Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The World Is Supposed To End Today

According to a Christian sect in Philadelphia the world will end today. But, for thousands of years mystics, seers and assorted other self appointed prophets have been predicting the end. And, as far as we know, it hasn't happened yet. Is this the year?


  1. Well, on the plus side I skipped working out and as long as my wife makes it home safe from work and I get to watch the Blackhawks hang another Stanley Cup banner tonight, that's not a bad time for the world to end if it's gonna be today.

  2. I'll be watching the Cubs and the Pirates, see if Joe Madden can work some more of his magic.

  3. The world ended for leftest in Florida with the Bush v Gore supreme court decision. They had so much invested in the son of a zinc magnet that it left a.little hole in their hearts.

    1. For the record, I didn't vote for Gore.

  4. Not to brag but I have now been through 6 or 8 such events and I am still here.