Friday, August 28, 2015

China Bashing and Political Reality

Past Presidents, starting with Ronald Reagan  have engaged in China bashing while on the campaign trail only to relent when elected. Here are the details:


  1. The criticism is perennial and bipartisan because it works.

    As our politicians line up to sign more free trade agreements which will in the end trade American jobs in exchange for more cheap junk.

    Americans will then wonder why the middle class is shrinking.

    1. I would say that from a political point of view, it is rhetoric... flag waving while, as you said Lou, they line up to sign these agreements. The only one that is actually saying what he means is Trump. Although I don’t know that China has beaten us at negotiations in so much as we have rolled over and given them exactly what they have asked for...

      This however is what it looks like to walk into the negotiating room backed by a deligation of elected representives that have already broadcast to the world that we no longer consider ourselves exeptional in any way...

    2. ISIS beheads Americans the administrations says they are just misunderstood and need jobs.

      Syria and their gas, we draw invisible red lines and then claim it was the worlds red line.

      Ukraine, Putin laughs at the paper tiger.

      Libya kills America and nothing is done.

      China builds artificial islands to threaten the area, the US steps clear.

      Our laughable border.

      Executive orders that are clearly in violation of the law and the GOP says let them address it in court.

      America today the home of the freebies and the meek and mild.

      If the administration wants to be isolationist, just do it. Cancel every free trade agreement, levy tariffs on all imported goods open the borders to all and be done with it. Just don't end the freebies for Americans or they will be pissed.

    3. I guess Lou, instead of hearing you endlessly bitch, I guess I'd like to see a point by point description of what you think should be done. You can skip the border, you've made it clear on that issue.

    4. Miss the point Max?

      I don't give a shit what Obama does but at least he should be honest about it which he isn't. The invisible red lines. The Ukrainian fiasco.etc.

      When Iran develops a bomb and they will, and they decide to use it, if Obama is still around the US will do nothing as he has done nothing in foreign affairs. This is his foreign policy. At least be honest with our allies and tell all of them, you are on your own. We do not have your back. We are not the worlds policeman.

      Tell US citizens if you travel in the world, you are on your own, period, expect nothing from your government.

      It's easy, tell the truth, be honest with the world and all American citizens. Tell Americans we have no border and chose not to have a border. It's to hard to contemplate enforcing our current laws so I deem them BROKEN. Easy as telling the truth.

      Nothing should be done except tell the truth to the people of this country and the world.

      Think about it, we have had zero relations with Iran since the Carter years. Why is it either we agree to a treaty now, today or it's war? What an incredibly stupid remark from a supposedly intelligent president or so the left claims? It's called FEAR mongering.