Tuesday, December 1, 2015

When will Hillary come clean?

The select committee was also the first to requestcopies of Stevens' emails in June of this year, undermining criticism that the probe is simply duplicating the efforts of previous congressional investigations.

More than one month after a high-profile hearing with Clinton, the select committee is quietlycontinuing its work with a series of private interviews involving unidentified officials.

Lawmakers conducted at least four such closed-door, transcribed interviews in November.

While Democrats on and off the panel have called for the Benghazi committee to disband amid controversy over what they perceive as a partisan agenda, the State Department still has not given investigators all requested documents.


  1. Replies
    1. The coverup ended when McCarthy made it clear on Fox news what this is all about.

    2. Speaking of coverups, Rahm just fired the police superintendent in Chicago. Now THERE is a coverup story full of abuse. Hmm, I wonder why you might not be very interested in it..............

    3. Pretty funny the fall guy get it again and Chicago politics continue on.

      Look for a nasty lawsuit on this one. Hope the Chicago taxpayers who will pay the settlement will be happy with the amount sure to be in the 7 figures.

    4. McCarthy is part of the establishment that is used to cover ups. He is now marginalized. Facts are difficult historical bedfellows. Hillary is 11 months away from beginning her marginalized role.

      I can't wait to throw her a retirement party.

    5. McCarthy is part of the establishment that is tired of the partisan bullshit.