Saturday, December 12, 2015

UT oh Starbucks

Today was the day for my wife and I to get the majority of our Christmas shopping done. Got to get the stuff wrapped and sent to Texas where the kids are. We started our day by getting the world's best Dunkin Donuts coffee. Guess what the cups were definitely Christmas. There were sprigs of pine on them and the word JOY. The Dunkin Donuts logo was also red and green. Now being an atheist one might think that would upset me. Well guess again I was after the goodness in the cup. I could care less what the cup looked like, what color it was or what pictures were on it. White red green or shit brown (Starbucks usual color) Coffee is coffee as long as I don't have to carry it out in my bare hands I'm good.  I think Starbucks will survive this cup coup also.

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