Monday, June 29, 2015

Heal Inspire Revive
We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
Ronald Reagan



  1. Our country is full of good people like Dr. Carson. We are blessed that he has consented to enter the presidential race. Considering the current inner city racial and economic situations his views are essential to our national conversation.

  2. Another waste of time, but objectively, I'd like to know what you really think he will accomplish. People like dump all over Obama for empty words, but yet, you are seemingly convinced that once Dr. Carson starts channeling his inner Reagan, it will be Morning in America all over again. Reagan changed how people felt without actually really making anything better, certainly not our deficit and national debt. There is no denying he electrified the conservative base who reveled in his sarcasm toward everything they don't like. Ever since then, however, the Republican candidates have done nothing but ape his words while avoiding taking responsibility for anything, let alone even trying to fix anything. Dr. Carson has already said batshit stuff IMO, but I really don't have anything against him. To the rest of the Republicans, however, I think he just represents a chance to say, "Our black guy is better than your black guy"

    1. I could care if Dr. Carson was green. Color is all you progressives look at. The Reagan years were the best of my business career. Ask any small business man who existed back then and he'll tell you the same thing.

      Dr. Carson happens to be a medical genius, check his background. Something Max that you should know something about, yet prefer to use the tired old saws about his lack of political experience (exactly the main reason that I like him) and a few out of context leftest media driven quotes.

      You just can't stand that an actual good person could ever become president. You are so jaded and programmed. Just because the existing half black president wasn't worth shit, you hold it against this excellent black man.

      I'm eager to hear what he has to say in the debates. I know as a leftest he scares you.

    2. If we consider the stuffed up governments in both our countries at present, and if we consider the plethora of long term politicians which make up the administrations, it should be easy to make a case for a political virgin to run. Surely Carson would at least be untainted by past scandals. He would also bring intellect and a fresh mind to the task.

      Cheers from Aussie

    3. And I knew this would be the position taken William. When it was our guy well he wasn't experienced enough although he had more experience then a few other presidents before him had. Now it's your guy it's ok not to know batshit about politics and governing. Nah William every president who went into office with little experience has not fared well at least for the first half of his term. That experiment has been tried we need experience during these trying times.

    4. "You just can't stand that an actual good person could ever become president. You are so jaded and programmed. Just because the existing half black president wasn't worth shit, you hold it against this excellent black man."

      So, let's recap, you chide me for being obsessed with skin color, go on to claim I'm so conditioned that I can't stand the possibility of a good person being elected president, and then you bring it home by calling Obama a half black piece of shit. Solid work William, solid work.

      Dr. Carson does indeed seem to be a very medically smart man. This isn't negated by the truly stupid political shit he has said. I actually said nothing about his lack of political experience as this is truly not important to me. A leader to me is someone who both has a plan and is able to get people to support that plan. On the Democratic side, I could care less how many lefty heroes are paid homage to, I care about what ideas they have for the present. You just called Obama a half black piece of shit, I said nothing even approaching that about Carson.

    5. What makes a successful administration?

      It isn't just the person in the chair but who they surround themselves with.

    6. Max you said the Doctor said batshit things. You said our black man is better than your black man.

      I said I don't give a batshit about the color of a candidate. I don't care if they are black, or half black. I do care if they can produce, after six and a half fucking years our current half black president has proved to be a fucking failure. The first failed presidency since Jimmy peanut Carter didn't display a clue.

      Fuck their color.

    7. I did say he said batshit things, I did not, however, call him a piece a shit.
      After you're done venting your bitterness here, maybe you can go yell at cars passing by on the freeway.

    8. Oh didn't you realize Max that I redefined the word shit? It now means a term of endearment. After all, I'm just emulating the Soctus who redefines words on a daily basis. It's just a simple misunderstanding that you thought I meant excrement when I really meant reverence. It will take a while to work out translation between the various tongues but I'm sure it'll all work out sooner or later to everyone's satisfaction you piece of shit.

    9. sorry I pooped in your cornflakes William by daring to question your clearly superior candidate.

    10. I've already given money to Bernie, maybe I'll kick him a little more with a donation in your honor.

    11. Good idea Max. That Vermont piece of shit is really hot.

      Opps, there I go again with the new vocabulary.

  3. we need experience during these trying times.


    That eliminates both candidates from the Democratic party.

    What would you suggest.

    1. I was going to say that line was a campaign slogan of Bush Jr... Somehow it didn't wash with the left then but Obama was a different story....

      Of course the experience we are really missing in foreign policy is someone who has served actively in the military... except of course for someone so battle scarred as McCain.

  4. Here comes the big one:

    The country is in serious trouble financially. Many people would deny this claiming we can handle the debt. Pay the interest.

    Which candidate is best able to deal with our mammoth spending problem?
    Which candidate is best able to repair our broken foreign relations? We all live in one world, we cannot all exist together when 1 country pretends events are not their problem.
    Which candidate is best equipped to end the divisive politics of today?
    Which candidate is best equipped to repair the trust in government? The IRS debacle comes to mind.
    Which candidate can the American people actually trust not to lie?
    ust a few question that everyone left and right should ask themselves.

    1. yeah but here's the rub, for someone like you, the answer is, "Any candidate but a Democrat". Democrats feel similarly about Republicans. Which leads to my favorite point, we get what we deserve. Come election time, only less than 50% of all available voters will actually vote. Of this group, which again is not even a majority, one third will assume all democrats suck, one third will assume all republicans suck, and that last one third will actually try to look at your questions objectively and cast their lot, reluctantly, with one of the other thirds who will subsequently assume, when their candidate wins, that the winner has a mandate to ram a completely partisan agenda on the losers. After all, elections have consequences.

      Those are good questions and if we could convince the rest of the country to actually give a shit at election time, we might actually address some of those questions. That said, the other 50% are probably all illegal Mexicans with a fake ID, maybe we don't want them to vote :>

    2. Here's my reality, I'm open to anyone but the offered on both sides of the fence as both offer more of the same.

      I would give it 20% will vote for democrats regardless if they are dead or alive. 20% will vote for a republican dead or alive.

      30% will vote for who offers the most.

      30% will actually hold their nose and vote for the candidate that smells the least.

      Until 40% of the country actually gets beyond their partisan agenda's nothing will change until it's to late and change is force on them.

      The hard decisions are always delayed until their is no choice. Our history.

    3. your numbers might be a bit closer than mine, but we agree on the central point, the die hard partisans do not help matters here.

    4. No they do not.

      The stead fast blue/red vote across the board without thinking about who is this person I'm voting for.

      After the 4th one of the companies I work for on occasion needs help upgrading bandwidth on cell towers. Looks like I have to work for a month or so. Such is life.