Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Another day in America.

 Due to a combination of activist journalism and corporate conscience (ROTFLMAO), major retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Target, and Wal-Mart are removing Confederate flags and other types of Confederate memorabilia from their shelves.  
Has Amazon and eBay adopted the view that they own the moral message of their products?  
With a simple search of the sites you can find interesting things.  
You can find a hammer and sickle necklace, “handmade” from “English Pewter,” gift-boxed for that special communist in your life.  To go with it, a bright red Soviet T-shirt, hammer and sickle displayed proudly on the front.   If clothes can’t adequately express your sympathies, you can fly the Soviet flag high and with pride, for the whole neighborhood to see.  Wasn't the USSR responsible for race- and class-based genocides that claimed the lives of innocent men, women, and children.
Need Nazi memorabilia?  Yes something for everyone, flags, jewelry, clothing, etc. Weren't the Nazi's the extreme example of racism?
Corporate morality is indeed an interesting thing. I’m sure that good companies like Amazon and E-bay have a perfectly reasonable explanation for their “genocidal tyrants’ collection” of consumer goods.
Perhaps it's the effort to remain politically correct.


  1. Step right up and get your Che Guevara vintage tee shirt in red or olive at


      Pretty unbelievable isn't it.

      Politically correct anyone?

  2. The perversity that is on display in American society is overwhelming and it starts with our education system....

    1. Excellent.

      I have not heard here before. Guess picking the college of your choice is more important now than ever.

  3. Jefferson isn't exempt either....

  4. Heres what Louis Farrakhan has to say about the whole matter.... lovely.

    Later, he declared, “I don’t know what the hell the fight is about over the Confederate flag. We need to put the American flag down. Because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag,” comments that were meant with cheers and applause. He added, “Who are we fighting today? It’s the people that carry the American flag.”

    1. The reality is that all the yahoo's that currently have the battle flag licence plate and gun rack will now be driven underground. You think we had problems before, you ain't seen nothing yet.

    2. All this thanks to Obama who stoked a race war starting with his calling the police "stupid" in Cambridge of all places, and following that up with his beer summit in the rose garden.

      He will deliver the eulogy for the pastor who was murdered in Charlestown, no quarrel there, but couldn't be bothered to attend Maggie Thacher's funeral.


    3. Why today are we having more civil rights issues that 10 years ago? Have conditions changed that much? Is this government responsible or is it the latest round of crazy? We have always had the fringe but fringe is moving to mainstream front page. Sensationalism?

      Is the next step tear down all the monuments in DC? If we tear down the Jefferson memorial, the Washington memorial should also go.

      Julia Dent Grant came from a slave-owning family and was an apologist for slavery throughout her life and the Civil War. The Grants owned slaves that came from Julia's father and Grant himself was responsible for supervising them. These slaves were not freed until 1865 when Missouri officially abolished slavery.

      Robert E. Lee came from a slave-owning family, but upon his father-in-law's death, all those slaves were freed (this was 1862 before the Emancipation Proclamation). In a letter to President Pierce, Lee wrote that "There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil."

      So what is comes down to is the Grant family owned slaves longer than the Lee family as the slaves in question were from Julia's family, not Grant's personal slaves. That being said, of course, in that day and age, that meant Grant was in control of them. It is interesting to see that both of these men - the two opposing Civil War generals - were slave owners at one point or another in their lives.

      Should the Grant memorial also come down?

      People in America fail to realize most people in the US have ancestors that came to America after the civil war and had nothing to do with slavery. Yet we as Americans are all being held responsible for what people long ago dead did during their lifetimes.

      For the first time in our history, Americans have to be fearful of what they say, of what they write, and of what they think. They have to be afraid of using the wrong word, a word denounced as offensive or insensitive, or racist, sexist, or homophobic.

      Is America today is in the throes of the greatest and direst transformation in its history? Are we are becoming an ideological state, a country with an official state ideology enforced by the power of the state? Is the terror against anyone who dissents from Political Correctness on campus or in a business a part of it? Why do we now laugh off Political Correctness? What I see today is not funny, it’s here, it’s growing and it will eventually destroy our country, as it seeks to destroy everything that we have ever defined as our freedom and our culture.

    4. I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that monuments to Jefferson will eventually come down because of a war waged against the confederate flag. Much as I make the argument that it was ridiculous to create a constitution that allowed slavery and blocked women from voting, I also accept that it reflected the practice and thinking of the day. I don't think Jefferson needs to be condemned out of a place of respect in our history for owning slaves and treating them as his concubines, but neither should that reality be ignored. His contributions stand taller than his detractions, which is why we won't be removing his monument anytime soon.

      Bill Maher, ironically, said it best this past week when he openly assaulted the political correctness of the left, "We can make fun of Kim Kardashian's ass, but we can't make fun of her step father's boobs." Not everyone left of center drinks from the font of correctness. Who owned slaves, or who's ancestors owned slaves is not something I'm seeing drawn into this discussion regarding the flying of the confederate flag. History has moved on and objectively, I don't think anyone can really pretend anymore that the flying of the confederate flag on state houses in the south is an act of bitter defiance meant to piss people off, namely those who supported civil rights.

      Liberal political correctness is annoying. Then again, when I look at what has happened int he last 30 years, I find conservatives to be as much to blame as liberals. Nobody was really talking about the confederate flag until this white idiot went and killed a bunch of people. Winning the war against displaying of the confederate flag will not change much, and I hope liberals realize that.

    5. When things happen, the first action is over reaction. Pick anything in the US, action over reaction.

      9/11, we get Homeland Security and the TSA who cannot find a knife with an x-ray machine. We get full body x-rays.

      Are we are becoming an ideological state, a country with an official state ideology enforced by the power of the state? The left happy to push each issue a little further, the right afraid to say no.

    6. "Are we are becoming an ideological state, a country with an official state ideology enforced by the power of the state?"

      Respectfully Lou, that's an ideological question. How you answer it depends on which side of center you stand on. Ever since I have become politically interested, I have felt that the right has always felt there was an unbearable, crushing presence of the government. The left felt the same when Bush was POTUS.

    7. the right has always felt there was an unbearable, crushing presence of the government. The left felt the same when Bush was POTUS

      To be clear, the last administration, this one, not a lot of difference is there.

  5. The constitution guarantees free speech. Liberals should actually BUY confederate flags and display them proudly in support of the constitution.

    Is that better TS?

    Objectively, I've always thought the racist types were people who were basically failures in life.

    1. Look, different people identify different meanings to different things. Some use the symbol and call it the 'Rebel Flag' with no connotations to the confederacy. Some are actually proud of living in something other than the northeast corridor and see much of the southern United States as something to be proud of. It, besides the slave issue has a proud history of family, culture, food and hospitality…. One I might add that people from the north work tirelessly to destroy.

      The sensitivity in the US is unfathomable.

      I was once doing a rather large project in Germany. My companies local representatives worked their permanently so interface with them was frequent. One Saturday I need to pick up some paperwork and their General Manager was the only one there. He and I got along quite well and had worked together for a good while but never really had personal contact after hours. He was a rather formidable black man and had his office adorned with very nice artwork depicting blacks in the civil war. I complemented them but we never had a discussion.

      At any rate, I went into the office in a t-shirt as I was only stopping by and it was officially closed. The t-shirt had a red-white and blue depiction of the state of Texas and the words… “Don’t Mess With Texas”. The t-shirt and its logo was part of a ‘don’t litter Texas’ campaign. When he saw me, his reaction was immediate and clear… I might have just as well been wrapped in the flag of the Confederacy. I had just become the enemy. His demeanour changed, his attitude changed, our ability to work together changed…

      Not long after that, I was needed to take over a project in Tokyo.

      Perhaps its time for people to get over it… deal with the real racists and quit trying to create a race war with people who are getting damned tired of being called racist by… racists.

      I get quite dismayed when I walk around the streets here in the UK and see people wearing cloths like these: (something some people seem to have gotten over ‘it’, and they will rue the day they did)

    2. Perhaps its time for people to get over it… deal with the real racists and quit trying to create a race war with people who are getting damned tired of being called racist by… racists.

      Well said.

    3. I could be wrong but it appears this debate is about two divisive factors in the continental USA, Firstly there is the historical North Versus South battles of 150 years ago and secondly the perennial problem of perceived racism in America.

      Now I accuse no one of racism but perhaps I do accuse you all of naval gazing as you look to history to justify whatever position you now hold on the subject.TS and his comment concerning the Texas T shirt is instructive. Of course, if one wears a garment likely to offend, one should not cry over the consequences. History appears to be holding you in the past. This is counterproductive, history should teach us to avoid mistakes of the past and make the right choices so that we ensure a better future.

      Does the Confederate flag have meaning for Americans? Perhaps it does but I would question the motives and reasons for veneration of a symbol long past its use by date. Is the flag a symbol of the old ideals of white domination? How many of the Afro Americans in the south support the flag? An answer to this in percentage terms may well clarify the debate.

      Cheers from Aussie
      NB I would particularly value the Opinion of Rick and Lou on the above post. The views would differ but both would be instructive to a foreigner.

    4. John:

      The reason for this post:

      Retailers are removing items related to the confederacy from their shelves.

      While doing that is certainly their choice, they leave items related to Hitler, Stalin, Che Guevara for sale. I’m sure that good companies like Amazon and E-bay have a perfectly reasonable explanation for their “genocidal tyrants’ collection” of consumer goods while eliminating the confederate goods.

      Is this just a case of being politically correct? Why in a supposed free society should items be removed in one case yet not another. One could argue that Hitler and Stalin's misdeeds and murder of millions was far more egregious than the confederacy's slavery.
      Next up, Are we are becoming an ideological state, a country with an official state ideology enforced by the power of the state? One could easily say yes we are as we fall further into the sphere of political correctness which the left imposes on this country.

      I like most of the country do not have ancestors that were in the US during the civil war and had no part of slavery in the US yet we are being accused of being everything from Bigots to Racists if we don't go along.

      The question:
      Does the Confederate flag have meaning for Americans?

      For some Americans it does, for the majority, it does not. No one harbors ill feelings against the south excluding the far left as many in the south tend to be to the right.

      Is the current administration fueling the divisiveness in the US to further divide this country. I would argue yes he is. I understand O is giving the eulogy for the victims.

      James Eagan Holmes is an American known as the only suspect in custody for carrying out the 2012 Aurora shooting that killed 12 people and injured 70 others at a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012.

      No Obama did not give the eulogy or attend the service but did stop in to visit a few of the families. Why an eulogy for 1 group and a drive by for the other larger group?

    5. Thanks Lou, You have mentioned something I had never previously considered. quote I like most of the country do not have ancestors that were in the US during the civil war end quote" Like us, you are a nation of immigrants and the dilution of the original stock is affecting the national character. Again, thanks and I wonder what Rick will have to say.

      Cheers from Aussie

    6. I am confused King… Are you suggesting that my t-shirt was provocative and/or that my wearing it was somehow meant to be a provocation?

    7. T S My thanks for the question and apologies for the confusion.
      No I am not suggesting you were deliberately provocative. I did suggest that your T Shirt may have been provocative in the eyes of your General Manager. You see, some inconsequential choice on your part can have a negative effect on an observer. As for the T shirt, Texans are the biggest, the richest, the smartest and the best dressed Americans. Who says so? Why the Texans do of course

      Cheers from Aussie

    8. I suggest king that you Google and read up on Dr. Carson ' s views on this latest rebel flag controversy.

    9. William Thank you. Could you please however elucidate a little. What was your point and in what way Do you disagree with my views?. I believe Louman has made the most salient point here at least from the perspective of an interested foreigner still have to look up the references of TS as his comments are always instructive. I have of course read the comments of Dr Carson in the TV interview
      Cheers from AUSSIE

    10. Hum… my t-shirt may have been provocative to someone else…. In light of that, I suggest that we ban all printed t-shirts (Probably not a bad idea from the dress sense point of view), all placards with any message of pride or decent and change the definition of free speech to something considerably more restrictive than even the politically correct would like.

      I make no apologies for being a native Texan or being proud of being one. I had family living in Texas when Texas was an independent nation with embassies in London and Paris and joined the United States in a voluntary act of merging one nation state into the constitutional apparatus of another. Are you saying that just because I am proud of most aspects of my states history and culture that I must hide that pride because of one aspect of it’s history and even the utterance of the name of my state is to be deemed offensive? … That I must be ashamed of my family, my history… my race?

      In my family history there were three slaves… those three were freed before the civil war and given small freeholds of their own… adequate recompense for release from a system of bondage that has existed in all periods of recorded history, probably not in the eyes of some… Am I painted with the same brush by the race baiters who keep this subject alive? (Mostly for profit).. without a doubt.
      I am quite sure that there are generational families who have lived and developed Tasmania… are they not allowed to have pride in their hard work because of the blight in history cause by some who killed every last native Tasmanian?

      People will never get over something when they are blinded by their own hatred kept alive by people who need the divisions, racial or otherwise, for power and profit

      No, I am sorry, I have respect in the amount and degree to which a person gives me respect. I am more than willing to work and talk with anyone but I am not willing to give up my own history, culture and pride just to make someone else feel good about themselves but one thing is for certain… I do not ever deliberately use my pride to harm or belittle someone else. Had the general manager been man enough to comment on my tshirt we could have had a discussion about the benign nature of the slogan and my reasons for being proud to be a Texan and most importantly my affinity with the cause of black people in America because I believe that the direct contravention of the constitution has been a direct and likely deliberate cause of harm to blacks in America since the civil war.

      You accuse some of us of navel gazing…. I would suggest that occurs on all sides of this issue and feeling sorry for ones self with little reason isn’t exclusively the domain of hard-done-by white people.

      Blacks have legitimate beefs but they like the Occupy Wall Street movement are looking in the wrong places for regress….

    11. The Scot.
      My sincere thanks for your response and the detailed attempt to explain you position. I would have expected nothing less. Now, your remarks concerning Tasmania and the Aboriginal people are pretty much spot on. Yes, the early settlers managed to wipe out the black people and the last full blood aboriginal ( Truganni) died in 1886. What we have now is an aboriginal population of people with aboriginal blood line who make up that section of society classified as Aboriginal. In many cases they are indistinguishable from the white members of our society. Apart from their propensity to demand everything from land rights to self government, the Aboriginal movement is no different from the rest of us. Now in all honesty, I must confess that the average white Australian feels a little annoyed when he sees flaxen haired blue eyed lawyers running the aboriginal movement in Tasmania, particularly when they are given preference in jobs and housing simply because of their aboriginal heritage.

      Now your question of national pride for the development of our country since 1787.Yes it is there somewhere although under demonstrated. We do not have the lavish parades or the overt flag flying and general air of pride in our country which you seem to think essential. We simply get on with the job and leave the hoop la to the politicians and general lay abouts who have nothing useful to do. National holidays to celebrate special days are generally spent at the beach or in the pub!.

      Your family and the slave owning history: I oppose slavery as I believe you do. That your family slaves were subject to the manumission process is neither here nor there. In the same way that present generations of Australians carry no guilt for the extermination of the Aboriginals, neither should you for the slave owning past of your family. My point was that your shirt could, and obviously did provide fuel to burn the anger of a black man; perhaps one who can trace his ancestry back to those self same slaves once owned by your family. Do you bear guilt for causing that anger? Well in my opinion yes, but only by default. Your manager may well have been one of the more sensitive souls with an axe to grind. In retrospect, perhaps it would have been better to have hidden your light under a bushel, you would have avoided an unnecessary situation at the very least.

      I mentioned previously that Lou had made a valuable comment when he drew my attention to the fact that our populations are derived principally from immigrants. The old families, together with the prejudice and hatreds are becoming diluted with new blood. These newcomers, in your nation and mine are looking to the future as we remember the past less clearly than did our ancestors who were so close to it.

      Cheers from Aussie

    12. John,
      It brings to the front interesting debate and of course questions.

      As you nor your ancestors were not responsible for the killing of the innocent minority and of course the people that did it are long gone, why are people today responsible for what people did in the past?

      In the US, if slavery would never have happened, what would be the fate of the Blacks in America today? What would their lives be like? Is it right to continue taking from the innocent new people that have migrated to this country to pay for the past sins of the society of that times and a government that allowed it? Is there a day or tomorrow when society and government acknowledge the sins of past people and government and say, time for you to take charge of your life?

      Have we become a nation of enablers?

      My inlaws were both incarcerated in the internment camps during WW2 in the US. Businesses were lost, 4-5 years of their lives were lost. We know what Roosevelt did to the American born Japanese, Italians, Germans during WW2 was wrong. Is America today still responsible for that wrong? Is compensation owed to those that were interned?

      Some of the people that were interned are still alive today. When you compare the recent wrong to the sins committed against the blacks and their continued compensation, when does it end? Roosevelt is dead, he was responsible for the internment camps. Are they still owed? My inlaws would argue yes, America owes them.

      Blacks today say look what you did to our ancestors. We are owed. Look at the discrimination that has been directed at us, we are owed. That same discrimination has been aimed at every new group entering the US. Italians, Irish, Japanese, Chinese, etc. Why are blacks different in the US?

      as we remember the past less clearly

      It isn't our past. It's part of the history of this country. We see it, we acknowledge it. It happened and there is nothing other than ensuring it doesn't happen again that we can do.

      People will never get over something when they are blinded by their own hatred kept alive by people who need the divisions, racial or otherwise, for power and profit.
      Never truer words spoken.
      Keep in mind, you didn't build it. Says all you need to know.

    13. Lou
      A good debate indeed and one which can be held without rancour. It is also a debate in which the similarities of our nations are not only illustrated but magnified.

      So, to your questions You ask what would the like of collered people be like in America today if slavery had not occurred?. Perhaps the response ,trite though it may be, is Slavery without IMPORTED NEGROES would have been impossible. Very few coloured people came to America during the formulative years although a few arrived in the late 15th century. The majority of slaves were brought into the country from about 1770 onwards.

      is there a day or tomorrow when society and government acknowledge the sins of past people and government ? This is a sore point. Here in Australia we have had a national Sorry Day when the government of the people apologized for past wrongs, we have also had a national apology from the government for what is known as the stolen generation. Currently there is a serious effort underway to give the Aboriginal people recognition under the constitution. Please remember the Brits declared Australia Terra Nullius (empty land) when it was settled so the blacks were simply not recognized. Our history Lou is certainly no better than yours and in some ways perhaps worse.

      You ask about the internments in WW2. The same thing happened here and in Britain; nationals of what was known as the Axis alliance were interred in the interest of national security. Of course, many aliens had been here for generations and the government, both here and in America over reacted. Were they justified in taking the action they did? Well ,considering the events of the times, of course they were.

      You ask are those descendants of slaves, internees and other deprived groups “owed”. Well in my view they are, not in monetary or other material ways but in an honest apology for the wrongs done in the name of state security and national interest and in the case of the colored people, an apology that so many suffered because their masters knew no better.

      Lou my friend, we cannot right the wrongs of the world together but we can perhaps allay the distrust and the fear and even envy of the people worse off than us. The Scot has written about the reaction to his T Shirt; I wonder why such a shirt had to be worn in Germany? Of course as T S has illustrated, his shirt apparently caused distress to another American and TS appears oblivious to the reason.

      Cheers from Aussie

    14. It is interesting that you say Australians on the whole aren’t prideful or patriotic. I have always found Australians to be quite forthcoming tooting their horn… perhaps for some more as a rib to a septic but for the most part, people who are quite proud to be Australian and the country they have created. I remembered seeing an article some time ago about national pride which placed Australia at the top of the list. It was over this very subject but with the US pride as the focus. I spent some time looking for it and found it:

      In my search I found the link below which is a strikingly similar phenomenon to the societal revolution occurring in the US. … and in Europe for that matter.

      I would suppose that we will have to agree to disagree but for someone who wants or is taught to be a victim, there is little you can do to placate them and to hide the pride in what you have helped build and the ideals for which it stands, even if it has flaws, dooms it to eventual mediocrity and failure. You don’t build a brand name by hiding it and you don’t instil values without talking about them.

      Short of dressing up in a full body burka with a one-way viewing slot I can’t hide the fact that I am Caucasian and short of never opening my mouth I can’t hide the fact that I am American and to a trained ear, a Texan… neither of which to I have reason to be ashamed. Yes I could avoid the subject by changing who I am. It seems to me the hiding of subjects and the political correctness that stops discourse is exactly why we seem to have an explosion of social problems today.

      Thin skinned or not that man had at least three advantages over me in the situation. He was a superior in the company, though not my direct boss, I was in his office and 90% of the population would have found him to be a physically formidable man. Simply telling me that wearing ‘that kind of tshirt’ in his office is unacceptable would have at least been a bridge… It would have given me a chance to apologise, if not explain its totally benign message.

      As to your last comment to Lou… I am not oblivious as to the reason… but I am amazed by it. I am as amazed by it automatically being associated with racism as your national singlet is in the article above. As far as wearing my T-Shirt in Germany, I spent many years on the road and in hotels. I wore what was comfortable and generally appropriate. Hell, I even wore a Tokyo Japan t-shirt while working in Europe…. So what? The most that t-shirt ever garnered anywhere was the question of “Are you from Texas in the US?” … or, when worn with my Australian Akubra hat, an occasional passing ‘Ye-Ha’

      Interesting enough, I saw a British woman wearing an ‘Alamo’ – ‘ San Antonio Texas’ sweatshirt not long ago (no doubt purchased while on vacation)… Now as a proud Texan I suppose I should look at that as sacrilege to the history and people of my state and any British-Mexican should raise a flag of protest in front of parliament.

    15. T.S
      One thing above all others I admire in your posts is the necessity to explore further. In your latest effort you have provided references for my consideration and for this I am grateful.

      As you say, we shall have to agree to disagree on some points but I wonder if this is through ignorance of each others country or cyclopean astigmatism! I would like to offer a view on the references you have provided and at the same time, proffer the advice that it is often better to look at the record of the source of such profound wisdom in case it transpires that the printed offerings are trash fit for wrapping the much loved fish and chips!.

      So to the Andrew Bolt article. You may not be aware that Mr Bolt is a journalist/commentator and active supporter of the present right wing Federal government. He has a weekly programme on commercial TV here where his views are greeted with derision by the Left and with almost fawning hypocrisy by the right. I by the way am a right wing voter, have been all my life but even I cringe when I hear his oiliness attack the :”socialists”. The Woolworth’s chain store T shirt issue was an attempt by the ultra left Greens party to embarrass the company and as Political Correctness is almost an alternative religion here, it was promptly pulled from the shelves. Andrew Bolt was using the issue to “get stuck in” to the Greens whom he hates even more than the “socialists”

      Now the article claiming we are the most overt in displaying national pride. Of course I had not previously seen this but I did look it up out of courtesy to you. It appeared in the Murdoc owned Australian news paper as a filler piece. The article was attributed to the Economist, a British publication and sourced from America “The Republican Institute” The article makes the point that they had no access to numbers polled and presumably they were not shown the questionnaire. Now I am not sure how reliable I can consider this poll but I do prefer to rely on my own experiences of almost seventy years living in this wonderful country. T.S we are proud of our land, we are proud to be Australians and we have fought two world wars and numerous skirmishes (Korea, Viet Nam, Middle East etc) in order to protect Australian interests.

      I firmly believe that we accept the good things which make us great, we do so however in a manner that is almost self deprecating unless it involves sport!. Next week the struggle between Australia and England begins again for possession of an egg cup size wooden urn containing a few ashes from a cricket wicket. This struggle has been going on for more than a century and the feeling here in Aussie is so intense that many, including my self will rearrange our life style for the summer so that we can watch coverage on the TV for about seven hours every night for up to five consecutive days. Having spoken to many Americans about this subject I have invariably noted a glazed look on their faces when told a game can last for five days without a result!

      So there you have it my friend, Texan T shirt or Akubra hat, a bat and a ball and we are pretty much the same. In closing, please accept apologies for spelling errors or errors in syntax in my posts. I now have to use an automatic spell checker and as I cannot clearly see the printed word the machine sometimes switches between American and Australian English, it can also mangle the syntax .

      Cheers Mate ( that’s Australian) from the great brown land.

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. Of course what constitutes self-deprecation are relative and its usefulness in various circumstances important to consider. What damage does sitting quietly by do when it results in the dismantling of a system so uplifting that even the poorest are better off than their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

      I’m not particularly clear how wearing a tshirt telling people where you have allegiance is particularly supercilious nor can I figure how a tshrit itself is particularly ostentatious except as I have said, possibly in the fashion since. I once saw a charity commercial showing poor African children and one of them was wearing a ‘Hard Rock Café’ tshirt. Not sure what that says about them.

      With respect to news articles… they all have relevance to me unless they are deemed to be out in out fabrication. That is of course unless you emerge yourself exclusively in the kind of news that validates your world view, then the damage is undeniable. I have for instance listed to several hours of interviews, speeches and lectures of Rev Louis Farrakhan, spiritual leader of the Black Muslims… you can’t find a black man with more venom for the white race than he, but he none the less makes some extremely valid points that are worth contemplating…. If you want to know why the black race in America clings tenaciously to the views, listen to him… if you want to understand why his points are valid, look had some of the hideous governance provided by the US government in the name of the Constitution.

      Any way, as we have both said, we shall have to agree to disagree... Hollywood types can make a statement driving a Prius hybrid, business exec’s can where Brooks Brothers Custom suits , their underlings can be seen quietly paying for things with their American Express Centurion card while disappearing behind high gates to their humble homes… and I will wear my Texas T.

      Excuse the deletion above... my spelling leaves much to be desired. I have a bad habit of mindlessly spelling with phonics ... U no wat i mean?

  6. "No Obama did not give the eulogy or attend the service but did stop in to visit a few of the families. Why an eulogy for 1 group and a drive by for the other larger group?"


    1. Published on Jul 22, 2012

      President Obama spoke from the University of Colorado Hospital Sunday evening after meeting with the families of the victims killed in the Aurora theatre shooting

    2. No, I was questioning more why that question was being asked. Objectively, I would ask myself whether the families actually wanted him to be there. These events are not the same thing. I don't think there is any doubt the African American community wanted him to come and eulogize a community icon who was openly murdered as an act of racism. I'm not honestly sure I would want any POTUS at a family funeral.

    3. The question still remains, is he the president of the US? The president of the liberals/progressives? The president of Black America?

      In any case, my worthless opinion is if he's the president of the US he has no business anywhere but Washington doing his job. Is creating more divisiveness more important the uniting the country? Did the Beer Summit help heal the country? Was his comments unwarranted without basis?

      A shame, he had the opportunity to unite this country and it's more divided today that 6 years ago.

    4. Slice and dice. Divide and concuer. Pure Marxism displayed in his relentless community activism. Why not call a spade a spade? I totally agree louman this abomination of a president had the opportunity to do so much. Is it so sad that we look to real people like senator Scott and governor Haley, real honest to goodness leaders and turn our faces from this fraud in the White house. Just a real fucking shame.