Sunday, August 30, 2015

Iowa Voters Are "Mad As Hell"

The latest poll from Bloomberg shows wide spread discontent among Iowa Caucas voters.

There aren't a lot of happy feelings in America's heartland as Republican and Democratic presidential candidates campaign in Iowa ahead of the state's lead-off caucuses.

Activists planning to attend the Feb. 1 precinct meetings, the first balloting of the 2016 nomination season, are a fairly grumpy bunch, the latest Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows.

Just 1 percent of Republicans and 4 percent of Democrats declare themselves to be "happy" with the U.S. government, while just 2 percent in each party will say that of Wall Street.
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What's making them mad?
For Republicans, the top items tested that elicited a "mad as hell" response were Hillary Clinton (58 percent), Barack Obama (57 percent), Democrats in Congress (48 percent), the Internal Revenue Service (43 percent) and the amount of money in politics (40 percent).

For Democrats, the top "mad as hell" items tested are the amount of money in politics (61 percent), Republicans in Congress (44 percent), Donald Trump (39 percent), Wall Street (26 percent) and politicians in general (22 percent).


  1. The more I think about it, Trump could indeed be our next president.
    The RNC and for that matter the DNC took notes from the last Republican primary. Ron Paul gained a lot of momentum early and in some cases, except for clear violation of RNC rules, he actually controlled some state party primaries. The RNC frantically changed their rules so no one could ‘hijack’ THEIR primaries ever again. No doubt the DNC made some subtle changes as well.

    The likes of O’Malley and Sanders are the same kinds of upstart as Paul. The DNC is working tirelessly to control the message in support of their favoured candidate, Hillary. O’Malley has complained for some time that the game is rigged. Ron Paul’s people made the same kind of allegations... and had proof, though it was never widely broadcast. Both O’Malley and Sanders have made comment about the manipulation of the debate schedule which favors Clinton. The RNC and the DNC want a Clinton/Bush election... It is clearly evident that they could care less about who the people want to see in the debates or for that matter, in the white house.

    Problem is, the national parties have totally misread the advances made by libertarian movement and their compatriots, the noisy, obnoxious Tea Party types.... not the co-opted establishment version, the original three principled folks. There are a lot of angry people out there that just want to burn Washington down and Trump, regardless of his politics is just the man to do it.

    It looks like now the RNC and CNN are working to rig who gets on stage for the next debate. They are using weird methodology of selected polls, most before the last debate and a couple after, rather than all of the most recent or the ones coming from New Hampshire or Iowa to decide who gets on the stage for the next debate. They can’t manage to get Trump off the stage seem to be doing everything they can to keep Carly Fiorina off the stage. A Trump/Carson/Cruz and Fiorina ticket would kill Jeb and sideline Hillary even more.

    Trump has moderated his immigration stance to one that is really quite acceptable to most. Recently he said that he would build a wall (Every republican will build a wall), juice up E-Verify and force compliance. Dems say this would require a major expansion of government requiring 10000 new federal workers. I say that they could easily be plucked from the worthless jobs they now occupy and no one would miss them. His thoughts about the rest are stepped... First criminals out period... families or no families will simultaneously fixing the actual immigration process. I have no doubt that some sort of amnesty will happen but if you fix the border most people would be happy with that.

    I think this whole debate comes down to one of two philosophies.. either you believe in national sovereignty or you don’t. Trump is saying the right kind of things... doesn’t matter if you are black, white or brown... if you aren’t American you are not his primary concern... it is resonating with a lot of minorities.

  2. As of this morning, Carson is tied with Trump in Iowa. The other candidates have negligible ratings. Here is the story:

  3. Yes Trump Carson and Fiorina. They have completely lost it. I realize that they are all non establishment candidates but what happened to the qualification of being qualified to do the job that was so much of an issue in the last two elections? More hypocrisy. Another good reason not to be a republican.

    1. The hypocrisy is yours.

      Bama the inexperienced elected, why not another inexperienced person from the other party.

    2. Qualified at what? Obama was a street level organizer... most people at ACORN has his qualifications. So now the Democratic Party is pushing for their favourite candidate Hillary Clinton. She is of course experienced at art of politics but what does that mean as a leader? Does it mean you can trust her? That she says what she means and actually means what she says? She and her husband sleep with liars, molesters, misogynists, cheats and no doubt extortionists and blackmailers... She is a liar and a cheat but that appears to be the kind of leader that democrats flock to. Except for the nebulous words ‘Hope and Change’ I dare say that very few people voting for him could have predicted the lengths he would go to create his legacy and dissolve this country as a sovereign nation. And Yes, I know, all politicians have those traits to some degree... that’s why I want to try someone who has some actual experience at doing things in the real world.

      It is interesting you didn’t say anything about the way the national parties have corrupted the process of picking candidates but you whine about the money involved. Obama never would have been president if it had just been him stumping for votes... unfortunately no one would have had to deal with Hillary had it not been for Perot getting Bill elected... I hope people are starting to take a different look at what ‘experience’ means... and give the Perrot’s of the world a critical listen.

      Like I said, these elections now see to come down to your position on the USofA .... is it a sovereign country with a federal government that protects it and allows it to be or are we just part of the broader Agenda 21 project. I’m not saying that I like trump... I don’t know enough about what he really thinks but I am sure by voting time he will tell me and I am much more certian that I can believe him than I can Jeb or Hillary. His incendiary rhetoric is harsh but he is playing with his own money and isn’t really interested in spending a lot of it... but I DO KNOW I don’t like Hillary because, even after all these years, it is anybody’s guess what is really on her mind...

  4. The following is the first para of a report in my local newspaper today.If correct,and if it is followed up with more of the same;I can see hope for your nation even now.

    RETIRED neurosurgeon Ben Carson has drawn even with frontrunning billionaire Donald Trump in a poll in early-voting Iowa released on Monday, as political outsiders surge in the US presidential race.

    Real estate magnate Trump has spent weeks dominating the Republican field, and has emerged as a credible White House candidate for many voters in Iowa, the first crucible of the 2016 nominating contest.

    But with Carson’s stellar showing in a series of recent polls in Iowa and nationwide, and another survey showing Senator Bernie Sanders nipping at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s heels, the second-place candidates are exhibiting considerable power on the campaign trail.

    Cheers from Auassie

    1. Ben Carson, in many ways, is the antithesis of Donald Trump but at the same time very similar.

      Trump is loud, Carson is low-key and genial. Trump flails his hands in the air when he speaks. Carson has calm. Trump acts the aggressively self-confident businessman that he is and Carson has the bedside manner of the physician he is.

      Trump, Carson and Fiorina as successful in their own right. Campaign contributions didn’t get them where they are. Successful citizens they certainly are, but not part of the political class yet and it is precisely this that gives them their popularity.

      Trump and Carson are both being themselves in a field packed with career politicians. That too could be said of Fiorina and Sanders.

      Carson is Black but of course if you believe the stereotypical view of Republicans that should work to his disadvantage ... of course democrats have already thrown out the ‘House N*****’ pejorative.