Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Do words mean anything anymore?

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  1. Dear Conservative Voter,

    In spite of controlling both houses of Congress and our best effort, the GOP couldn't stop, or defund, or even slow Obamacare, EO Amnesty, or Net Neutrality. And using the "Nuclear Option" in the Senate to stop Obama's agenda dead in its tracks just wouldn't be very sporting. But we fought the good fight and tried. We did try. We really did.

    The Speaker, himself, was so distraught about the turn of those events that he was literally brought to tears, again.

    If we only had control of the House, the Senate, AND THE PRESIDENCY, We'd really show those Democrats whose boss! Boy...would we ever!

    Trust us.

    Donate $100, $500, $1000...What the Hell?...Who are we trying to kid?...the sky is the limit! Give until it hurts! Send your cash to:

    The Republican National Committee
    310 First Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

    Donate today and receive a "Waving White Flag" lapel pin to proudly wear to demonstrate that you have tunnel vision and steadfast support for the GOP!

    Your betters at the RNC

    Watch for our leadership to push the "Obamatrade bill™". They're so in tune with GOP base voters that you won't need (or get) to read it before it gets voted on. But you'll love it anyway. Because, remember, we're the R's not the D's!

  2. Marriage is up for redefinition later this month.