Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gov. Chris Christie to "Change the world".

This from Al Jazeera America:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie launched his 2016 campaign for president, telling his most loyal supporters that he's ready to begin what he called a "noble" effort to "lead our country and to change the world."

The Republican governor kicked off his campaign Tuesday morning in the gymnasium of his old high school in the town of Livingston, New Jersey, where he experienced some of his first political victories in student politics.

"The idea of going back to where you were when you were 15, or 16, or 17 years old, and to be able to stand in front of that group of people and offer yourself to the presidency is a really, really amazing moment," Christie said in a private call with donors, friends and out-of-state supporters a few hours before his official announcement.


  1. Christie is ranked number ten out of ten to make the Fox debate. He's my governor and I wish him well but I give him zero chance of success. US AG would be a great job for him under a republican administration.

  2. It has been suggested that his run for President is a way for him to increase his popularity in his own state, rather than a serious try for the Presidency. His credibility with Republicans was seriously damaged when he was pictured being pals with Obama.

    1. Christie has not had any record in state of supporting and growing the GOP. No coat tails at all. He is and always was a NY media created straw man. When he showed some strength in the polls the media created the traffic cone incident out of whole cloth.

      Who could blame him for trying to hitch on to a future GOP DC administration. As far as him kissing up to Obama during the hurricane period there is an interesting historical connection. He announced his candidacy at his high school, Livingston HS, named after a well known Loyalist former colonial era governor.

      He's a lawyer, a damned good lawyer at that. But at the end of the day he's a lawyer. Thinks like a lawyer. Acted like a lawyer in his dealings with the state level democrats.

      He couldn't even carry our home state, New Jersey.