Saturday, October 10, 2015

Florida Representative Daniel Webster May Be Out

Briefly: Florida's legislature was sued for gerrymandering the congressional districts. Florida's Supreme Court ruled the lines must be redrawn but the legislature couldn't agree on the remap, so the Court is redrawing the lines. District 10, home of Daniel Webster, is one of the districts affected. It is likely that Webster, who is the conservatives favorite for Speaker of the House, may be out of a job as a result. As a footnote, the legislature and governor are being fined $700,000, which they plan to pay our of our tax dollars. Don't you love dirty politics?


  1. Looks like this Judge is bipartisan.... Throw a couple of Reps under the bus but help a potential Governor, Loose a republican who would be speaker in the big house and scuttle a black representative.. sounds equal opportunity shake up(or is it a shake down) to me...

    1. Our Governor should be in the "big house", as in prison.

  2. If the majority Republican legislature had followed the state constitution to begin with this wouldn't have happened. Gerrymandering should be illegal in every state.