Monday, June 8, 2015

Could The GOP Could Win By Losing?

Here is a fascinating article which explore the possible consequences if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare and gay marriage laws. The author argues that the Republicans should hope the court rules otherwise. Check it out.


  1. it would almost quadruple the average premium for affected policyholders in a matter of months.

    Neat trick as the average subsidy is 252 bucks. Interesting how the media ignores the 200 bucks more I pay a month.

    officials who until now have resisted Obamacare would face calls to set up exchanges so that residents could continue to collect the tax credits

    LOL, 6 million collect subsidies. A minority.

    "If the Supreme Court rules against it, they're going to have to have an answer for the millions that now are relying on this insurance,"

    ROTFLMAO. SCOTUS justices are appointed for life. What could the pissed voters possible do? Can't vote them out. Can't fire them. WAHHHHH.

    A law sponsored and passed by Democrats without 1 Repub. And Repub's would be in trouble. 6 million affected, perhaps the rest of the country would say, Dems you have done a crappy job, your fired.

  2. As a side note the big mouth in the oval office cannot run the country yet tries to tell the court what to do. What a pathetic president he has become.

    Can you say LAME Duck??