Thursday, October 15, 2015

Trump and Carson Threaten to Boycott Next Debate

They are demanding that the debate last no more than 2 hours and that the participants be allowed to give opening and closing remarks. Here is the link:


  1. Interesting they sent their notification in a joint letter...

  2. Do you suppose that Trump is grooming Carson to be his VP, and dumping Cruz? I don't think Trump will actually boycott the debate and miss the opportunity for more free TV exposure, regardless of the format. He will announce that he has decided to debate anyway, for the "good of America".

  3. After Donald Trump and Ben Carson threatened to boycott CNBC's Oct. 28 Republican primary debate, Trump said the network has given in to the front runners' demands and will limit the event to two hours. This has not been confirmed by the network.

  4. Interesting TS.
    Would I be uncharitable to call it collusion between the two top candidates?. Divide and conquer perhaps. Mick makes a talking point but surely the differences between the two men are so great that Carson would never accept the VP nomination under Trump. It would place Carson in an invidious position as the muck would wash off the thumper and splatter Carson. I wonder however, since Mick has raised the idea, would the thumper run as VP to Carson? Another question, would the pubs have even the smallest chance of victory if Trump is on the ticket in any position?.

    What is interesting is the non coverage of the Democratic Party debate here. We heard absolutely nothing on our National TV, even the National station dedicated to the dissemination of News. Is there a link to the debate please. For people such as I, the one sided coverage is unforgivable.

    Cheers from Aussie