Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A word about Patrick Kane and the NHL

So, after being happier than a pig in pooh that my team hoisted the Stanley Cup recently, I have reached a near polar opposite feeling reading stories that Patrick Kane, who is arguably in the top ten active players in terms of talent, is being investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in his home. This is not the first time Kane has been involved in controversy for things he has done off the ice. Legally, the hands of the owner of the team and the hands of the league may be tied in punishing him if the legal system does not. That said, I am hoping this does not stop them from trying.

For those outside the hockey universe, the Chicago Blackhawks franchise, like several other long existing teams, went though a period of very dark years wherein the team sucked beyond all belief. They were owned by a business man who was as ruthless and tightfisted as they come and ran the team as just another asset that was personal possession to do with as he pleased. At the end of the dark years, they were lucky if they could get 5 thousand fans a game to show up. Then two things happened; the owner died and the team drafted Patrick Kane as a number one pick. Kane has not singlehandedly turned the team around and he has been surrounded by multiple players who likely will be in the hockey hall of fame some day. Still, alongside Jonathan Toews, Kane has been a "face" of the franchise whose skill has undeniably contributed to the renaissance of hockey in Chicago.

As it stands, several papers have started to publish details and reports of what may have happened, I'll leave that to you to google and find easily by simply googling "Patrick Kane". For the moment, he has not been charged with anything, and legally, he is innocent until proven guilty. Outside of court, there is quite a bit of outrage, apologist commentary and accusation against the woman erupting in his wake. Within the past couple of years, the NHL has had several stories erupting that involve either abuse of women, or problems with drugs. Ironically, all stories involved players from the Blackhawks and the LA kings, who are the most recent two teams to win the cup. If history is any measure, the person with the money and fame will not go to jail even if an actual legal charge is ever filed. Regardless, I would love to see the league step in right now, or sometime soon and suspend Kane for the entire season. Because of the nature of NHL contracts, there may be little recourse for the league or the team to punish Kane. Regardless, I think it's time someone at least tried.


  1. Addendum, if actually charged with crime and convicted on any level offense of assault, he should be banned from the league.

  2. If it were the NFL or NASCAR he would be suspended already

    1. I hope the NHL has learned from the NFL There was a player on the LA Kings who was arrested for beating his wife bad enough to send her to the hospital. They got caught kind of flat footed and didn't really know what to do. They suspended the guy "pending investigation results", which meant that the thing was a day to day drama hanging over everyone. I think that if he gets charged, it should automatically be a year long suspension. this would hopefully push it away from the league and the team and also hopefully keep the victim a little better isolated from letting stories keep popping up that quote idiot fans claiming she deserved it.

      Ideally, for something like that, they should be suspended without pay, but that's not currently possible under the bargaining agreement. I have a feeling this is going to come up in subsequent negotiations and maybe it's time it did.