Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"We have a mew-latto President"

That quote came from an armed Oath Keeper in Ferguson who was claiming that African Americans need an articulate voice to express their concerns. What a fucking idiot. When I see people carrying guns and wearing bullet proof vests, the resounding message that always seems to come through is that the person carrying the weapon is intending to intimidate.......someone. Whether it is to intimidate assumed bad people or to intimidate an allegedly threatening government who is out to take away our freedom. If I was being attacked in my home, I can see how having a weapon might save me, provided I had enough time to get to it and use it. If I'm openly carrying a weapon on the street, I think I'm simply alerting a perspective bad person that I need to be taken out first and by surprise. it's kind of like saying, "yeah, I'm a target and I dare you to attack me so I can kill you".

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