Saturday, October 3, 2015

Apcolypse Now


  1. Interesting how so many can be concerned about a Carson or a Trump when they were not the least bit concerned about the Bama's lack of experience.

    The hypocrisy of the left loud and clear.

    or says something indicating that he thinks everything is about to turn to hell.

    A bit late with that message isn't he. 45 million or so on food stamps, labor participation rate at lows not seen in most people lifetime. Millions on medicaid which is a reflection of the poor state of our economy and wages in particular.

    The left elected an outsider, a prophet, a candidate from the far left fringe. Why the concern over a right candidate that exhibits the same traits as the current president?

    1. "The hypocrisy of the left loud and clear."

      Hypocrisy and left; redundant, no?

    2. The concern is a candidate who believes in conspiracy theories, although political experience is important, as you will readily confirm, since you are no Obama fan. Would you rather have a candidate who is experienced in governance or one who actually boasts of the lack of such, and touts programs which are wildly unfeasible?

    3. programs which are wildly unfeasible

      Like the programs we have today, unsustainable?

      The issue I presented was why the concern over Carson or Trump as they are similar in experience to our current president. Why all of a sudden is the left and media so concerned over experience when it wasn't an issue in the past 2 elections??

    4. Cover your computer screen with some plastic before reading this and spiting whatever you are drinking all over it. I think a lot of these experience discussions are based on a lot of cherry picking. In the McCain v Obama election, we had two U.S. Senators. McCain, IMO, was not scrutinized very closely either, except maybe for his thinking in choosing Palin. McCain is a war hero. Did he have significant command experience in the military? Further, by the ridiculously shallow standards of personal life that we use (that I really don't agree with using) McCain had some "maturity" issues of his own in his younger days.

      Nobody, IMO, is ready for that job on day one and I think most on the left and the right kid themselves about that reality. Obama and McCain had served in the US Senate and have a realistic view of how legislation works and also some idea of diplomacy. Of course, Obama sucks at everything, so there's that. People have been made to believe that not only is government fucked, but the entire process of governing is shit as well. And so they flock to Trump and Carson, like I did to Perot years ago, But, it's just petulance.

    5. Programs that are wildly unfeasible like a huge fence with Mexico, when most immigrants are legal, and from countries other than Mexico, a fence with Canada to keep terrorists out, tax breaks for everyone, free college for all. I don't listen to the left media but I do know that Obama was a U,S. Senator, which is government experience, though it doesn't seem to have served him well. And, I would like to know, what is wrong with being a community organizer?

    6. Please come to Denver, LA, SF. anywhere in California and the illegals you see have certainly have crossed the southern border. No expired visa's.

      To much kool aid for you.

      No one including the government have a clue as to who has entered the US illegally or how many have entered. Some say 11 but the numbers seem to indicate upwards of 30-40 million illegals. Want to know how many, offer them all amnesty.

      Unsustainable would apply to the ACA, SS, Medicare.

      2015 1 trillion for SS.
      2015 1 trillion for healthcare.

      Over half of government spending on 2 entitlement programs.

      Perhaps better stated, government spending is unsustainable.

    7. According to a Pew Research Center report, in 2012, 52% of illegal immigrants were from Mexico; 26% were from other Latin American countries, primarily from Central America;

    8. Move over, Mexico. When it comes to sending immigrants to the U.S., China and India have taken over.

      China was the country of origin for 147,000 recent U.S. immigrants in 2013, while Mexico sent just 125,000, according to a Census Bureau study by researcher Eric Jensen and others presented Friday. India, with 129,000 immigrants, also beat Mexico, though the two countries’ results weren’t statistically different from each other.

      For the study, presented at the Population Association of America conference in San Diego, researchers analyzed annual immigration data for 2000 to 2013 from the American Community Survey. The annual survey conducted by the Census Bureau asks where respondents lived the year before. Researchers counted as an “immigrant” any foreign-born person in the U.S. who said they previously lived abroad, without asking about legal status. (So while the data include undocumented immigrants, it may undercount them.)

      A year earlier, in 2012, Mexico and China had been basically tied for top-sending country—with Mexico at 125,000 and China at 124,000.

    9. Nice diversion from reality isn't it Mick.

      All from the government. If you were in the US illegally would answer the census? If an illegal didn't answer the census what would they do deport them? ROTFLMAO>

    10. Actually Obama had more political experience then either Carson or Trump both of whom have zero. No local experience, no state experience, no national experience, no foreign policy experience.
      Now where the hypocrisy comes Lou is all the bitching about it from the right for damn near eight years and now all of the sudden experience doesn't matter. In fact William has stated that is exactly why he likes Carson because he has no experience. We have never said that Obama didn't lack experience, but the fact is he had as much experience as Abraham Lincoln and many other presidents. Now you tell me which side is the hypocrisy on?

  2. On average, the number of Medicaid monthly enrollees in 2014 is estimated to be about 64.9 million, the largest group being children (29.5 million or 45.5 percent).

    1. In the mean time Jeb tally ' s 4% in the latest poll.