Tuesday, February 23, 2016

News Of The Day

Donald Trump told the crowd at his rally that he would like to punch a heckler in the face. He was laughing as he said it and the crowd laughed along with him, it was obviously a joke. But, it was the number one political item in today's news. So, what chance do the other candidates have to make the news, when Trump dominates every channel with a dumb joke? I will answer my question. They have none.


  1. So I surmise Mick that you're voting for HRC. Pending her indictment of course.

    Interesting how the FBI turns to Apple for misdirection despite the reports that they have over 100 agents investigating HRC unprotected highly classified emails.

    Nothing up my sleeve.

  2. I would have voted for Kaisich if he were nominated. Right now it appears that Trump has the GOP nomination sewed up. As evidence you need only look at what Cruz and Rubio are doing following their Nevada trouncing, attacking each other, with not a word about Trump. By branding Cruz as a liar, Rubio has effectively helped Trump win. Why don't Rubio and Cruz attack Trump? Very strange.