Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Create Your Own Super PAC

A Florida man named Josue Larose has had more PACs and super PACs shut down than most Americans will ever create. Apparently living the dream of being the bane of the Florida and Federal Election Commissions' existence, Larose has filed paperwork to create more than 350 political groups this month alone.
Some of his registered organizational names include the United States Billionaires Super PAC, the United States Department of Homeland Security Employees Super PAC, and the American National Professional Racquetball League. Larose is also in violation of some 2,052 counts of election law, generally pertaining to reporting false information on his various filings.
While the election commissions can shut down Larose's inactive PACs, there is little the agencies can do to stop him from creating more. "Any waste of resources is a problem," said former Federal Election Commission general counsel Larry Noble, "But he does have a right to do this." Bonnie Kristian

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