Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A farewell from John, Kingston.

Sorry to say this is goodbye. Further checks reveal large inoperable cancer with many secondaries. Would be greatful if you could pass my best wishes to the membership. I have fought with them all and remain friends with most. Cheers mate.


  1. That is horrible news. As individuals of his generation continue to pass, the world continues to lose much needed wisdom. I greatly appreciated reading what John had to say and sincerely hope that he can find peace and will be well cared for in his final days. He will be missed.

  2. Irreplaceable. Ellen and I will pray for John.

  3. John's wit, knowledge, humor, arrogance (in a good way), perspective, and his genuine intellectual curiosity are a big part of why I keep checking in on this site. His contribution here often carried/spurred the discussion.

    King, if you read this, thank you. I've enjoyed knowing you the little bit I did thru this blog and always appreciated your posts. You truly are a scholar and a gentleman. Know that you have my respect. You have posted many stories about your life and your experiences during your time here on this mortal coil. I can only aspire to live as richly and fully as you have.

    I wish you much love as you prepare for your journey. I will raise a glass in your honor. XOXO

    Cheers from The States,


  4. It was interesting to see a foreigner who was that interested in how our country works. John wanted to know the fine intricacies of our history and how our government worked. I will miss him.

  5. A truly sad announcement. I hope John Kingston that you can count me as friend. Political disagreements aside, you, as pfunky (‘Jan’… as I now have a name to put with the shades) said, have spurred and guided many a conversation. You have forced me to better know some of the characters of my own country’s history. You have caused me to revisit and more clearly understand myself and my beliefs. You more than anyone else has kept me interested in this forum. Your presence here will be missed. Thank you for letting me know some of who you are. The prayers of Julie and I are with you.

    With much Respect

  6. A true scholar and a gentleman, you will be sorely missed.

  7. All,

    I did forward your comments to John.

    Thought you would all want to know.