Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Clearcut Choice

Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, a startling reversal since the last poll. So, I was wondering, what if Sanders and Trump end up being the nominees? Who would you vote for? Here are the details:


  1. Would you really want Donald Trump as president of this country? Bernie not so much because of politics but because he isn't a whack job named Donald Trump

    1. An excellent response after reading your Rolling Stone article.

      Only a lost is space Progressive would state the absurd, Bernie for president.

      Bernie would be the icing on the cake after 7 years of Obama.

      What a pathetic country we have become to vote for either Sanders or Trump.


    2. Mother Jones, which released Bernie Sanders’ strange scribblings from the sixties and seventies, describes the presidential candidate as “heavily influenced by the Austrian psychologist Wilhelm Reich.” Sanders quoted the quack approvingly. He noted “the link between emotional and sexual health, and cancer.” The candidate for president posited that the absence of orgasms often resulted in the presence of cervical cancer.

    3. Maybe soon we will include real important historical information like, "This candidate lied to his parents about eating cookies at age 5".

    4. Excellent idea. We definitely need an in depth investigative report on candidate bed wetting.

    5. Max,
      The purpose of the comment sarcasm aside if the depth of what media does to push a candidate or destroy a candidate. Reflect back to Romney and the dog ion the roof and his Cranbrook days. The media made them relevant seeking outrage yet the media ignore the Sanders years from his childhood.

      Get the bias yet?