Thursday, August 20, 2015

How Trump IS doing us a favor

Yesterday, I watched a teeny bit of Trumps town hall meeting. One point that I appreciate that he keeps pounding is that the other candidates MUST answer to the people who are backing them. Trump is free of this of course and he has been making clear he corrupt our election process is. The irony, of course, is that he is also indirectly making the case that only independently wealthy people should run for POTUS. I have a problem with that, but the reality is that Trump is a moderate Republican at best, and for once, the far right and their money is NOT dictating the discussion. Heard yesterday that the super pacs are all getting ready to attack Trump with negative ads, but are keeping their powder dry for just a bit longer. They must be seething right now that they can't do anything but sit there and wait for something stinky to stick to Trump.

Another thing that Trump is doing is that he is SLOWLY educating the screaming masses that you can't solve everything by just being a pompous asshole and that once in awhile, you are handcuffed by a reality you can't change. Trump is now going to have a panel of "experts" look into the anchor baby situation, and the only outcome I can see from that is a lot of people are going to have to unhappily accept this particular issue will not go away just because they are pissed off about it. A guy like Trump can eventually say, "Look, I explored this, found out there's nothing I can do about, and I'm moving on" NOBODY in politics is ever allowed to say this, at least they are not allowed by those who are so fucking pissed off about everything that they simply will not accept how ridiculously out of reality their anger is.

On another point, Trump was pressed about not releasing more details about his policy. Here, Trump basically said, "I can and I will, but the reality is that you need to be flexible. If I negotiate a deal, I may have 17 points I want to address. If I lose on one point, it's going to affect all the other points. If one point doesn't work out, I may change my approach and try to get something better on that point, or try to get something better on a subsequent point." This, of course, is not anything a Tea Party type is going to want to hear, nor any other person who believes they are flexible but ultimately is just another ideologue. Again, here is an irony, IMO, this is how things used to get done in our system, through negotiation and compromise. People are supporting Trump, arguably, because they believe he is going to stick it to everyone they believe is their enemy. I think Trump is starting to show that on the contrary, he's going to approach being POTUS the same way he has everything else, which is to be a better negotiator.

If Trump continues at his current pace, I think people are going to start to realize that their rigid beliefs about politics are not really accurate, or they are going to realize he is not the night in shining yellow armor who is going to stick to everyone they hate.


  1. and they will dump him for Ben Carson. And then dump him and then dump him and then Bush/Clinton.

  2. I know its been speculated before but believe that Trump is really a Democrat... a Clinton Democrat. His is an absolute spoiler for the Republican ticket. With respect to his populous stance on immigration, he might build a wall... like he said, he is good at building walls but removing every illegal would be impossibly disruptive. His comments typify Kings thinking that if you elect a president, (s)he should be allowed to do whatever they want and then if the electorate don’t like it, they can just elect someone next time to ‘undo’ it. Highly unlikely, highly impractical, very disruptive and at the end of the day impossible to undo to any great degree. He has also made some off handed remarks about his belief in honouring contracts when asked about Iran... Would this also apply to trade agreements? We don’t hear a word about national sovereignty ... TPP is wonderful for corporate sovereignty however. Although one must take his contract comments with a grain of salt... bankruptcy by its nature voids unworkable or undesirable contracts.

    Beyond the personal tifts that the Clintons and Obama have had, Clinton would not be a continuation of the Obama Administration as such. She isn’t controllable and she isn’t Obama. Obama has the ability to take all of the heat off of Clinton’s ‘servergate’ problem but he hasn’t. He isn’t giving her cover the way he as the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious and on and on. Obama needs a third term to solidify his ‘change’ which is not only to change the color of America but to change its morals, ethics, alliances, allegiances and move the country very far to the left.

    You watch... Biden will run... Biden, contrary to Clinton, is controllable. Obama will throw his considerable weight behind him and Biden will announce Elizabeth Warren as a running mate who would be a shoe in as successor for Bidens ‘One Term’ candidacy.

    If the Republicans and independents don’t wise up to Trump, get behind someone like Rand Paul who has appeal in most areas from slightly left of center to many segments of the right, conservative America is done and so is our constitutional republic.

    1. so is our constitutional republic.

      That is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

      The NSA.
      Executive orders.
      Failure to enforce laws.
      The IRS.
      The EPA.
      Over regulation.

      The Federal Government is out of control and change is unlikely at this point.