Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Poll: Trump vs Clinton

A new poll out Wednesday found that real-estate mogul Donald Trump is only 6 points behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a theoretical general-election matchup.

According to the CNN/ORC survey, the Democratic front-runner leads Trump just 51% to 45% among registered voters.

If the poll is accurate, it represents a sharp improvement for Trump. Though Trump has surged to the front of the GOP field, polls have previously found him lagging in general-election matchups.
A CNN/ORC survey in June, for example, found that Clinton would crush Trump 59% to 34% — by 25 points — in the hypothetical matchup.


  1. I wonder if Trump figured out in the past week that he can say anything he wants and not suffer any heat from the base. Unlike the rest, he can already start to tack out a few centrist things and start to increase the area of the Venn Diagram he shares with Hillary. I thought it was flat out hysterical that as the kids got off the Trump chopper, they were carrying Trump campaign signs. It's even getting to be funnier watching how bitter the rest of the Candidates are because they can't get an ounce of coverage where they are smiling and having a good time. Trump, on the other hand, is having a ball.

  2. Trump appears to be the Teflon candidate. He says he favors social security, not a peep. He says that single payer medical care works well in Canada, not a peep. I believe he will stick this campaign out, he isn't a quitter.

    1. Arguably, I believe there is only a certain segment within this country who are bitterly opposed to both of those things. We have admittedly accepted some level of socialism in this country. Seniors don't want SS or Medicare ended. What I think is going to happen next will be the wave of ads who claim that he was a Democrat longer than a Republican, and that he wants to kill America by raising taxes on the wealthy. He has a lot of Reagan stuff to throw back. he is still a buffoon to me, but the longer he does this, the more I think he is starting to want it and I agree with you, he is not going to go quietly when he has plenty of money and enough Hutzpah to say shit that the other robots simply cannot say. It's getting a little interesting to say the least.