Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dennis Hastert To Plead Guilty

CHICAGO — J. Dennis Hastert, the small-town wrestling coach who rose to political power as the longest-serving Republican speaker of the House, intends to plead guilty as part of an agreement in a case where he is accused of skirting banking laws and lying to the federal investigators, according to proceedings Thursday in Federal District Court here.


  1. Yep. And while some here will spin a story that there has always been a "majority of the majority" mentality, the reality is that from this point forward, every time a vote is held up because it can't pass without Democrat support, I hope someone brings up the fact that the Republicans are honoring a guilty punk.

  2. The pot calling the kettle black? Wasn't this the tip of the spear that they tried to pierce Bill Clinton with for lying about sex? Oh the irony!

    1. Actually, the spear tip, was another asshole from Illinois named Henry Hyde who, himself, had previously had an affair that ultimately destroyed the marriage of the woman he cheated with. At the time, when his affair was made public, Hyde was quoted as saying, "So much for getting a break from a local paper (Chicago papers)" and also "That was a youthful indiscretion"

      And of course, there was the Newtster, another asshole with deplorable conduct in his marriage. The Hastert thing though should be extra disturbing to Republicans. What he is alleged to have done is to illegally divert money to "hush" allegations of sexual misconduct with a student (who allegedly is male) that occurred when Hastert was a wrestling coach.

  3. The longest serving Republican speaker of the house. No wonder they can't find anyone who wants the job.