Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rick Perry poised to try again for presidency

ADDISON, Tex. — Four years after a disastrous first campaign for the White House, former Texas governor Rick Perry announced here Thursday that he will try again, and the contrast between then and now could hardly be greater.
Perry made it official Thursday at an airplane hangar north of Dallas, where he was surrounded by military veterans and with a C-130 transport plane, which he flew in the Air Force, as his backdrop.
Perry’s announcement included sharp criticism of President Obama’s leadership at home and abroad. Perry said it is time to reset the relationship between the government and its citizens.
“We have the power to make things new again,” he said. “To project American strength again, to get our economy going again. And that is why today I am running for the presidency of the United States of America.”
He promised to return power to the states, boost economic growth, reform the tax code, tackle entitlements programs, reduce federal regulations, secure the border, protect the middle class, build the Keystone XL pipeline. Internationally, he said he would, as president, rescind any nuclear agreement with Iran negotiated by the Obama administration.
Perry said 2016 would be a “show-me, don’t tell me” election, where voters look past the rhetoric to the real record. The question of every candidate will be this one: when have you led? Leadership is not a speech on the Senate floor, it’s not what you say, it’s what you do.”
Perry served for governor of Texas for 14 years, longer than anyone else in history, and he stressed his executive experience as an asset going forward. But as he begins his second campaign, he continues to be trailed by questions about he can overcome the negative impressions he left behind after his first campaign.


  1. But I am confused. those glasses. Don't people wear those after they have experienced some sort of head trauma or are they just all the fashion rage now. Guess it depends on who is wearing them.

    1. It's the fashion rage.

      My daughter has a pair a bit more stylish but certainly the same type.

    2. Well Lou do you forget all the scuttlebutt about Hilary Clinton when she was first adorned with these type of eyewear. Damage from her brain trauma when she fell. Yeah. It matters who is wearing them doesn't it.

  2. Rick Perry isn't just a longshot running for president four years after a disastrous 2012 bid. He's also running for president with the dubious -- and rare -- distinction of being under indictment.

    The former Texas governor, who announced his candidacy for president Thursday, is facing two felony charges that he abused his power to cut off funding for the state's ethics agency and tried to coerce a public servant.

    When the indictment first came out in August 2014, many legal and political observers theorized that it didn't have the weight to bring down the former governor. (Besides, Perry's got got other problems stemming from his 2012 run, The Washington Post's Dan Balz points out.)

    But a Republican judge has refused the Perry legal team's repeated requests to throw out the "baseless," "politically motivated" case, suggesting this could go on longer than Perry would like.

    1. Yeah Mick that was in the article too. I just wanted to see if some one on the right might mention it. Of course not. sweep it up like every other bad thing they don't want to admit to.

    2. Maybe Denis Hastert will run for President, he can't be accused of being anti gay anyway.

    3. Here's a possible answer to your statement Rick:
      Who cares anyway. He's less than a viable candidate.

      Not worthy of a second thought not to mention a comment.

    4. here's another possible answer, you on the right always dodge the issue when your hypocrisy is pointed out. Doesn't matter how viable Perry is as a candidate why doesn't the same standard ( brain injury) apply to him or even your granddaughter when they adorn these types of eye wear? Answer is simple they aren't Hilary Clinton and they are probably both repub which makes it fashionable.

    5. Here's the reality:
      I don't have a grand daughter Rick.

      I have a 20 year old college daughter.

      1. It's the fashion rage regardless of brain injury or not.
      2. They are cheaper than the standard wireless or wire rims.
      3. They are durable as hell. I wear a pair for reading after breaking 2 pair of wire rim glasses.
      4. The same number of people care about Perry as care about Sanders. A small group of dedicated supporters. Everyone else knows he like Bernie and Rand are a waste of time and not worthy of further thought.

    6. My feelings on Perry are, Meh, who cares. He reminds me of a quote a friend of mine once made about Clinton, "That guy's a paper asshole. He gets ya all excited looking at the glossy photo, but you turn the page and there's nothing there." He will get lost as just another trumpet of background noise. Put another way, there is nothing he is saying that is unique from the rest of the far right wing.

      As for Bernie and Rand, I see them as a bit unique in that they might actually shape a few discussions here and there. Rand is not lockstep with the war hawks, he has addressed our ridiculously race biased criminal justice system, and he has also addressed the ridiculous militarization of our police forces. As for Bernie, well, he's an actual Democrat. He will constantly be called a socialist, but the reality is that when it comes down to it, his views on campaign finance and other issues of the working class are not way outside the mainstream. Neither Bernie nor Rand will win, but if either can make things uncomfortable for the ultimate candidates of the parties they belong too, I'll be happy with that.