Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The relaunch

Hillary's in, again:

Wall Street greed, specifically evil hedge fund managers.  Next week it's the wealthy who will be Hillaried to keep the hate flowing.

There was the predictable call for a minimum wage increase.
We need income inequality to end.  Bring the minimum wage in line with CEO's pay.  They essentially do the same thing, right?

Hillary mocked Republicans for focusing on the past instead of the future.  We really need to move beyond what happened, who cares anyway, what difference does it make?

Hillary criticized those who get away with bending the rules.
Except for me, Bill and Chelsea, we can bend the rules as it's for a good cause, us.  All the others must be punished and I will do that as your champion.

“climate change” fear mongering".  Never a better topic to stoke the fires of the progressive base.

All in all, 45 minutes to relaunch the campaign.  It would have been a great idea to have Bill speak and show some team spirit.  Who doesn't want Bill as first man, history in the making. 



  1. Lou asks "Who doesn't want Bill as first man, ".
    Well at a guess I would have to nominate Bill himself. Who would want to be addressed as Mr. President and referred to in the same sentence as the First Man?. If that was not enough, would HRC trust the first man to keep the zipper closed?. As the title implies Bill would surely need to prove himself all over again and any intern in a blue dress would have to be paid danger money as a special allowance.

    Cheers from Aussie

    1. would HRC trust the first man to keep the zipper closed

      Perhaps Hillary would finally retaliate for Bills indiscretions. Boy toys every Friday for her women staffers.

      Imagine an all female Secret Service protection group for Hillary. Would they be as tasteless as the Boys serving Obama today with their paid visitors?

      So many possibilities for humor with Hilly as the pant suit in charge. Would their be a polyester Pant Suit Day declared as a national Holiday?