Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Did we just get stabbed in the back by the British?

So, the British have re-opened their embassy in Tehran, and they have done so while the graffiti extolling "Death to the Queen" remains above a portrait of the queen herself. Not only did the Brits go an re-open their embassy, they also brought with them a representative from Shell oil and other representatives who are hoping to start trading with Iran. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/11814872/Why-is-the-UK-embassy-in-Iran-reopening.html

I have to admit, reading this story was pretty bizarre http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/11819014/Britains-embassy-in-Iran-re-opens-with-Death-to-England-still-graffitied-above-Queens-portrait.html  Even with all the graffiti remaining in place and opposition from the hard liners in Iran, the Brits are going there just four years removed from having their embassy overran by radical idiots.

I tried to concede on a post that it is probably not entirely guaranteed that we go to war with Iran if the current deal is not accepted. The logic that a lot of the left uses in their argument is that if this deal is rejected, we will not have the support of the rest of the world in keep Iran boxed up and suffering under sanctions. The Brits, it seems, have a much different view of the situation than either the US or Israel. Honest question, at a time when there are many who flat out reject this nuclear deal, did we just get betrayed by a country who is supposed to be an ally? My feelings on taking the deal are clear, but I'd really like to hear from those opposed to the deal how they view the Brits here.


  1. Why wouldn't the Brits get a head start on the USA?

    It's clear that the bad deal will get pushed through by the administration.

    1. I personally have no concerns with the so called deal. We are in the present, not immediate post war when America held all the aces. Now the rest of the world can determine their own future, their own priorities and above all, their own priorities for supplies of a product fast running short. Oil is the operative word and any decision the Brits make concerning trade, treaties and diplomatic arrangements will have had oil at the forefront of their thinking. Priorities constantly move and the relationship between Australia, Britain and the US is a perfect example. Until WW2,Australia was simply an outpost of GB.During the war the emphasis started to shift towards America and following the war a treaty was signed, the ANZUS treaty which remains strong between Aust and America until this day.

      The Brits gradually withdrew from the Far East and the once great naval base in Singapore has been deserted by the Brits for decades. Our ties with America are now probably stronger than with the Brits but if push comes to shove, perhaps we too could have a rebellion!.

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    3. Lou,

      I get why conservatives hate this plan. It's not just Obama's plan however. It does kind of underscore a point, however, which is that the US and Israel are basically on their own if this deal gets shut down, because the rest of the world are considering what is in their best interests. It's not war overnight if the deal gets rebuked and there are enough votes to overrule a veto. That said, the toolbox we have will get much smaller. Military assault is always an option, and always will be. If that is most powerful tool left in our arsenal, because we don't have support of enough other countries to keep sanctioning Iran I don't think it's unreasonable to say there will be a push to use that option to get Iran to toe the line. Again, this doesn't mean that Israel and the next Republican POTUS go right to that tool.

      I think though, that the Brits made a very calculated propaganda move by leaving the "Death to the Queen" graffiti over the portrait of the queen. Whether it was to shame the Iranian's or to "face" the conservative hardliners who constantly remind us that Iran chants "Death to America", I think that graffiti was left there very deliberately. With or without our blessing, it seems like the rest of the world is deciding they aren't going to wait for our blessing to start doing business with Iran.

    4. Iran, self inspection, cool if your Iran.

      Here's the bottom line.

      Should Iran develop nuclear weapons and they will and decide to use them against a US ally, what's next?

      Not so very long ago:


      The world obviously doesn't give a shit about the Ukraine. The world obviously doesn't give a shit about Israel.

      Neither Russia or Iran give a shit about the US and know we will do nothing but use the invisible red ink.

      Time to tuck the tail and ignore the world and our allies as they know we are worthless as an ally.

      The paper tiger lives.

    5. Max you're going to wake up one sunny morning and hear a news report that Isreal took out what needed to disappear. Iran will be pissed but so what?

    6. You call out liberals for an all or nothing statement Lou, and respond with your own all or nothing. Whether countries actually like each other is immaterial, so long as they are willing to respect the sovereignty of them. I find it hard to bitch about Russia doing what it believes is in it's best interest when we do the same. We invaded Iraq who posed no threat to us primarily because Saddam thumbed his nose at us. We have covertly and overtly meddled in the affairs of many countries in order to protect what we believed was our interest. Russia is doing the same, and so is Iran and GB. Obama has impugned the sovereignty of multiple nations with his drone strikes, I'd hardly call the United States a paper tiger.

      What you dismiss as people not giving shit is actually nations deciding what they are willing to sacrifice blood and treasure for. The Ukraine is not a simple problem to fix. We have been engaged in armed conflict now since 9/11 and arguably, it's hard for me to say we clearly protected some interest. We kept oil flowing I guess. Maybe that's reason enough.

      William, you are probably right.