Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rest in Peace Robert LaVoy Finicum, FREEDOM FIGHTER


  1. His hands were up.

    They shot him down like a dog.


  2. Military style ambush. Shot in the back of the head. Congrats Oregon for squashing a ranchers life.

    Ranchers lives matter.

  3. Genuine question, was there an autopsy report released somewhere?

  4. By Laura Gunderson | The Oregonian/OregonLive 
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    on February 02, 2016 at 3:14 PM, updated February 23, 2016 at 11:26 AM



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    The family of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum issued a second, stronger statement calling the shooting death of the refuge occupier unjustified and accusing the FBI and Oregon State Police of a cover-up.

    The family, who released the second statement Tuesday through its lawyer, drew its conclusions based on further viewing of the video released by the FBI last week and accounts of the shooting from Shawna Cox, a passenger in Finicum's truck who was released last week.

    Based on the video and two eyewitness accounts, the statement said, "what we believe the video shows is that LaVoy was being fired upon before he even got out of the truck."

    The family members said they believed Finicum left his white truck to draw fire away from the other three occupants, which included an 18-year-old girl. The FBI has been unwilling to release details of exactly how many times and where Finicum was shot.

    "We believe he had already been shot before he ever lowered his hands," the statement continued. "We believe some of his hand movements were a natural reflex to being shot."

    The family commissioned its own autopsy on Finicum that was completed over the weekend, according to a family member. The family hasn't released details from that autopsy.

    "We believe he had already been shot before he ever lowered his hands." -- statement from Robert "LaVoy" Finicum's family

    The family contends that the FBI released a grainy, edited video without audio in an attempt to "sway public opinion from the outset."

    Finicum's family called on the FBI to release all audio recordings from the shooting, including what Cox had recorded on her phone. They also requested all unedited video taken by drones, body cameras and dash cameras as well as close-up images of Finicum's truck after the shooting.

    The Deschutes County Sheriff's Officeannounced Tuesday that an investigation into the shooting won't be released for another four to six weeks.

    -- Laura Gunderson


  5. Thanks. I can see why the FBI would not want to say how many times they shot him, but I kinda wonder why the family didn't release that information either. Not saying there isn't something worth looking into and because I genuinely do believe all lives matter, I hope they bring charges if the shooting is unjustified.

  6. The same reporter did a time line you can google it. Disturbing. This police action had a military style feel to it. Drones, multiple vehicles, scores of officers.

    This was a protest being held in the middle of nowhere, by a bunch of nobodies, in the dead of winter. Why the hell didn't they just set a perimeter and stave them out? We're doing a better job killing our own people domestically than we are fighting our undeclared wars.

    1. Careful William, you are starting to sound like me because I agree with this 100%.

    2. Finicum to me is equal to the girl that was shot down at Kent State. The leftest media is much better at creating icons.

    3. What's more important to you William, martyr status for Finicum or doing something about the military style engagement we are seeing from law enforcement across the country? I'm not going to debate or troll you about Finicums beef here. The Feds to me fucked this up from day one when they allowed this to become a media circus and allowed Bundy's band to stomp around that town and stir up the shit they did. I agree whole heartedly they should have put up a perimeter and told them you ain't going anywhere until you are ready to give up.

      You know what you feel deep down better than I do William, but I have come to believe that many in the far right could not have cared less when the paramilitary pulled into Ferguson. Finicum has gotten his martyr status in his community, which is exactly what I think he wanted. If that's the most important thing to his supporters, don't be surprised when it happens again.