Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thoughts about Trump and Hillary

I am not a Hillary Clinton fan and the only way to guarantee she gets my vote in the general will be if Trump is the Republican candidate. I don't think she is the best the Democrats have to offer, and I don't think she will have the ability to escape the baggage of her husband, or the ridiculous and petty Benghazi hearings. Deep down, I really don't think Clinton is all that different from anyone else in Washington, certainly no different than the people persecuting her. If we really wanted honesty, neither Clinton nor Trump would be leading their respective races. In today's political scene, EVERYTHING is personal. At one time perhaps we might have said, "It's just politics", but that's no longer the case.

Objectively, I think Clinton can do the job, I just don't like her politics. Trump can probably do the job as well because unlike the people he is running against, Trump knows something about getting his way and has no shame whatsoever when it comes to getting what he wants. Would either of them present the best that America has to offer? Nope. But both would operate on what has become an ingrained American trait, which is that winning is everything, no matter what you have to do get there. The American public is very unhappy, and ironically, for a multitude of seemingly disconnected reasons that are very bipolar. Pretty much everybody is unhappy about something, and day after day, more and more people seem to be believing that their unhappiness is being caused by someone taking advantage of them. We are becoming ripe to produce a true dictator and it really won't matter all that much which party they come from. Maybe not this election, but we are headed in that direction.


  1. Besides the pointless Benghazi hearings that continue ad nauseam the republicans have spent to date about 50 million dollars of taxpayers money trying to pin something....anything on Hillary and Bill Clinton and to date they have found out what? That he got a blow job and denied it. That is the sorry state of our country and the republican party. Hold you nose and vote for her as the best of two bad choices regardless of who wins the repub nomination.

    1. I'd almost rather not vote for her and hope that if she doesn't win, Elizabeth Warren will start to rise. Still, I'm less concerned about the actual candidates at the moment then I am about what makes them possible. We are becoming an increasingly paranoid and bitter nation and both parties are becoming particularly ungraceful when they lose. My biggest hope at the moment is that the next generation or two that comes up for power will have less of a winner take all attitude.

    2. Neither should even be running and would not be considered as candidates in the past. But this is today where moderation is out lies are acceptable, integrity out the window and nobody cares what they say or do.