret/SAP.” That designation is usually given to information about “special access programs” — often intelligence-gathering programs and other secret programs run by the Pentagon and the C.I.A. — that are among the government’s most closely guarded secrets.

      As a side note, people collecting welfare, ACA subsidies, any freebie will always vote for the candidate that promises more. Want free vote for me, won the last election and will dominate the next election as Hillary/Bernie try to outdo each other promising more. Free college, help on college debt, free medicare for all, etc.

    7. yeah, I know, this country will never have a leader until our debt is gone and every last illegal Mexican, because unless someone is perfect on every little checkbox, they are not a leader. I'll stop, I'm genuinely not trying to piss you off, you seem pretty well teed up their already. Have a good day

    8. A leader exacerbates and ignores the problem. When do you address the problem after the train runs you over?

      You misunderstand, the Republicons are on equal footing with the Trumpster whining about the Iowa vote after refusing to participate in a debate, another example of leadership at it's finest.

      The race if firming up nicely where America is faced with the ultimate choice. The left will always pull the blue handle, the right the red handle and the rest will hold our noses and determine which candidate smells the least.